How many of you dream to have a fairytale wedding with you being the most gorgeous bride in the whole wide world. Well it’s a little girl’s dream coming true of her prince charming when the time is right. This wedding season is no exception apart from the latest trends in clothing and jewellery which keep changing keeping in mind the preferences of young brides. Our big fat Indian weddings are quite elaborate in celebrations and as well as clothing and jewellery.

Wedding jewellery in India has undergone tremendous changes since urban women go for customized jewellery designs rather than picking something from the available options. Bridal jewellery in India has  different variations as per the customs and traditions of each region. Bridal jewellery is made in gold embedded with precious stones like diamonds, rubys, emerald, jade, sapphires, polkis, kundan, uncuts etc. You can select the bridal jewellery as per your budget.

There is a huge demand for Indian wedding jewellery in the Inernational market and our renowed jewellery designers have bought in much fame with their elegant designs. Our very own Bollywood brides have revolutionised the art of wearing radiant bridal jewellery on their weddings.

Indian wedding jewellery is not just the necklace, earring and bangles but you can deck yourself with stunning jewellery designs from head to toe. North Indian bride usually wears a heavy necklace with matching earrings, bangles and maang tika where as a South Indian bride would prefer wearing a three step necklace with a waist belt and armlets apart from head pendents and bangles.

Young brides are now open to fusion style wedding jewellery to look sensational on their big day so they pick up jewellery designs from different regions of India.

Here is a Collection of Heavenly Wedding Jewellery



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