Easy Half Up Half Down Hairstyles

When it comes to hairstyles, girls leave no stone unturned to try a new one. Be it a party or a meeting, a good hairstyle is a must. And with evolving fashion, new hairstyle trends are stepping up the game level. Half hair updo always goes in fashion. Women don not even hesitate to try half hair updo on them on selected occasions.

And they all need easy half up half down hairstyles for daily use as well. Half up half down hairstyles might sound difficult to try but trust us when we say they are very easy. Given below are easy steps to try these at your home without much difficulty. Here you go!

Half Braided Hairstyles

Half braided hairstyles look simple and elegant and are very easy to try on your hair. Braids always look fine. And when it comes to half up half down braided hairstyle, it is like cherry on the cake. This is how you can do it-

  • Comb your hair really well. Remember brushing your hair is a very important step because you do not want a fuzzy look on your hairstyle.
  • Now part them evenly the way you want. Either you can go for centre parting or side parting. It is completely up to your choice and what your hair volume allows.
  • Now take a portion of upper strands of your hair and by dividing them into three sections in your hand, start tying a braid.
  • When you are done, pin it to the side of the parting. Make sure you have pinned your hair really well. An untidy pin up will ruin the look of your hairstyle. And your efforts do need a good outcome.
  • Now repeat the same with the second portion and pin it to that side portion. You can adjust the way you want it to tuck in your hair.

And you are done. Simple and easy.

Half up Half Down Curly Hair

Half up half down curly hairstyles is a must for you to try. Half up half down curly hair not only looks good but gives a glamorous look to your appearance. Half up half down curly hairstyles are just for you. Here’s how.

  • Comb your hair well.
  • Take a portion of your hair from upper side for your upper half hair updo. It will be taken in just the way you take portions of your upper hair to clutch.
  • Tie that portion into a ponytail. You can keep it bit loose.
  • Now take little portion of hair from the left side and twist it towards the ponytail. Repeat the same for the other side by keeping hold of the first twisted portion.
  • Tie both of the twisted portions with the elastic band towards the first ponytail.
  • Make the opening in the first elastic and pull in the second ponytail through it.
  • Repeat it with the rest of the hair.
  • Use bobby pins to tuck in the hair properly and for you to carry them well.

You are done!

Half up Braid Updo with Bun

Half up Braid Updo with Bun

Half up braid hairstyle is what you might need for your next casual look. Half up braid is creative and looks extremely pretty. Here are few more ways to add glam to your look-

  • Start by combing your hair really neatly.
  • Take the front of your hair and pin it backwards.
  • Taking a section from each side, start making a fishtail braid on each side.
  • Once you are done with the two fishtail braids, twist them into each other and roll them together into a compact bun.
  • Pin the bin to the hair using bobby pins.

Very simple, eh?

Half up Hair Bun

Half up Hair Bun

Half updos for long hair is always on search. Longer the hair, more creativity involved. But it is not as difficult as it seems to be. Half up hair bun is a really good and quick hairstyle if you are looking for half updos for long hair.

  • Start by back combing the front portion of your hair so as to give volume to it.
  • Take the front of your hair and when you take it backwards, twist it well so as to give it a spiral look.
  • Pin it there and coil the nip of the hair so as to circle the twisted centre. Pin it again.
  • This way you will have a coiled bun shaped look at the centre of your hair with the rest of the portions of hair flowing down.
  • Now take few strands from each side and circle them around the coiled bun. This will give volume to your bun.

And you are done with your half up bun hairstyle. We told you it is not as difficult as it looks.

Half up Sided Fishtail Braid

Half up Sided Fishtail Braid

A fishtail braid will look more elegant if you get it done with your half hair updo. Here is how you have to do it-

  • Take the front portion of your hair comb it backwards. Comb it in such a way that no portion of hair is left tangled. A fishtail braid requires little extra effort so you do not want any hindrance while trying this hairstyle.
  • Using that portion, start trying a fishtail braid leaving other hair down below let loose. You will have to be very careful while making a fishtail braid. It has to be neat and pretty at the same time. A neat fishtail braid will anytime give a beautiful look to your half up half down hair do.
  • Once you are done with the fishtail braid using your font portion, tie it with an elastic band.
  • To give it a more casual look, loosen the braid a bit from each knot.

Twisted Half Updo Hairstyle

Let’s do it!

  • Comb your hair really well and let all portions flow backwards. You do not have to care for partition in this hair style. Hair has to be flown backwards to give your hairstyle a neat and beautiful look.
  • Now take portions of hair from one side and keep twisting it till the centre. Make sure you do it properly because there is no partition in this hairstyle and might take other portion in your hand accidentally.
  • Pin it up with bobby pins. Try not to use more than one bobby pin here because this look has to be very easy going. To keep it neat, use one bobby pin but tight enough to hold on to your twisted hair tail.
  • Repeat the same with the other portion.
  • When you bring it near the first twisted portion, slide it under the first one and pin it there.
  • Let the nip of portions flow together.

Half up Hair Knot Hairstyle

Half up Hair Knot Hairstyle
  • Brush your hair well.
  • Take the front portion of your hair to backwards and tie it with an elastic band in the form of a ponytail.
  • Now take that ponytail and roll it around the elastic band. This will create a hair bun where you have tied your ponytail.
  • Keep rolling it depending on the volume of the bun that you need.

Half Knot Updo Hairstyle

This is perfect for long hair. All you need to do is-

  • Comb the front portion of your hair to the backside.
  • Tie it with an elastic band. Keep it loose.
  • Now start tying really loose knots at gaps. This has to be done with the ponytail that you tied with the front portion of your hair.
  • Try to make at least four to five loose knots.
  • Now use and elastic band to tie the end of your ponytail.
  • Brush your half down hair very neatly.

Braid Crown Half up Half Down

Braid Crown Half up Half Down
  • Comb your hair well and take portion from the left side of your hair first to tie it into a braid.
  • Divide your left side portion of hair into three and start tying a braid extended towards the right side.
  • Once you are done with braiding the left braid, neatly place it on the right side and pin it with bobby pins.
  • Now start making a braid on the right side with portion of front hair extended to the left.
  • Now here is a trick. You do not have to overlap one braid on each other. You have to place another braid in such a way that it is rested on top of the first braid so as to form a crown.
  • Now pin the second braid neatly on top of the first one.
  • Comb the remaining hair neatly and leave it falling on your shoulders.

And you are done with the crown braided half up half down updo. You can try these hairstyles anytime at home. These are easy, convenient and look elegant once they are done.

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