Get the taste of adulthood! The teen years are the most special years. This is the time when your child enters high school, wants to be on their own and have different plans for themselves. One should encourage their children to get involved in the community and make good friends. At this age, relationships like friendship and romance become extremely important. Teenagers are influenced by their peers when it comes to dressing up and selecting the right attire. Selecting dresses for teenagers is not that easy as it seems. They like going out to parties and having a large group of friends. Along with it, there is a constant need to stand out from your friends and be a reason of their envy. For these reasons there are lot of dress up games for teens that allow them to experiment and dress their virtual avatars and know what suits them the best. Not only this, get some tips on hairstyle, makeup and different styles of party dresses for teenagers with the help of dress up games for teenage girls. These years are the most remembered and joyful. Make them memorable by developing your persona and learning the art of styling for every occasion. They are so full of energy and vibrancy hence it is necessary to choose the right dresses for teenagers in order to give them an opportunity to conquer the world with their style and persona.


Being chosen as a bridesmaid is as big deal as being a bride. Well, at least the dressing up part is as important! When your best friend or someone close to you in your family is getting married, you want to look the best and have some of the best photos clicked of you. It is necessary to start preparing much in advance to look nothing less than a diva on your friend or sister’s important day. Look after your skin if you’re a selfie freak and know that the minute of the flaws are seen on the photographs. Hydrate and cleanse your skin well. Choose a hairstyle that compliments your face and the dress you are wearing. Add some flowers to your hair and accessorize your wear. Bridesmaid dresses for teenagers should be carefully chosen so as to make them look good and classy yet not overshadow the bride.

Some Instructions to keep in mind for parents while choosing best designer dresses for teenagers.

Visit all the possible boutiques and shop with your teen and get to know different dresses available in the market. Treat them at their favourite restaurant and brainstorm idea and discuss their look for the same. This way they would not budge on ‘getting tired’ or ‘It’s getting late’ stuff. Tempt them about the number of people who are going to attend the event and the possible treats and entertainment options at the event.

It is advised that the parent accompanies the teen for the shopping in order to select the hemline length, heel height, and haircuts that compliment the dress. Respect your teens clothing choices and inputs as they are old enough to take decisions regarding their fashion styling.

If at all, it’s a theme wedding, let the dress be as per the theme and mingling along with the brides dress.
When it comes to wedding, bridesmaids are the true accessory for every bride! They are the first one to be seen by the guests and by default are in every photograph clicked on the wedding day. Understanding this, it is important to realise their role and dress up accordingly. Teenage bridesmaids are an innocent image with vibrant fashion designer dresses.

Tips For the Bride in Selecting Dresses for Teenage Bridesmaids

Be a good friend and help your teenage friends in selecting something good and not hideous that would make you look good in comparison. At the same time let them not look too sexy and heavy and thereby over shadow you.

  • Remember simple is the best! Do not fuss around more accessories and make up.
  • Make sure the dresses are not as similar as yours, or someone might mistake them as you.

Help her by selecting a dress that can be worn at some other occasion and not dump it into her wardrobe.

15 Mind-Blowing Bridesmaid Dresses for Teenagers

1. Papell Cap Sleeve Mesh Beaded Dress:


Maxi gown with embellished beads and fitted waist is enough to make you a ravishing bridesmaid.

2. Long Strapless Empire Gown:

Dress that will accentuate your bridesmaid feminine side. The silver sequin bodice will make her look elegant and delicate. This dress would be perfect for an appearance in a great background.

3. Satin One ShoulderDress:


This full length dress with a belt at the waist will emphasize on your waistline. Besides, one shoulder dresses seems to be in demand these days.

4. Cocktail Dresses:

Cocktail Dresses:

This is a perfect choice for teenagers who are of the shorter side. Cocktail dresses are elegant and are best for people with short height. You can style it by giving it an off shoulder look or adding a chic belt to your waistline for an instant bridesmaid look.

5. Cowl Neckline:


Another for short teens! A sleeveless cocktail dress with a cowl neckline and autumnal look is enough to give your look a delicate and fancy touch.

6. Black Bridesmaid Gowns:

 Black Bridesmaid Gowns:

They are very popular among teen girls. Black is classy and one can never go wrong with this colour. Adding metallic to the black dress in the form of accessories is equally elegant.

7. Natural Toned Gowns:

Natural Toned Gowns

Teenage girls also prefer pink, mauve, peach and skin colour dresses that brighten their skin tone.

8. Chiffon Dress:

 Chiffon Dress

This sheath dress with straps is sure to give you a princess feeling.

9. Satin Gown with Side Ruching:

 Satin Gown with Side Ruching

The gown has an overlay is ruching towards the side seam. The strap keeps the gown simple. It gives the wearer an added flexibility and comfort.

10. Short Mesh Dress with Side Cascade:

This is a sweet and chic look for any teen. The sweetheart neckline makes your teen look ultra feminine. The cascade in front gives layers of movement to the dress.

