Through the ages, Indian brides have been wearing the traditional red saree. However, more modern brides are looking out for something new. Many of them are influenced by the colour, layers and feel of the western white wedding gown and want the same look and feel incorporated into Indian wear. The changes in trends have encouraged designers to incorporate white or off-white tones into traditional India bridal wear.


Indian Wedding Sarees in white

A white saree on its own may be considered as a symbol of mourning or simplicity in India, however cream or off-white colours give a warmer and richer feel. Try to picture an Indian bride, in a semi-transparent cream saree which is embellished with golden embroidery. She will be an exquisite image of purity and extravagance. The combination of white and gold is just perfect and since Indian brides generally wear a lot of gold jewelry on their wedding day a similar colour saree will be flattering. A cream saree will go well with any Indian skin tone, enhancing the bride’s natural features by shinning light back on her skin.

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Cream-Faux-Georgette Saree

Choosing the right material becomes very important when going with a cream saree. Try something exciting like a full net saree. You can also find combination of silk and lace which can be alluring. A transparent lace pallu is the essence of grace and sensuality. If you simply find the urge to add red to your wardrobe, you could try combinations of cream, red and gold which just happen to be the colours of royalty. Cream and pink work just as well, giving a more feminine feel. You could have a red or pink saree blouse that screams for attention and gently cover it with your cream lace pallu. You can also have a red and cream half saree. The colour contrast will get you noticed and will also stand out in your wedding pictures.

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Some of the best patterns and designs are created on cream sarees because they give the most stunning effect. Bold golden or silver motifs spread all across the saree will make you look like you have been wrapped in jewels. This is one saree, you would have to save for only the grandest events, wedding being the most ideal. If you are looking for casual wear, try cotton or chiffon sarees with a combination of two or more colours.

Lace cream sarees look like they are ready for the ramp but you could get your hands on it when you shop online. Shopping for bridal wear has never been this simple. Many websites like Zohraa make it easy to browse and find sarees and lehengas easily. Get the red, cream and gold combo saree for your special day with a few clicks. They also have an amazing collection of sarees you can wear daily. Save time for the more pressing arrangement of your wedding day when you shop online designer sarees for your bridal wear.

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