dragonfly necklace

The Dragonfly Symbolism

Ever wondered why the world is suddenly going crazy over dragonfly jewellery? It is believed that being a light-bearer, the dragonfly is a symbolism of power and the presence of the Super Energy that is associated with light and love. So what do the dragonflies symbolize in our lives? They remind us although they spend most of their larva life at the bottom of the pond they rise above pushing their way out of the water and into the sunlight. Therefore, just like them, we too can push our way past the difficulties of life and transform as “light-bearers” to go wherever we choose and achieve what we aspire to!

Self Realisation

It takes great inner perspective and depth of character to change oneself and rise above the mire that surrounds you. And that can come only from a mature mental and emotional state of mind. And just like the dragonfly scurries over the surface of the water to rise above into the light, you can choose to reach deep within your soul to seek your power so you too can take flight !

Power and Poise of the Self

The agility and powerful maneuverability of the dragonfly has always symbolized power and poise, characteristics that are associated with age and maturity. And yet it does so with great simplicity and elegance. Thus, if you choose to wear a dragonfly jewellery or gift one, you choose to celebrate all that!

Wear your ‘Power’ Around Your Neck

The dragonfly necklace is probably the most easily available item from this range of designs with varying options available for pendants and basic necklaces too. As is typical of it is the fusion of the metals and stones that make for the interesting designs….

Links of dragonflies in sterling silver and gold make for this unique piece of dragonfly necklace. You could also probably pick up this brass and green enamel art nouveau style vintage dragonfly necklace! The colours bring the aura of the forest into your life.

fragile insect necklace

So many varying styles, so many designs… almost as if the world has bent backwards to immortalise this little fragile insect that gives us the chance to celebrate our self worth.

‘lady’ dragonfly pendant necklace

Gold, diamante and sapphire set in this ‘lady’ dragonfly pendant necklace is a true celebration of poise.

stainless dragonfly pendant necklace set.

Stainless steel is fast becoming a choice of metal for jewellery and its tenacity and strength is probably the best choice for this symbolism of inner strength with this crystal and stainless dragonfly pendant necklace set.

blue and green dragonfly pendant necklace

Handmade with steel wire, blue and green beads and newspaper for the wings… unique as this may seem, it certainly makes for a one-of-a-kind dragonfly necklace its perfect for the casual day wear.

A dragonfly pendant necklace made purely by twisted wires! You can be sure not too many will have something like this and all without breaking out the bank!

Art Nouveau dragonfly pendant necklace

In terms of material, nothing beats the actual dragonfly immortalized in glass infused with blue and green to make this stunning neckpiece! The black metal encasing it gives it the aura of power. Be it silver and amber stone, the unusual purple turquoise stone setting or even the pale blue larimar, set with silver, these make for elegant choices for dragonfly pendant necklaces.

Brass wire twisted to create the illusion of a dragonfly!!! Just dainty enough to be worn regularly if you wish, or elegant enough to make for a statement piece. But why not go bling with diamonds and sterling silver all the way…..!

perfect light dragonfly necklace?

With summer just around the corner, are you looking for the perfect light dragonfly necklace? You could not do better than this lovely piece in different shades of turquoise blue beads with a brass dragonfly pendant! Quirky and yet interesting.

 turquoise blue beads with a brass dragonfly pendant

So we have talked of fusion of materials. How about styles?

dragonfly pendant necklace in sterling silver

The dragonfly is after all the symbolism for strength and reaching for your dreams … what better way to showcase all that and more with this message double ring dragonfly pendant necklace in sterling silver – “Fly high and reach your dreams. Live the life you have imagined”~! Care for a bit of time in your vintage steam punk design or a dream catcher dragonfly pendant in antique silver!! This Art Nouveau dragonfly pendant necklace is vintage filigree jewelry in brass.

