So, the big day is here – everything’s got to be perfect for your prom. You got the dress, the shoes and the date. Now worried about the hairstyle and makeup? Even a little lip gloss and eyeliner would do if you can nail the hairdo. Worry not, the season’s biggest hairstyle trend is something you are familiar with – braids. But before you start, let us show you some trendy braided hairstyles that will guarantee all the attention you need at prom.

Does braided hair really have a season? I think not – can you think of a time that had hair braiding out of fashion? For years now, braided hairstyles have been a red carpet and runway staple. We have seen designers sending their models down the ramp with over the shoulder long rope braids, messy fishtails or romantic milkmaid braids. Celebrities never seem to tire of the braided hairstyle either – red carpets host everything from braided buns to French braid styles. Every time we think it is time to say goodbye to the braids, hairstylists working tirelessly behind the screens present us with a variety of new trends in hair braiding. In a way, hair braiding is like saree draping – you can never run out of innovative styles.

So, why should you braid your hair for prom? Firstly, it is the hottest trend in hairstyling right off the fashion week runways. Secondly, there are a variety of styles you can choose that add glamour to your prom look. And most importantly, though some of the braided hairstyles look complicated, in reality they are as simple as tying a pony or pining up a bun.


You do not need any special braiding skills to fix a trendy braided hairstyle by yourself. A few tricks and tips would help for the more elaborate hair braiding. But they are easy to learn. No matter what your style is – minimalistic elegance or bold beauty – there is a braided hairstyle for everyone. Also, don’t think you need long hair for hair braiding. Thick, thin, long, short, shiny or frizzy – you will find a braided hairstyle that suits every kind of hair texture and length.

Let’s Take a Look on Different Braided Hairstyles

French Braid

Easy braided hairstyle to keep your hair out of your face – the French braid is a classic hairstyle that spells sleek sophistication. Unlike the normal three-strand braid, the French braid starts at the crown of your head. Now, there are several variations of French hair braiding, including the popular fishtail and Dutch braid. Learn to French braid


Fishtail Braid

Also called herringbone or fish bone braid, this may look elaborate but is actually very simple to execute once you learn the trick. You can either make it a messy hairdo for a casual look or mix it up with the other styles for a glamorous look. The fishtail is a celebrity favourite and is almost always used on trendy red carpet hairdos. This braided hairstyle is best suited for medium to long and thick hair. Find out how to plait your hair in fishtail braid style.



Cornrows are no longer considered unfit for formal events. Cornrows close-to the scalp, continuous braids have made their way to the high fashion style books too. While cornrow braids all over is still very much used, single rows and patterns are being added to hairdos that incorporate a number of techniques too. Cornrows just on one side of the head and a pony tail is a popular style. DIY


Dutch Braid

A Dutch braid is simply a reverse French braid. It may look complicated but is easy to do if you know how to french braid your hair. Instead of passing the strands over each other, they are passed underneath in this style. You can consider it as an inside-out French braid. Here’s how you do it .


Milkmaid Braid

This hair braiding style, also called crown braids, is a simple crossover hairdo using the normal 3-strand braids on either side your head. This cute style is a big trend for spring 2014 hairstyles. Its easy to do and elegant as the braid encircles your hair to form a crown like hairdo. You need long hair for the best results. DIY


Waterfall Braid

It looks like cascading water – hence the name. Basically a open hair braiding style suitable for celebratory events. It starts with a French braid from one side of your head. The end of the strand is left hanging to give that waterfall effect. Waterfall braid looks best when decorated with beads, stones, flowers or other hair accessories. Here’s how you do it.


5 Strand Braid

This could be a challenge initially, as it is much more complicated than the familiar 3-strand braid or French braids. You have to handle 5 different strands with two hands. But practice well and you can get this intricately elegant hair braiding style done easily. Start learning how to do a 5 Strand braid


Braided Braid
Yes, you read it right. It may look complicated, but all you have to do is make three separate 3-strand braids and then braid them together. You can also fishtail braid the 3 strands and then braid them together normally. Looks like a lot of work – but it isn’t. For best results, try on thick hair. Do we need to show you how to do it now? Anyways, check it out.


Rope Braid
Long spiraling twisted rope braids are unique and can look stunning on thick long or short hair. The braiding style is different from every other braiding techniques we know and hence a little difficult to master. But with a little twist and turn you will achieve the look. The French drop ia a variation you can try. Find out how.


