Tuck in a formal shirt and off you go to the office; roll up a cuff, throw on a tank top and you are ready for a day out; step on the heels, let your hair down and get ready to party – what would you do without the ‘humble’ Chinos?

They are soft, comfortable and at the same time tough. Originally introduced as military uniforms in the mid-19th century, these twill fabric trousers were quickly adapted by civilians too. The 100% cotton Khaki pants started out as a favorite work wear and now, we have them in Cotton-Synthetic blends and a spectrum of colors. While the muted earthy tones are still adored for the office, you can have a blast with the brighter colors. Chinos for women can recover from wrinkles much faster than other fabrics and that makes it perfect for a long day out. They drape well on your body to give you that fitted look. The styling options are just inexhaustible. Let’s just look at three occasions where you can easily carry off these handy pants.

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Keep it neutral and straight for the Office:
Ditch those tacky flared dress pants and splurge on formal Chinos for office wear. White, brown, blue and grey are the perfect colors for the sophisticated work look. Pair them with a thin belt and tuck in a crisp shirt or blouse to go from formal to fabulous. Throw on a blazer and a statement timepiece to add more style. Finally, floor the look with good shoes – bellies should be fine enough to keep up with the office standards

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Cuff it up for a Day out:
Stock up your wardrobe with a riot of color in Chinos and flaunt your casual style. Roll up your trousers just below the knee and pair it with a tank-top or t-shirt to keep it comfortable. If you are insistent on a waistband, go for a cord belt. Walk easy in loafers or even sneakers. Fuchsia, green and yellow are popular color options, but you can always go bold with neon’s.

Set them high on heels for Party-Rocking:
Roll-down those cuffs, trade your loafers for stilettos and let down your hair – you are ready for the club right after your day out in the sun. Chinos can go from casual to classy just like that. Slim-fits are ideal for this look and bright reds or blues should look good with a black sheer top. Add some bling on the waist and earlobes to boost the glamour.

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So, busy city girls – trash those denims and dress pants and stock up your wardrobes with Chinos to stay fabulous through the day.

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