Chanderi’s Story :

Think charm, think elegance, think understated luxury, think chanderi. Chanderi sarees are among the most popular traditional ethnic fabrics ever since the 20th century. It is believed to have originated in the Vedic period. The name ‘Chanderi’ comes from the place where it is manufactured in Madhya Pradesh, a small town called Chanderi renowned for its finely textured traditional silk and cotton sarees embossed with zari work. The variety of fabrics produced by Chanderi are pure silk, Chanderi silk cotton and the Chanderi cotton. Chanderi sarees are an age-old export of the country that has been patronized by royalty. It holds a special place in the handloom industry because of its texture of fine silk fabric and zari works on cotton fabrics. Today, with the fusion of traditional and modern techniques, along with the brilliant skill of the weavers, Chanderi sarees have emerged as one of the most understated ethnic wears to be worn by an Indian woman.


Chanderi is usually made with a mix of different fabrics such as brocade or tussar. The combination of these fabrics either with Chanderi silk or Chanderi cotton gives it a rich, beautiful texture that not only lends itself to sarees, but also as salwar-kameez, churidars and dupatta pieces. In whatever form, a classy Chanderi outfit definitely endows the wearer with a high-society, chic look and can make any woman stand out in a crowd.

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summery baby pink saree with silver buttas in the form of a bird.The big, bold gold ring on her finger offsets the silver in the saree as well as the blouse.

Light weight chanderi sarees


Kareena Kapoor looking scorching in a Chanderi black saree with the traditional drop pattern pallu and minimal make-up and jewellery.

Apart from imparting an elegant look, Chanderi sarees are also famous for their light weight, unique texture and glossy transparency which are its distinct features. The transparency is brought about by the use of single flature yarn. This yarn lends the glossy and transparent look to the fabric. This is a quality that is peculiar to the Chanderi fabric. Such fabrics are delicately woven by extremely fine hand spun yarn. Such light-weight fabrics along with elegant designs have made it stand out as one of the most sought-after fabrics  in elite circles. Its light weight also makes it the perfect substitute to cotton sarees  during summer.

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Zari embossed Chanderi sarees


An attractive printed chanderi blue saree in which the pleats act as the highlight. The body and pallu of the saree are a plain, Prussian blue. The stark contrast of red along the borders are a nice touch.

Chanderi sarees are now produced with zaris such as gold and silver zari work and micro stone-studded designs. Chanderi silk sarees also come in a wide range of colors, thread and patch works and abstract designs. Even Chanderi cotton sarees come in varieties of thread, fine zari patch works along with sequins, stones and embroidered zari works.

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Perfect choice for the current generation


These days, chanderi sarees are worn by the young and the old alike. It is the perfect choice for women of any generation during traditional ceremonies such as a weddings or pujas. It is a must-have item for today’s Bollywood fashion divas. Recently, many celebs have been seen flaunting their bodies in a chanderi silk as the fabric is thin and lets you show off those rock-solid abs .

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