Mermaid Braid
This may look close to a 5-strand or braided braid, but the technique is different and quite simple unlike the former two. Two separate braids are made on either side and joined together at the centre with a pin. The braid ends are tied together. There are several variation to this style. Find detailed how-to steps for a simple mermaid braid 


Well, these are some of the most-used braiding techniques in today’s trendy braided hairstyles. But that’s not all. You will find many more varieties in hair braiding. You can also invent some of your own. So, brush that hair and get ready to braid.

But before you start braiding, check out these elegant braided hairstyles for your prom night.

If simple is what you are looking for, this wrap around French braid style is yours to try. To add that innocent glamour, the bangs are left astray over the forehead with a few wisps of soft hair escaping at the sides. At the back, the braided hairstyle ends in a simple 3 strand braid. This braided hairstyle will look good on thick long hair and keep it out of trouble while you party hard.

If you want to show off those sleeveless shoulders, try this up do with half-crown braids. Easy elegance and effortless sophistication combined into one simple braided hairstyle. Start with French braids from either side of your head and continue as a 3 strand braid. Wrap this around the back your head for that half-crown. Now twist in the rest of your hair into a low bun. You can decorate the crown braid with beads or jeweled hair accessories. Make sure you wear dangling earrings to accentuate the look.


If you have short to medium hair and love to leave your tresses down, but still can’t let go off the crown, try this mini crown braid. This braided hairstyle looks best on wavy locks of hair and it is ideal if you have long fringes over your forehead. To get the look, have your hair shampooed and conditioned well for that silky soft romantic look. Just take a thin strand of hair from under your ear, braid it and cross it over the crown of your head to the other side. Voila! There, you have your mini crown for prom.


If messy is your style, try triple knotted braided hairstyle. Three different braids have been twisted around each other to create this up do. Sounds easy, but you will need some help handling your messy hair. Leave a few strands up from to frame your face. You can try a variation of this with 3 fishtail braids teisted together and pinned up on top of your head for that intricately elegant look.


For a sleek and stylish look, try this perfect crown braid straight of the runway. Crown braids are perfect for the elegant look that events like proms demand. But you can always make them unique by trying different variations. Here, you see a simple French braid starting from the forehead and then continuing into a normal 3 strand braid. The really long braid is then twisted around the head several times to cover it completely. If you have short hair, try on braided hair extensions to achieve this look.


Have really short hair? Who said braided hairstyles are not for you – try this mini French braided bun to crown your head. This style can also be a part of a much elaborate braided hairstyle for longer hair. Here, you can see the side section of the hair is knotted into one continues French braid that is finally piled up neatly on top of the head. For longer hair, this can be done on one side and the rest of the hair can be made into a braided bun hairstyle.


If you do not want that fishtail hanging, why not make two of them and tuck them underneath each other. Make two fishtails on either side of your head, just under the ears. Now, cross them over and tuck in the ends beneath the bases of either braid. This style works best on short hair. If you have long hair, you’ll find it difficult to tuck all of it in one single crossover. But, then you can always innovate. Try adding beads or jewels to accessories the braided hair.


Want to flaunt a trendy bun up do at your prom. Here a no fuss solution to managing your hair and keeping it out of the way while you enjoy. This braided bun hairstyle just looks complicated. All you have to do is make random tiny braids and tie them up with rest of the loose hair into a ponytail. Now, separate the braided strands and then twist the lose ponytail into a bun. Now wrap around the braids onto the bun. See, easy isn’t it?


Do you want to flaunt a bohemian chic look? This braided hairstyle is pretty on think short hair with bangs or fringes in front. Just braid along the fringes and continue into a 3 strand braid that you can tuck n under the ear. This braided hairstyle keeps the hair out of your face and gives you that girly look. Try weaving in a thin satin ribbon with this braided hairstyle and that will be the only hair accessory you need for a glamorous look.


For those romantic curls cascading down your shoulders, try this wavy waterfall braided hairstyle. Best on short hair, you can also try it on long tresses if you comfortable leaving it open for the prom. Looks best with highlights, but you can also add hair extensions to get the look. Add small beads or stones to the braid for crown like style.


Want unmatched elegance and a girly charm for your prom? Try this mermaid braid with a pretty hair accessory. You can try this for long or short hair, but thicker your hair the better it is. The style looks good with a dress that flaunts your back. For the ultimate feminine look, try this braided hairstyle with a short dress in net fabric.

So what’s going to be your braided hairstyle for prom? – Messy and fun or sleek and stylish. Remember that braids can go anywhere and not just the prom. Stay in trend with braided hairstyles wherever you want to flaunt your mane.

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