Love the fit of your old shirt but find it too plain to wear it now? We have a simple recycling suggestion for you..

Aren’t we all taught painting using ladyfingers in school? Why should we limit that usage only until nursery school? Let’s do some beautiful and colorful lady-finger painting on shirts in few easy steps…

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Lets collect all the articles required..

  • Shirt/top
  • Fabric paints
  • Colour palette
  • Old newspapers
  • Knife/cutter

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Lets get started how to Vegetable painting on Shirts…

  • Identify an old shirt and place it on a flat surface.
  • Decide a pattern in your mind and get ready with your DIY art-work.
  • Select the colours you wish to use on the shirt and keep them ready on the palate.
  • Cut the head of the lady finger.
  • Dip the cut end of the lady finger into the colour. Dab the initial few prints on the old newspaper to eliminate the clots and until you start seeing the fine print of the vegetable.
  • Start making these prints on the top
  • Once you have completed the pattern, let the shirt dry for a few hours

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Another option is to tie a few of these vegetables together and dip it in paint and make patterns.

You could either focus on just the collar or the sleeves. A combination of these prints could be made on the pocket and the back. Just let your imagination go wild and experiment with colours, patterns and designs.

What are you waiting for? Grab your favourite shirt and get ready to go back to your nursery school for some great vegetable painting! Share your designs with us and tell us what you think about them…

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