Nouveau dragonfly pendant necklace
cluster charm dragonfly necklace
gorgeous dragonfly pendant
green texture of the dragonfly wings necklace

The stressed green texture of the dragonfly wings makes for a stunning asymmetrical dragonfly necklace, with a set of three dragonflies as if in flight.

cluster charm dragonfly necklace in gold

This cluster charm dragonfly necklace in gold truly showcases the essence of the dragonfly symbolism – it rests on the lily pad of the pond it is found in. The pearl is the symbolism of strength and grace.

gorgeous dragonfly pendant in enamel

This gorgeous dragonfly pendant in enamel is a piece of art to be worn around your neck! With a forest backdrop, it also allows for light to filter through in true symbolism of the “light bearer”.

art deco vintage necklace

Locket necklaces maybe so 1990s… but you will still want to own a piece when it has this art deco vintage look! We have heard of aromatherapy diffusers, have we not? But how would you like to wear your own diffuser with a dragonfly design in silver!!! Very punk and very cool.

dragonfly necklace
modernist large dragonfly pendant

To be true to any discussion on design styles, contemporary designs in dragonfly necklaces – or this modernist large dragonfly pendant!

blue locket necklace

Ring Them in With Dragonflies

Whoever said finger rings were simple did not know what designing around dragonflies would be like!!

Blue and turquoise stones set on sterling silver make for this jaw-dropping dragonfly ring design where the wings span across to hold it onto the finger!! A true masterpiece design!

Another unique piece you could look out for would be this silver-gold filigree cuff styled dragonfly ring with the multi-hued labradorite stone to add colour.

silver-gold filigree cuff styled dragonfly ring
huge green glass large size ring

On the other hand if antique style steam punk filigree work is your thing, this dragonfly sitting atop a huge green glass setting would surely be it! Or this cocktail dragonfly ring in gothic art vintage style filigree, gold designed to offset a large impeccably cut black obsidian.

It never fails to amaze how many colours of gemstones have been used over the years to showcase this favourite design element in jewellery – the dragonfly. This pale pink sapphire is probably one of the rarest and most sought after! It is the perfect backdrop for a uniquely carved design for the dragonfly ring in sterling silver.

sterling silver ring

Black obsidian and sparkling diamonds set in sterling silver… a stunning combination for a truly stunning dragonfly ring you would love to add to your collection!

silver spoon-shaped ring

A band of sterling silver offset with a gold font dragonfly is certainly a daily wear design idea for a ring! And why ever not! It is classy and yet simple !!!

silver dragonfly ring
silver charm dragonfly ring

One would rarely think of a silver spoon-shaped ring carved to make for an interesting dragonfly ring.. but here it is! Certainly something to look out for the next time, don’t you think so? We all love charms in our bracelets, but have you ever looked for a charm ring? How about that? A solid silver charm dragonfly ring.

silver wing-wrapped dragonfly ring

Silver is certainly the most malleable of all metals that make for regular wear rings.. and keeping that in mind, here is another wing-wrapped dragonfly ring in pure silver .. for your daily wear!-

fragile wings ring

If the dragonfly as a design element is much sought after these days, this ring will keep the tongues wagging for a very long time to come… a two-finger dragonfly ring! With the body of the dragonfly circling the ring finger and the wings the middle finger. The diamonds set make for the fragile wings that span across the fingers beautifully.

 dragonfly ring designs

Off the beaten track makes life interesting, always. Just like these next dragonfly ring designs. Be it the floating mid finger rings… or the pink style nail ring… this two-finger three dragonfly ring in diamond or better still this rather unusually large bling ring!!

two-finger three dragonfly ring
two-finger three dragonfly ring
dragonfly ring

Whatever be your choice, you can never go wrong for choosing to make the dragonfly your symbol itself is unique. It talks of your deep understanding of self realization and strive towards the light.

Talk Into My Ears of Your Power, Dragonfly

Earrings .. well. How would you think dragonflies would be represented in earrings? Typically as simple dangling designs – at best in varying metals and materials.

dragonfly earrings in green verdigris

These stress textured dangling dragonfly earrings in green verdigris and crystal are unique indeed.

