Are you one of those who prefer short hair because you find them more manageable and easy? Then you might consider after reading below and enlightening yourself about the beauty of long hair and the best hairstyles for long hair. It’s a fact that many men prefer women with long hair as it makes them look feminine and more attractive.  Having long hair gives you a chance to experiment and try different styles and look different every day. Besides the beauty of long hair takes away eyes from what you are wearing as people concentrate more on your long and shiny locks. Unlike short tresses, long hair goes on any face shape and looks amazing. Hairstyles for  long hair means you can wear a ponytail, a braid or an updo which makes you look elegant and youthful. Hence it wouldn’t be wrong in saying that the beauty of a girl isn’t in what she wears or how she looks but the way she manages her long Rapunzel like hair. Prom hairstyles for long hair with braids is the trend and sure your partner cant take his eyes of you.

Tips to Manage Long Hair

Our hair is made up of proteins, hence it is important to have a healthy diet and follow hygiene when it comes to taking care of your hair.

  • Was your hair properly with a shampoo which is not harsh is sulphate free. Avoid washing your hair on a regular basis as it erodes away essential oils from the scalp and leaves them looking frizzy and dull.
  • Curly hair usually wants a frizz-minimizing shampoo. Similarly oily or straight hair would require gentle shampoo. Colored or treated hair should go for the shampoo with extracts or amino acids for treating the damaged hair. Dry hair needs glycerine and collagen in their hair wash.
  • The golden rule is to condition your hair every time you shampoo them. Also indulge yourself in deep conditioning once a week.
  • Trim your hair after every 6-8 weeks. Let your hair dry naturally
  • Include iron and zinc in your diet. Vitamin B and C are the vital components to maintain long healthy hair.

Importance of Prom night

Prom night is a formal dance which takes place at the end of an academic year. It’s a very famous concept in abroad and is slowly picking pace in India as well. At the end of the night, a prom queen and prom king are revealed based on their attire and dance movements. This is the day when girls take extra effort to dress themselves up and leave no stone unturned to be the reason of their friends envy. On one side you are anxiously waiting for the perfect dance and on the other hand there is a need to look good. Hence this day requires early preparations. Girls usually spend hours and hours to dress up and style on the final day. Prom updos for long hair is something to try but long prom hairstyles with braids, curls are also quite popular.

Golden Rules for Prom Updos for Long Hair:

  • Get a Haircut before your prom night that suits your face type and the dress you would adorn.
  • Choose your outfit well in advance and walk in your shoes for a while in your home to see if they are comfortable.
  • Practice your makeup style before the big day and see what suits you.
  • And give yourself enough time to style those beautiful long tresses for the best hairstyles for long hair for prom night.

Braid those Beautiful Tresses.

Braids have been the most beautiful trend ever since. They prove to be an easy and effortless way to style your hair without making them look fussy. Learn the art to tame those tresses with different styles of braids. Giving your hair an organized look with the help of a braid keeps them protected from the summer air and gives you an instant chic look. They are an excellent style option to keep your hair smooth and sleek. They are romantic and delicate and will never go unnoticed or out of date. Besides, you can even style them with beads and small flowers. They are very practical and helps when you are getting late and do not have time to fuss with your hair.

15 Braided Prom Hairstyles for Long Hair

Prom night is one day that you would want to look back and remember and obviously for all the good reasons. Preparing for this day accounts for a lot many things, one of which has a great Hairstyle!

5 Rules for Choosing the Perfect Hairstyle:

1. Select your dress first:
There are various hairstyles that you could choose from but remember to select one that compliments your outfit. You wouldn’t want to wear messy hair look with a sleek, elegant gown unless you are brave to be different.

2. Hair texture:
Are you the one with curly hair, straight, or wavy hair? Create the right look for you by considering your hair texture. If you have straight hair, you can curl them into waves and make up for a stylish up-do. And if you are the curly hair Rapunzel, you can wear your curls down and soften it with the products ideal for straightening and half up/ half-down hairstyles.

3. Match it with your personality:
What is your style? Are you casual, formal, or classy? Select a style that brings out the best in you. If you are the casual types you might opt for comfortable and sporty look. Whereas if you are the formal types you might want to make the diva in you shine!

4. Make it timeless:
Go for a hairstyle that does not make you cringe when you look back at these photos later on in your life.  Go for a timeless hairstyle that you would want flaunt about later while sharing the photos with your kids.

5. A stylist knows the best:
Your hair stylist is a professional and knows very well what suits on your face and highlights your special features and makes you look beautiful. Listen to their advice and follow their opinion for or against a hairstyle.

