Casual Wear for Women

Fall 2014 on the Ramp

With the falling of the leaves and the gentle cool breeze comes the fall season. Fall 204 is all about layers, the 60s and making it big! The latest fall 2014 trends show large bathrobes ala Hugh Hefner in style, dresses over pants, big bold prints of the 60s, knee high boots, a western cowboy touch to dresses, A line jackets and over the top turtleneck. You can layer yourself in comfortable and snuggle inside your clothes this fall. Casual wear for women rocked the ramp this fall season.

This season, the fall 2014 runway was all about making a bold statement and even with wearable couture, you could spot designer like Karl Lagerfeld going all out with big bold patterns and styles. The architectural look is back in and silhouettes and body hugging clothes are out this season. Layering is the new trend this fall and an important one at that. With long coats, sweater, knitted wear and blouses that are bold and printed, layering is the way to go. Handbags have become small and an androgynous look is what designers have aimed for. There are tailored dresses and suits that double up as casual ensembles and girls who wear straight pants and are in no mood to accentuate their hips or their curves. This season is all about the line. Business casual for women were in thick stripes, chevron shirts and pencil skirts too made a way this season too.

Designers like Marc Jacobs went all out with the knitted pants and Tom Ford decided to go with the Muppet fur while Miu Miu kept it bold and 60’s with beautiful mini dresses inspired by the hit show Mad Men. Casual clothes for women were mostly done for street style fashion in Paris, London and New York Fashion weeks.

Casual Wear for Women this fall

This season high heels were missing from the ramp and what better way to add to your casual wear than the humble sneaker? The sneaker made many an appearance on the ramp and in and around the celeb fashion police and now that you need to style yourself with smart casual wear this fall, do not miss out on the sneaker.

Whether it is going out for a walk in the park or enjoying the cold breeze on your way to the mart, fall casual dress is the way to go which mixes up the bold style of the 60s (yes you can go and raid your mother’s closet!) with light and sporty chic to create a casual attire for women which is just right for you too.

Here are Some Fall 2014 Casual Wear for Women

1. Statement Coat:


Pair your tights or skinny jeans with these large, over the top statement coats that add layer to your physique. With bold prints and styles reminiscent of the 60s, these coats are the most interesting wear this fall.

2. The A line Jacket and Dress:


You can wear similar coloured jacket and pair it with a straight A line skirt and a pair of tights to create an androgynous look this fall. Casual wear is no longer about wearing skinny jeans and a sweater but it has evolved and merged both masculine and feminine with this androgynous outfit that will do wonders for your style quotient.

3. Patterned Sweaters:


Sweaters and knitted wear were a thing of the past. Not so much now. This fall the knitted pattern is back in and what better way to flaunt it than by wearing large sweaters over your dress. Wear monochrome patterned knitwear over patterned dress tights for the best effect.

4. Denim and Knitwear:


The casual jeans and a sweater look has taken a new turn with this ensemble that you can try. Pair skinny jeans with a funky blouse and go for large patterned knitwear or alternately, you can try wearing a mini skirt with knee high boots and patterned knitwear. The pattern is the perfect accompaniment to your denim and complements it perfectly.

5. The Bath Robe Coat:


Seen on Hugh Heffner all the time, this large over the top coat can double up as a bathrobe and still look just as trendy. With multiple layers to it, this coat is the perfect casual wear this fall and team this up with tight leather pants and a sleek blouse for the perfect look.

6. Patterned Pants:

Patterns and knitwear are not just restricted to your sweaters this fall, you have patterned pants and knitted pants to keep your legs warm and stylish. Wear a large hat a la western and a large coat to add multiple layers to your look and enjoy the warmth this fall.

7. Large Necks:

This fall wear over the top large necked sweaters and tops to team up with your skinny pants and tights. With a white monochrome blouse and a large neck, you can wear patterned pants and knee high boots and look like the best example of casual wear this fall.

8. Sweater  Casual Dress:

Sweater is the go to item for anyone trying to be warm this fall and you can add a designer twist to your classic sweater by wearing a knitted sweater dress or pairing up your sweater with an A line skirt. Go for monochromes and show off that pattern all the while going a chic casual wear for fall.

9. Big Bold Prints:


Big bold prints are back and you can wear a blouse with large over the top print in bold colours. Team this up with long earrings and a pair of monochrome tights or mini skirt and knee high boots to complete your look.

10. Layering:


Layer your outfit for the cool fall season. Pair up black high waist skinny jeans with a large bold printed coat and a faux fur scarf and boots to create the perfect ensemble.

