The prom hairstyles for short hair can get very limiting if you want to experiment with your sexy new dress. If your hair is styled already in some fashion and look, you can get easily confused and frustrated with the possibilities that might be available for you to try out. The short prom hair options may apparently seem difficult. But, with a little practice you can master the art like a pro.

Here are some amazing hairstyles for short hair that are sure to reveal a whole new world of stylish short prom hairstyles that you can wear to your prom night. The best part of having short hair is that you can get the most mesmerizing hair dos in a jiffy, without even investing exorbitant amounts of money. The styles itself will not only help you dawn a million dollar look, but also are extremely achievable within your low budgets too.

Following are some awesome prom hairstyles for short hair that would help you to set a statement effortlessly

Prom Hairstyles for Short Hair

Retro Curls


Luxurious shiny hair that is side parted into a retro look, ooze a sense of bold style. Created in a very little time, these hairstyles for short hair are bound to turn heads everywhere you go. It is curly and voluminous, sophisticated and everything gorgeous. The complete style is very rich and old worldly glamorous.

Tools: If you want to try out this look, all you need to have is a pair of hot tongs  or plastic rollers (you can omit this if you already have a head of naturally curly hair), medium to strong hold hair setting products, wide toothed comb,  clips and accessories (optional).


  • Comb and detangle freshly washed hair with a wide toothed comb.
  • Part your hair at this stage to retain the shape for easy styling.
  • Twist sections into waves and clip each section with flat alligator clips.
  • Divide the remaining hair into sections and use plastic or Velcro curlers to curl them up one at a time.
  • Blow dry the sections at medium to hot air settings.
  • Once dry, open the rollers and clips and style with comb or your fingers and set with spray.
  • Set the frizz with a little product that is sprayed onto you fine tooth comb.

Rock Style Grunge Hair


This is a rock star hair style that is very grunge and pulls out a radical sexy feel. The different curl technique sets this prom hair for short hair apart from the rest with a striking edge. The back of the head is amped up with more texture for lifting the hair with volume.

Tools: Round barrel brush, setting mousse, hair spray, curling tongs, fine setting brush, styling comb, curl setting wax or pomade


  • Build up the volume in your clean hair with mousse
  • Divide the hair into sections and secure with clips
  • Dry the sections thoroughly
  • Using curling tongs curl the desired sections and set with spray
  • You can also use curl setting wax or pomade for smoother textures
  • Back brush the crown and rear sections for a more raised feel
  • Settle the frizz with a fine toothed comb
  • Set the style with spray

Cute and Edgy


Cute and funky short prom hair like this is not only very easy to create, but also can be carried with ease. The vibrant hues add a bit of pep to the overall look. The style is very young and intriguing, nothing like anything you have seen before. There is ample of texture in the hair, making it very interesting to dress up even a simple and classy outfit.

Cute and funky short prom hair like this is not only very easy to create, but also can be carried with ease. The vibrant hues add a bit of pep to the overall look. The style is very young and intriguing, nothing like anything you have seen before. There is ample of texture in the hair, making it very interesting to dress up even a simple and classy outfit.

Tools: Paddle brush, back combing brush, fine toothed setting comb, curling tongs, flat iron, hair spray, mousse


  • Detangle freshly washed hair and divide into sections
  • Run a dollop of mousse through the roots
  • Dry the sections using a blow dryer
  • Separate the bangs from the rest of the hair and clip
  • Using the curling tongs curl the sections of hair in the back and set with spray
  • Flip the bangs on the other side of the parting and flat iron for a smoothed finish
  • Back brush the front locks and spray for heavy side swept bangs
  • Cover the style with a mist of spray to secure the style

Formal Chic


If you desire a more over the top sharp look, then you need to sport a more effective hairstyle. This prom hair for short hair is sure to steal the show with it distinct structure, topping it off with tons of volume. Its full and textured back, sleeked side bangs and some interesting coloring makes this a very different hairstyle for the prom.

Tools: Flat paddle brush, mousse, spray, flat iron, texturing was or pomade, back combing brush


  • Rub a big coin sized amount of mousse or styling crème through the roots to the tips of just washed hair
  • Separate and clip the front bangs
  • Back brush the crown section for added volume
  • Blow dry the remaining hair, while brushing with a flat paddle brush, for a smooth texture to work with
  • Part the hair into sections and use a flat iron to straighten the sections
  • Use wax or pomade to give a rough texture to the back portion
  • Set the hair with a mist of your favorite hair spray

Faux Side Buns and Twists with Hair Extensions


You think the elegant hair bun is a hairstyle option that you parted with when you chopped your long manes. But, the truth is now there are too many innovative prom up dos for short hair that you can try, even with your available hair length.

Side buns and up dos are more commonly conceivable with a significant length. But, even if you have short hair, you can try out some very cute and classy faux side buns that are way easier to build and are sure to last you through the evening.

Tools: Curling tongs, hair mousse, bobby pins, strong hold hair spray, Hair extensions hair accessories (optional)


  • Run some heavy hair mousse from the roots to the tip of the hair.
  • Divide the hair in to segments.
  • Blow dry the hair while combing it with a round barrel brush.
  • Curl the lower sections of hair using a thin barrel curling iron or a tongs.
  • Start from the bottom and rise gradually.
  • Keep the top smooth and flat with twists from the sides.
  • Take random sections and pull it across the back to the other side of the head and pin, keeping the curly ends loose.
  • Keep repeating the step till you reach the end and spray to set the hair style.

Crazy Updos


These fun and frivolous prom updos for short hair are very different from anything you have seen before. These are truly made for the ones who wish to play with their hair, to try something new, forming a unique style statement. The playful fringe gives the style a more sweet and flirty feel that fits perfectly with your formal prom dresses.

Tools: Flat paddle brush, hair spray, flat iron, bobby pins, back combing brush, hair accessories (optional)


  • Dry your washed hair with a blow dryer and flat paddle brush.
  • Once your hair is completely dry divide in section and flat iron hair.
  • Take random sections and back brush the top crown area and spray to secure the volume.
  • Twist random sections of hair, pull back and secure with pins.
  • Pull the hair from the back in the similar fashion and secure on the top of the head.
  • Straighten the bangs with a flat iron for a more polished look.
  • Set the style with hair spray.

Lifted Curls


Rightly styled electric curls are great to awaken the fashion goddess in you. This short prom hair is very charged up and bold. The hair is guaranteed to rock your en vogue prom dress, grabbing all eye balls on the dance floor.

Tools: Strong hold curling products, curling tongs, strong hold gels/ spray, flat iron (optional),bobby pins


  • Fresh and clean hair should be parted in divisions and dried using a diffuser, after applying adequate amount of curl defining products.
  • Once the hair is dry, a small barreled curling iron can be used to curl random sections.
  • The hair from the back and sides should be raised on the top of the head around the crown region and secured with pins.
  • For a little more drama the front fringes can be straightened or make them wavy as you wish.
  • Set the style with loads of hair spray.

Adding vibrant hues, curls, textures, accessories, etc. you can explore zillions of new prom hairstyles even if you have got a pixie cut. Prom is the time to celebrate and wish to mark an ever lasting impression with your striking hairstyles and dresses. It can get pretty overwhelming to decide your clothes, accessories, shoes and to top it all, hairstyles that would rock the entire look. Here, the short prom hairstyles are categorized under the various ascents of personal styles, to suite your dress and face shape. The steps are put down in detail, to help you get the perfect prom hairstyles for short hair without spending your bills on salon and professional hair dressers.

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