15 Braided Hairstyles for Prom Night.

1. The Humble Braid:


A royal women treat! A hairstyle that is flaunted flawlessly and with so much ease. Kate Middleton is seen supporting this hairstyle many a times.  Add a royal touch to your look and tying a braid from the front and then adding some delicate ones at back to give it an overall great look. Glimmer those tresses by using hair shine products.

2. Fresh Flowers for Touch of Elegance:


A perfect look for your elegant gown! Support a bohemian vibe in you with a floral crown paired with ombre waves and is great for a casual dressing style. Back comb your hair slowly and grip the crown properly with bobby pins. This hairstyle is perfect if you wish to leave the rest of your open. And for the braid tied lovers, make a bun at the back and make your hair look amazing!

3. The Vintage curls:


Are you the Curly-Wurly girl and is clueless what to do with them? Relax, twist your curls and learn to tame them. Go to your stylist and ask them for finger waves and create pin curls to delicately brush against your cheeks. This hairstyle is to style the diva in you and is timeless at the same time. For a hairline that’s low, lift some hair at the crown to give a naturally bouncy effect.

4. Half up Half Down Hairdo:


A hairdo for the diva in you! Carry this hairstyle easily by softly brushing your hair an curling them half way. Pin up this hairstyle in barrel curls. Add some volume in the sides for an overall sexy look.

5. Spiralled Up do:


Works well if you have a wavy texture. The spiralled up do provides a romantic feel and is perfectly paired with a minimal gown. Add an angelic and a delicate touch to your otherwise simple prom dress. To get the labyrinthine braids perfect use your fingers and braids. Start at the center of your head and make a French braid that spiralled around and around. Remember to add sections of hair to the outerside of the plait too rather than to both sides. You can use Loreal Elnett Satin Hairspray. It holds your hair strong and provides a natural look.

6. Soft Braided Bun:


Suited well for a formal outing. The up do adds length to round face. For a voluminous top add clip-in extensions to your whole head. These extensions last for a year and won’t shed or tangle. Split a low ponytail into four sections for a bun. Alternating between braids and fishtails before turning it round into a large knot.

7. Cascading Braid:


Girls with backless gowns should consider this style. Seeing a woman’s hair on a bare back is extremely womanly and sexy. Select a ribbon that matches your dress or the flowers you plan to accessorize your hair with. Style your hair with a cut-out back, unlike the regular off the neck version.

8. French Braid:


Are you the princess of your world? Try these braids that give you a feeling of wearing a crown. Start with a detangled, flat ironed hair. This enables you to style each section easily as you weave. Plait your hair by braiding under for it to sit on top of the head rather than into it. Keep the strands clean and then slightly deconstruct it with fingers for a touch of softness and femininity.

9. Fishtail Braid:


This gives you an out of the ocean, saltwater soaked fishtail look. Ideal for outdoor or beach destinations! Use texturizing products for hefty effect. You can use Fekkai Perfectly luscious curls wave activating spray to hold and enhance your natural waves. Use a saltwater spray for a rougher feel on damp hair. Once you make the fishtail, open it to make it appear voluminous and fatter.

10. Waterfall Braid:  


They add an elegance to your formal event. Start by first curling your hair and then make a simple cascade braid along the back. Wear your fringes out for adding that chic look.

11. Brisk Braid Wrap:


The perfect drape braid. Pull your hair in a low ponytail and pull gently. Braid your hair in a loosened ponytail. Create a hole above the scrunchie and pull the braid from through the hole. Repeat the process while spreading out the braid to give it an even thickness. Secure the wrap with bobby pins and use a hairspray to hold the look strong.

12. The Pigtail Double Braid:


The hairstyle is as cute as the name! Start with your hair down and part it from the middle. Make two French pigtail braids and put elastics in the end. Pull the strands outward to loosen them up and give a look of thick braid. Do this on both the side. Now cross your pigtails and continue doing this together until the end of your hair. After your twisting is done secure it with elastics. You can style it with a bow.

13. Long Loose Braids:


Make a loose braid first with side parted hair and then pull the braid to the side part. A soft style for your big day!

14. Romantic Side Braid:


As romantic as it sounds! Start by creating a side partition and pull your hair to the opposite side. Near the partition, begin with a French braid and continue with it along the side hairline towards your ear. Create horizontal sections by adding hair from the opposite side and bring them around where the braid is located. Continue with even sections for both the sides of the braids and secure it with a rubber band.

Remember the best prom hairstyle for long hair is the one that makes you feel the best!

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