What is Business Casual for Women?

Business casuals for women and men are a bit more casual than the formal dress codes. Whereas the formal wear in any office will include pants, pencil skirts, blazers etc, casual wears are a bit more relaxed on these necessities and includes a wider range consisting of pants (khaki, corduroy linen), blouses, shirts (short-sleeves, full-sleeves and sleeveless) and sweaters. It also includes high heels and open toe footwears.

As stated earlier, business casual attires for women gives them a wider variety to choose from; however care must be taken to avoid jeans, mini-skirts and sheer tops at all costs. When wearing skirts, always make sure that the hem falls at least up to the knees.

Business casuals are perfect for events like job fairs, training sessions, every day office, office get-together, until specified otherwise. Always check the dress code before going to such events. However, a meeting with top executives or clients will require you to wear proper formal wears.

Let’s look at some Business Casuals for Women

This collection of business casuals for women includes a blouse, scarf, trouser, cardigan and a stylish leather purse. The colours are generally required to be solid; this includes, black, blue, grey and other dark colours. The open toe high heels perfectly complement this collection which is neither too flashy nor too plain; just perfect.

This kind of business casuals for women are best for outdoor visits, as well as indoors. The formal shirt coupled with the khaki trouser and a soothing colour blazer exudes professionalism and adds extra confidence to your personality.

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Business casuals for women include jewellery too but it is recommended that one sticks to conservative styles. Because it’s the office. One needs to keep it simple and neither wear too much of it nor look too flashy. The white top and the grey khakis are the best combination for office casual wear. The light coloured cardigan and matching footwear adds grace and style.

A smart Business casual indeed. But be careful with the blouse; it should not be a deep-neck. Also, the hem of your skirt should fall at least up to the knees.


Perfection personified. Check out the material of the jacket. The one thing that needs to be kept in mind is that the jeans should never be too tight. This collection is for the sophisticated business woman that you are. This one is best for business travels.

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Business Casuals That Must Be Avoided

Red-and-Gray - Business Casuals

Now, the clothes here are a perfect example of what business casual wear must not include. The footwear is too flashy, sunglasses are too much designer type to be worn to office.  However the pants and the blouse are okay.


A strict no-no to such designer collection. Please refrain from wearing such clothes to the office.


This black gown with jeans jacket is not for office but can be wore to parties and other events that require casual business wear.


Please never wear this kind of collection to office. This one is best for outside parties and gatherings with friends but not for business casual wear.

Below is a list of Do’s and Don’ts for you to keep in mind.

 Do’s and Don’ts for woman

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