11. Crinkle Chiffon Beaded High Low Hemline Dress:

Crinkle Chiffon Beaded High Low Hemline Dress:

This youthful chiffon dress with tie back halter neckline is perfect for stylish teenager. The high- low hemline creates movement and dimension. The diva touch could be added with sparkling waistline empire belt.

12. Crinkle Chiffon Dress with Twist Front:

Crinkle Chiffon Dress with Twist Front:

The dress adds glamour to your look. The flowing crinkle chiffon dress makes you feel comfortable and gorgeous.

13. Gown with Flower Details:

 Gown with Flower Details

The satin and chiffon ball gown looks charming on teenagers. The gown features flower details along the neckline. The waist flows into a floor length satin skirt.

14. Sweetheart Organza Dress:  

 Sweetheart Organza Dress

This is an ultra feminine and cute dress for teenagers. Sleeveless bodice and pleated details provide a stunning silhouette. The empire waist is flattering and chic.

15. Short Satin Pick up Dress:

Short Satin Pick up Dress

The style is perfect if looking for fun and elegance. The wide strap tank bodice offers a simple yet stunning look. The waist is tie back. The knee-length pickup is perfect for the age and looks beautiful.

Some Tips for Buying Bridesmaids Dresses.

  • Do a thorough research on which colour and style you like. You can do this by various online portals and trying them on through dress up games for teenage girls. Also searching on Pinterest or other manufacture websites for inspiration and ideas.
  • Always select two or three colours so in case you don’t get the one you are looking for, you can go for the second best colour.
  • Choose a style that matches your body shape and highlights your assets.
  • Make sure you order your dress well in advance and also comfortable in your footwear to be able to stand all the time with the bride.
  • Keep the length of the dresses of every bridesmaid the same. Just stick to one length
  • Vary only two features. Either opt for a different neckline or different fabrics.
  • And the most important tip, do not forget to enjoy your day!

Make up tips and Hairstyles for Bridesmaids

Remember, you need to look ravishing, but nothing ahead of your age!

There are many wrong notions about the perfect look for bridesmaids. Most of the time bridesmaids are forced to wear the makeup and dress which they would have never selected for themselves. And being teen bridesmaids, one is bound to be a victim of this! So make sure once the photographs are out, you do not feel sorry for yourself! We want nothing bold and bright like the bride just more natural look for the best assure beautiful pictures.

Consider Dress Colour

Whatever colour you are wearing, let it be blue, green or pink, include into your eye shadow. If your dress is of warm colour, stick to traditional black/gray palette. And if your gown is black you can carry off any shade.

Wear Foundation

At this age, you definitely do not need it for your normal days but definitely some for the wedding day. Apply a primer before the foundation to let it stay for long.


Use a bit of a bronzer if you’re attending a summer or spring wedding.


Even you have a naturally rosy cheeks add a bit of blush to it.


Well, this one would surely require your mothers assistance. Liquid eye-liner would help you to complete the look. Remember to keep your eyes always sparkling and bright.

  • If your teen wants to go dramatic add fake lashes that adds dimension to the face.
  • Add a lip colour that flatters her look. A lip gloss would also do the task.
  • Every skin requires a different tone of makeup. However, do not create contrasting looks between your bridesmaids. While one supports bold makeup and the other just a plain look.
  • Bridesmaids look should be opposite of the brides look. If your bride has her hair pulled up let your be loose, open and vice versa.
  • Choose the makeup as per the season. Pastel and shimmery shades for the spring season is the perfect choice. Dramatic tones with sparkles works well for winters.

Some of the Best Hairstyles for Teenagers:

For this look, select soft copper shadow and complete the look with mascara and a pale lip colour. Go for a half-up braided hairstyle and accessorize it.



Support the retro look! Add a bit more drama to your eyes by adding the liner in between each liner. And sweep gold shadow over the crease.  Pull your hair into a low ponytail, leaving the front section out. Wrap curls loosely using a curling iron. Now wrap the remaining hair into a tight bun.



For this you need to pull your hair off your shoulders for a classy look. But you don’t need to torture yourself with a boring look. Go for messy up do with an elegant vibe. Apply colour like lavender onto your eyes and complete the look with glossy pink lip gloss. Also blend a bit of pink to your cheeks.

Beach wedding is always beautiful and dreamy. It is necessary to not go overboard with your looks for a beach theme wedding. Just use a big curling iron and curl various sections of your hair. Spray your hair with a hairspray to keep the haphazard look intact and to tackle frizz. For a natural look for the beach, bronzer is the key! Use a product that is a bit darker than your skin tone to highlight your cheekbones. The rule is to play around with neutral shades.

Wedding seasons are just not having a good time, but also looking your best! So what if you are in your teenage year, looking good has no age! Besides, there is no harm in letting your inner diva come out the sooner. All eyes may be on the brides, but nothing is hidden from a photographer’s camera. And who knows, you may walk away with the compliment, “Always Bridesmaids”. So consider yourself the lucky one!

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