A cufflink is a part of men’s jewellery to be worn with formal shirts. It is used to fasten the two sides of a shirt’s sleeve near the wrist. There are two kinds of cufflinks for men- kissing-style and barrel-style. While wearing the kissing-style cufflinks, you pinch their ends together, the barrel-style cufflinks have one end overlapping the other. Out of the two, the former is a preffered style.


The concept of shirts appeared in the early 16th century when simple ‘cuff-springs’ were used to hold the wristbands together. Here is an image of old cuff-springs.


With time, buttons came into fashion. By the year 1715, they started using glass-buttons and jewel studs held together with gold links. Thus, cuff links came into being.

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Occasion and Combination to wear Cufflinks

Depending on the situation, whether it is social or formal, cufflink are selected. Cufflinks add style to the overall getup of a man and thus, must be worn to occasions that demand the same. It must be noted that be it silver cufflinks, gold cufflinks or any designer cufflinks, they must be in perfect sync with your outfit. Gold and silver tones are the most preferred ones.

  • Gold gives out a textured yellow colour and hence golden cufflink must be worn with dark coloured shirts, like deep shades of blue or green. It also goes well with browns and blacks.
  • Silver coloured cufflinks are not too sharp in colour and so they will suit best with dark grey shades or black shirts. It also goes well with light coloured clothing.

Be it gold or silver cufflink, always abstain from wearing more than one metal tone at a time.

Let’s look at some different styles of cufflinks:


An emerald coloured cufflink, perfectly matched with same colour tie and pocket square.


always a nice idea to match the colour of your cufflink with your watch. Here both the cufflinks and the watch’s rim are of the same shade.

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A royal blue and white striped tie worn over a plain white shirt with a matching pair of cufflink.


designer style cufflink perfectly matched with the tie.

When it comes to one’s personal style, cufflink can be custom-made to suit your taste. They can also be etched with the initials of one’s name. There are enamel filled cufflink embossed with brass and plated with high grade rhodium. Then, there are sterling cufflinks, cut into desired shapes and design.

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These cufflinks with initials, can be a good item for gifting to your near and dear ones, be it wedding, graduation ceremony or any such occasion. Here are some designs.

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Wouldn’t it be great to have more memories of the big day? These customized wedding cufflink provide you with an opportunity to wear your memories on your sleeves. With your and your wife’s initials tastefully engraved on them, they truly add to the groom’s style. Check out some of them.

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Have a tech savvy man in your life? Father, boyfriend, fiancée, brother—these cufflinks are never going to make him feel out of place. Have a look at these designer cufflinks.

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No matter how far he is, be it your son, brother or boyfriend, wherever he goes, he will carry your memories with him. Check out these designs which are perfect for gifting purposes.

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