Top 11 Natural Eye Makeup Removers to Protect Your Eyes

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One of the most fun part about being a girl is that putting on or trying out different sorts of makeup. And once you’ve excelled at the art, you can

How to Apply Mascara Perfectly on Your Eyes

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Mascara is one of the best cosmetic product which is used to enhance the eyes and make it look stunning, beautiful and attractive for others. As wisely said by someone,

How to Apply Black Eye Makeup Like a Pro

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It is said that a woman’s best assets are her ‘Eyes’ because what her words can’t tell the world, her eyes can express. So, if eyes can do the talking

10 Top Bengali Bridal Makeup for the Bride

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Marriages are made in heaven. It’s every woman’s dream to look the best for the big day with all her beauty and grace. Bengali weddings are known for their calm,

How to Put Eyeliner and Makeup your Eyes?

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You can create many different looks for your eyes by simply using a variety of eyeliners and various techniques. You can make your eyes the focus of attention by learning

Learn How to Apply Fake Eyelashes

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Ever wonder how to apply fake eyelashes? If you are not happy with your natural eyelashes and feel that mascara alone doesn’t give your eyes the emphasis you want for

For That Perfect Kajal Look

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Origins of the Humble Kajal A quick understanding of the origins of the Kajal or Kohl before we help you perfect the ‘look’…. The word Kajal was derived from the