Kurtis are a staple for the Indian women and are growing in popularity in the western world too. You can wear them with jeans, leggings or Salwar and they look absolutely perfect. From figure hugging kurtis to lose flowing ones, they come in a variety of styles and designs. Accentuating these Collar Neck Designs for Kurtis which adds a touch of extra oomph to the humble kurti. Whether you are wearing a khadi kurti or a plain cotton one, adding a designer collar will make you look more elegant and add charm to your kurti. Collar neck designs have evolved from the utmost traditional to a blend of modern variety that has seen them increase in popularity. You can pair up a short kurti even with a skirt and not look out of sorts.

Kurtis are very easy to pull off and every woman, of all shapes and sizes loves wearing a kurti. Shorter kurtis look absolutely great with skinny jeans and you can try reducing the length further and paring a short kurti with a skirt. Longer kurtis add flare and volume to your figure and you can wear these with leggings for a stylish ethnic look. Figure hugging kurtis look great on a college going girl and with a proper stream lined cut can look good with leggings and salwars. Various kurti designs like the anarkali design is form fitting on the top and tapers down all the way to the ankles or a typical Punjabi short kurti will just brush your knees.

Kurtis are also very easy to accessorise. You can wear bangles with your kurti to give you a very stylish ethnic look and pair up your western looking kurti with a hair braid and a bindi. A plain kurti will look good with a traditional neckpiece and a heavily designed kurti works well without any accessories. You can pair your kurtis with a variety of handbags that are on offer, from the heavy tote bags and large basin bags for short kurtis to a stylish clutch and a smart hand bag for heavy traditional kurtis. Kurtis can be worn on any occasion and by anyone, from casual wear in the office and college to traditional family events and festivals. You can wear them with dupatta or without dupatta and they will still look very good and stylish.

Latest Collar Neck Designs for Kurtis

So here are some latest collar neck designs for kurtis that add a mix of traditional design to modern sensibilities and create a wonderful blend for you and you can choose the next new look for your kurti from these.

1. Key-Hole neck:

Key-Hole neck Kurti

In this white halter neck collar kurti, there is a straight white collar that accentuates the whole neck area. The neck design gives volume to the kurti and puts the focus on the neck. There is a round key-hole neck which adds that extra bit of style to the kurti. The key hole shape can be manipulated to oblong and elliptical and the size can be varied as well. This design looks best on a form fitting kurti with a western design and worn on top of jeans or leggings. Pair up your stylish key-hole neck with a large hairdo and small studs or chandelier earrings for the best effect.

2. Pentagon Neck:

collar-neck-designs-for-kurtis-Pentagon Neck

In this mix of the traditional and modern design the pentagon neck is offset with three large peacock blue stones. This design adds a lot of solidity to the neck with heavy bead designs and borders for the collar and the rhombus shaped stones add a geometrical pattern to the kurti. The beads and borders have been replicated all over the stones till the collar and the stones are one large design and this looks like a perfect combination. This collar neck design can be stylised on plain kurtis and monochrome shades for the best effect. Pair this up with a hair bun and large earrings for a stylish effect.

3. Mandarin Collar with Embroidery

collar-neck-designs-for-Mandarin Collar with Embroidery

In this Jaipur kurti, the V neck collar has evolved into a mandarin collar inspired by Chinese blouses. The back of the neck is round with a V in the front which tapers down into a thick embroidered border. The size of the V can be varied and the thickness of the border should work well with the size of the V neck. The red and white floral design of the border gives a splash of colour and solidity to the otherwise plain kurti. This kind of kurti neck design is suited for a casual wear kurti with a single solid colour. You can wear this kurti with skinny jeans and high heels for a casual indo Chinese look. A mandarin collar also works very well with heavy materials like khadi and try to avoid cotton and light sheer materials for this collar neck design.

4. Shirt Collar Neck Kurtis

collar-neck-designs- Shirt Collar Neck Kurtis

collar-neck-designs- Shirt Collar Neck Kurtis

This collar neck design is inspired by the English collars and uses to contrasting colours to create perfect blend of colour sensibility. On the V neck of the kurti there are either one or two collars, the lower one larger than the upper one and are in open flare to add volume to the shoulder and chest area. A large border tapers down the kurti giving an illusion of the western shirt. The contrast is further highlighted with a texture on one side of the border and plain solid colour on the other side. This design can be tried with other colour combinations like pink and yellow or red and black. You can try making a short form fitting kurti with this collar neck design and pair it up with a pair of denim skirt or a tight skinny jean for an indo western look. Pull up your hair in a light bun or ponytails and wear studs to accentuate this interesting collar design.