11. Bold Androgynous Chic:


Pair a funky bold blouse with tight high waist monochrome pants and plain black shoes for a casual yet spunky bold look this fall.

12. Knee High Boots:


Make any outfit that you wear the perfect fall 2014 casual wear with a pair of knee high boots. Layer your ensemble with a pair of skinny jeans, a plain white blouse and a short jacket and add knee high boots to complete the look.

13. Pants:


Knitted and patterned pants with bold tops add to the perfect layering effect of the fall season. This season, you will never go wrong with pattern and you can mix and match them to create the best outfit. Go crazy with big bold patterns.

14. Big Bold Dress:


Forget the art of sublime and subtleness, this fall go for bold, loud and big. This dress with a pair of tights will give you the best casual look for fall 2014.

15. Cowboy Hats:


Cover your head with large trendy cowboy hats and pay a tribute to the classical western. You will be arm and trendy with this cowboy hat.

16. Layer with the Cowboy Hat:


Layer your outfit and top it off with a cowboy hat. Go for a look with skinny jeans and a sweater and a matching monochrome hat and boot set to complete this casual outfit for fall.

17. Aztec Cardigan:


Nothing says bold, colour and large like the Aztec print and this fall wear it as much as you can. Team you Aztec cardigan with plain black top and skinny jeans or wear it over a cute white dress and tights. Add Knee high boots and you are good to go.

18. Polka Dots:


Though not as much on the radar but they are big and they are bold. Find a polka dot dress or take out your old one and team it up with tights and knee high boots to create a fashion statement.

19. A Line Coat:


An A line coat will add the perfect layer to any outfit that you are wearing. Find a monochrome A line coat and ear it over a printed patterned dress and tights and be warm this fall.

20. Fur and Large Coats:


If you cannot get fur find a faux fur coat and try this outfit for fall. Pair it with a black blouse and patterned pants and boots for the perfect casual attire for women.

Fashion Trends for Fall 2014
From the Runway to pages of Designer’s diaries, here are some fall 2014 fashion trends which you must know to rock the casual look and to be a fashion diva:

  • Anything that has texture is a must have this fall season. Be it your large bag or coats, go for texture.
  • Try and create an outfit that has an architectural look. The architect is the toast of the town this season. With the A line coat or a straight skirt, go architecture and do not go topsy turvy on any curve lines.
  • Pumped up and voluminous is how you should rock the casual fall look this season. Make layers and get large bulky coats and tops.
  • This season is all about relaxing your feet, and you should. Chuck your heels and go for comfy shoes and sneakers.
    This season pastel colours are in. A tribute to the baby doll style, find anything that you have in pastel and wear it for this fall.
  • Wool is another important trend this fall whether it is with full soft sweaters or knitted pants.
    The fur coat is back and it is wilder than ever. If you are not a fur fan, go for faux fur but just remember the wilder the better.
  • Extra large coats. There is no form fitting this fall, find extra large coats and be trendy.
    There is a gold rush this fall and this is the colour to be. Gold is the new black and if you don’t have gold this fall, you are not in.
  • Feathers, feathers and more feathers.  Clothes which sport feathers are all in this season.
  • Sportswear is back to being a trendy casual look and you can wear sneakers or shorts and still look trendy.
  • This fall season is also inspired by the many fairytales we read as children, find one that you like to wear and a tribute to it, maybe a red jacket like little red riding hood or a white snowy gown for snow white.
  • Suits have moved on from the formal pedestal they were up in and you can wear tailored outfits paired with casual shoes for a perfect casual dress and look.
  • Military khaki patterns and colours are big this season. You can get a bag with the pattern or olive green pants to show off the trendy you.
  • Duvet coats, the material that quilts are made up of add bulk to your frame and are the latest on the fall 2014 runway.
  • Sweaters from the 70s with bold prints are back and wear them with style this season.
  • Optical monochrome, dresses and coats with stripes and optical illusions are a new trend to follow.
  • Poncho, from the ranches of Mexico is here to stay and adding layers to those casual outfits for women is a style statement.
  • Prints are bold and in and anything that is a tribute to the 60s is a must have this fall.
  • When superheroes are the toast of the town, wear a cape and be trendy. Capes are a new fashion must have.
  • Try Velvet and you will not go wrong this fall. This luxurious material is back with a bang.
  • Leopard prints and prints with cats are in. Try this bold new look for something different.
  • The humble raincoat has a new bold twist and try getting yourself a funky coloured raincoat and look fashionable.

Fall is a season of cold winds and it is not too cold for long warm coats and not too warm for dresses. Know these fashion trends and follow your heart. Layering is an important part of the fall fashion look and you can experiment with and mix match styles to look your best this season.

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