These delicate gold-silver-copper charms bunched as danglers are pretty as a picture too.

unique dragonfly earrings

But surely these unusual wings will have everyone clamouring to know whether they are angel wings! Well, these make for truly unique dragonfly earrings, if you have ever seen any. Silver wire twisted to shape as dragonflies as earrings? Simple, elegant and very very interesting!!

Silver wire twisted to shape as dragonflies earrings
dragonfly on the earrings

Put steel and gold .. the etched dragonfly on the earrings seem so real!

warovsky studded dragonfly earrings.

Gold encircles a green enamel dragonfly embossed into resin.. simple you say? Well, why not! After all it about elegance after all, is it not? If tops are more your style, you would love these pale amethyst and swarovsky studded dragonfly earrings.

swarovsky studded dragonfly earrings.

Fancy really long danglers, do you? These will make you salivate then… with green tsavorites mixed with sapphires making up the body and emeralds for eyes, these shoulder grazing dragonfly earrings are to die for!!

grazing dragonfly earrings

And then again, the simple twisted circle for a dragonfly earring in silver is just what you would want to reach for when you step out for day about town.

simple twisted circle for a dragonfly earring in silver
dragonfly earring

Copper, brass and antique silver all in one piece of jewellery makes this dragonfly earring a very interesting buy, indeed. But, what if you had other options for earrings other than as merely hanging as dangling from your earlobes? Well, these next few will blow your socks off!! Bring on the ear-cuffs, ladies!!!


No piercing .. and yet loads of oomph!


A dragonfly earcuff that is actually an extension of the earring… how clever! Or these very cool designs to make your ears the main focal point !


Pain may not be everyone’s choice of accessory, but if you don’t mind standing out from the crowd.. go for this ear cartilage dragonfly earring pin in white gold!

dragonfly earring pin in white gold

Bracelets, Brooch Pins and Hair Pins… Which Dragonfly Says it Best?

Apparently the design world cannot get enough of putting the dragonfly onto their jewellery designs… be it bracelets, jewellery or brooch pins or even hair bobbi-pins or bun-pins….

A bridal dragonfly bracelet in sterling silver

bridal dragonfly bracelet in sterling silver

In multi-hued stones..

Vintage silver filigree dragonfly bracelet

Vintage silver filigree dragonfly bracelet

Or a silver dragonfly embossed charm bracelet in rare blue pearls.

charm bracelet in rare blue pearls

Unique materials make for very unique design concepts indeed.. how about a up-cycled denim dragonfly bracelet with moonsafari beads.

dragonfly bracelet

Why should the trendy young college missy lose out on some power and love? Well, acrylic cord, leather and sterling silver does it here in this hip bohemian dragonfly bracelet. We always strive to give you unique tips to stay on top of the fashion wave! So here is one again…

Yoga silk wrapped dragonfly bracelet

Yoga silk wrapped dragonfly bracelet… !So bracelets, you know of.. how about brooch pins Well, here you go!

silver wire twisted and hematite dragonfly brooch pin

A silver wire twisted and hematite dragonfly brooch pin to mix things up..Or one in grandiose silver and crystal?

dragonfly brooch pin
dragonfly brooch pin

Bring in the flavor of the forest .. The humble bobbi-pin for your hair would never look more gorgeous than with this mother-of-pearl dragonfly sitting atop it!

pearl dragonfly bobbi pin

These silver dragonfly hair pins and bun clips are made so much classier than the regular ones simply with the addition of the dragonflies rather than the typical flowers or stars…

silver dragonfly bobbi pin
silver dragonfly bobbi pin

For all the dragonfly jewellery that you have indulged in, how about this Navajo Indian American design sterling silver dragonfly jewellery box for them???

silver dragonfly jewellery box

Well, ladies… we leave you with so many options for your dragonfly jewellery collection.. Whatever your style choice, own your inner power, ladies. For that is what wearing the dragonfly says about you!

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