5. Red Stand Collar

collar-neck-designs- Red Stand Collar

This is a stand collar which goes all the way up the neck. This design has the collar in round with symmetrical circular embroidery giving border and distinction to the collar and separating the collar from the rest of the kurti. This design of the collar neck highlights your shoulders and shifts the focus from the chest area. Pair this design up with a cut sleeve or string kurti for the best effect. This design looks the best with a soft textured material and Salwar to pair it up with.

6. The layered V Collar Neck

collar-neck-designs-layered V Collar Neck

In this design, the V collar neck has been modified to create a sort of layer like effect with a embellished jacket. The plain kurta accentuates the V neck of the collared jacket and adds colour to the Kurti. This design is great for formal and semi formal kurtis and with a straight or an A cut will look the best. You can pair this up with a plain dupatta and a high bun for the best effect.

7. Lace Patterned Collar Neck:

collar-neck-designs-Lace Patterned Collar Neck

This is a stylised lace kurti with a patterned collar neck design. Here the regular V neck of the collar has been merged with large collar done in lace. The intricate lace design adds vibrancy and style to the V neck and the illusion neckline add a touch of western design to it. The lace kurti is a new type of kurti on the block and this design is absolutely great with that. Otherwise, you can try this patterned collar look with other textured materials as well. This looks great with mini sleeves or cut sleeves and a short kurti design. Pair this up with leggings or a Salwar and a matching dupatta to add to the effect of the pattern. Add chandelier earrings for a formal event or plain studs for more of a casual look.

8. Symmetrical Collar Neck:

collar-neck-designs-Symmetrical Collar Neck

In this design, the western collar meets the Indian cut and a symmetrical collar neck design is formed. The neck of the kurti has a large western shirt collar which reveals a solid colour to offset the textured print of the kurti material. The round V cut at the bottom of the neck balances the collar and the small pipe border tapers down to give a symmetrical look to the kurti. This design can be tried on with various other colour combinations like blue and black or orange and purple. The cut of the kurti can be as loose as you want and it can be worn on jeans and leggings for a great effect. This design of the collar is very good for heavier women as it pulls focus away from the figure and the symmetry of the design gives a more sturdy shape to the cut of the kurti. You can pair this up with a plain dupatta and round earrings for a great effect.

9. Double Layer Round Neck

collar-neck-designs-Double Layer Round Neck

In this latest collar neck design for kurti, the round neck of the kurti is offset with a straight layer of cloth at the bottom to add more volume to the neck. The round neck has a black border separating it from the heavily textured upper chest cloth and the second layer of cloth has a contrasting pattern that adds horizontal volume to the neck design. This matches the colour of the bottom part of the kurti. This design is ideal for a kurti that you want to wear to events and looks great with leggings and salwars. Pair it up with a net kurti and an elaborate hairstyle for the best effect. This design is very good to give more volume to the upper area of the chest and adds Indian traditional design to a more modern stylised element of cuts and layers to create a great indo western look suitable for all types of traditional functions.

10. Heavy Embroidery Collar Neck

collar-neck-designs-Heavy Embroidery Collar Neck

This collar neck design is made with a small V cut and a standing collar. The cut is kept to a minimum and to add more of a glamorous effect, a large heavily embroidered pattern frames the neck and covers the whole of the chest area. As the material of the kurti is a sheer one, the embroidery is heavy and the colours of the embroidery are the ones to contrast the black of the sheer kurti. This design is a very western and modern take on the kurti and will look best with a pair of skinny jeans.

11. Neharu Collar Neck Design

collar-neck-designs-Neharu Collar Neck Design

The Nehru collar neck design for kurtis has been an integral part of the Indian mens style. In this traditional yet modern take on the Nehru collar neck design, the kurti has a stylish rose printed collar neck and buttoned until the bodice giving  a good shape to the neck of the kurti. With gold buttons, it gives a heavy look for the collar neck design. This design has been traditionally used for mens ethnic wears. The gold was often a symbol of richness and prosperity. This design can be tried on a monochrome kurti as well. The cut of the kurti can be form fitting or A lined for the best effect and wear this design with a hair bun or a ponytail and leggings and try to do without a dupatta to highlight the design more.

Collar necks for kurtis can be easily experimented with and you can try a mixture of many designs. One of the most important things to remember in with a collar neck design for kurtis is that they should highlight your best features. A deep neck might look good on some people and may not suit you. If you have a heavy frame, try to opt for a V shape collar neck or a standing collar and avoid heavy chest prints and designs. To achieve a fuller look, try for bold prints and embroidery on collar necks.

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