The word ‘sneakers shoes’ was first used in the Boston Journal in 1887 in reference to tennis shoes. It was because their rubber sole made no sound when stepping on the ground. The first rubber sneakers were manufactured in 1892 in the US by the US Rubber Company. They called it Keds. In the year 1917, Marquis Converse came up with the first sneaker of its kind, made especially for playing basketball; it was christened what we now know as the now famous Converse All-Stars. By 1924, sneakers were being manufactured internationally. It was in 1924, that a German, Adi Dassler, introduced a new sneaker series and named it Adidas.

Different Kinds of Sneakers Shoes


High Top– The high-top sneakers extend significantly over the wearer’s ankle. It is popularly used for athletics, especially, basketball.

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Mid-cuts– These typically extend to no higher than the wearer’s ankle. A perfect marriage of comfort and fashion, these look great with a faded pair of jeans and a stylish jacket.

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Low-tops– After mid-cuts, comes this pretty sporty looking and flexible style, they are more popular for walks and casual treks.

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Sneaker boots– More rugged than their sporty counterparts, they are stylish, low maintenance and perfect for casual wear.


Slip-ons–  Convenient to wear, without the hassle and headache of tying laces, Just slip them on and go on a leisurely stroll.

One of the biggest names in the market for women’ and men’s sneakers are Converse, Nike, Ked, Vans Atwood, Adidas and Puma.

There’s a Sneaker for every foot!

Journee Collection Women’s ‘Alana-1’ Lace-up Wedge High-top Sneaker Shoes


Available in mostly muted shades, these high top sneakers shoes from Journee are a part of Women’s line with savvy design and stylish make.  Make a style statement with these shoes designed for comfortable traveling. Match them with jeans of your choice, and a hoodie that reflects your attitude, or simply go with a top and a shrug.

Nike Low-tops Sneaker Shoes


In a combination of black, turquoise blue and white these Nikes are the perfect sneaker for jogging and gyming. Pair them with track pants to the gym and stand out for all the right reasons.

Nike Running Wear


These are great to wear to the beach with their bold colours and light design. Nike sneaker shoes offer you the right flexibility, cushioning and comfort with its range of running shoes. Available in bright, neon colors, match them with your Nike sportswear or just a pair of shorts and a tank top to redefine your style statement.

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Adidas Hard court Hi Women’s Casual Sneaker Shoes


Straight out of Adidas’ basketball collection, this sportswear giant makes shoes that provide extra protection to ankles and provide strong grip. The style makes it perfect for both sports as well as casual wear. Wear them on the tennis court, or on road and look cool with jeans and some cool shades.

Nike Women’s Training collection


Complement your personality with a choice of bold colors with Nike’s new line of sneakers for women. Perfect for cardio and gym, these sneakers reflect your vibrant, youthful side and put you in the mood for a calorie burning session!.

Platform Wedge Booties High Heel Sneaker Shoes


Manufactured by all top sportswear brands from Nike to Adidas, in different shades and colors, these round toed shoes with strap closure and wedge heels are designed for all-day comfort. A perfect choice for week ends with friends. Be chic, be stylish.

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Latches Cognac by Steve Madden


This one is for all you fashionistas. Faux leather with a front buckle strap and an inside zip for easy wearing, this one is a hot pick for urban chicks with that dash of attitude. Pair it with jeans and brown leather jacket and take the city by storm.

Sneaker Shoes That Make a Style Statement Nike Womens Sneaker Wedges

Nike Womens Sneaker Wedges


Available in different colors, these sneakers for women with the wedge and stud design gives you that uber cool,relaxed look and are big on comfort. Perfect for long walks or showing off at parties, these are made for fun loving women like you.

Nike Mid-cut Sneaker Shoes


Paint the street with your style. The mid-cut design offers great ankle support. The sturdy construction is apt for travel, street, camping and sports. Throw on a pair of jeans or a short skirt and look cool.

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Low-tops for women


Look sexy in these low top sneakers, best worn with jeans and a jacket. Their sporty yet feminine design enables you to wear them for clubbing or long walks.

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