Boho Chic with Bohemian Style Dresses

“Unconventional, usually artistic” – the descriptions for Bohemian style is a fashionista’s dream. Boho Chic is a mainstream trend that has captured the attention of the fashion world. Boho style dresses are hippie-happy pieces that bring out the carefree flower child in you. Think flares, feathers and fringes, bandanas, boy shorts and braids. Here’s a crash course on getting your boho vibe on. Check out were the Bohemian clothing style comes from and how to get it right for your everyday fashion.

The Boho Style Story

“Bohemians” – “Gypsies” in French, were originally a reference to travellers or vagabonds from central Europe. Sometime later on in the 19th and 20th centuries, the term took on an artistic connotation. ‘Boho-Chic’ came into fashion only in the early years of the 21st Century. Spirited fashionistas in ruffled floral skirts were the poster girls of Boho Chic style at this time. The irony is that the original Bohemians never gave an inkling of thought to fashionable clothing. If you are interested, history has many fascinating references to the evolution of the Bohemian idea – fashion and otherwise. You can read all about the artistic and unconventional individuals who sought a lifestyle different from the norm, the pioneering independent woman of the 1900s, the Dorelia look, cross-gender styles, America’s West Coast, Hippie revolution, Beatlemania, swinging London, 60s girl power and finally Boho-Chic as we know it today.

From wanderers to artists and intellectuals and later on the patent style for free love and feminism, Bohemianism has had successive chang-ups over the centuries. However, to cut the story short, let’s just say that Boho Chic is born of a lifestyle that yearned for something different than rest. This sentiment is reflected in today’s boho chic outfits as well. Though the Bohemian style has been simplified to a fashion trend from the a wholesome lifestyle it represented originally, Boho-Chic continues to keep up with its discrete vibe. The trend is ever-evolving and hence, in many ways immortal.

Layering items of clothing and wearing your hair in a braid just won’t make the cut, if you are looking at adopting the Bohemian trend as your personal style. But, once you understand the basics of the boho-vibe, it is easy to keep up with the changing faces of Boho-chic. We would like to help you take the leap and here’s a 101 on how to get bohemian clothing style and accessorising right?

Basics of Boho Outfits 

Though there are hardly any rules for bohemian clothing style, the essence of boho is comfort and harmony with nature. The style popularised in the 60s and 70s was about free flowing garments and eco-friendly fabrics. Used cloths or thrift shop items had a major presence in the wardrobes of Bohemian beauties. Natural fabrics like cotton and linen are the preferred materials. You would find feathers, yarn and beads giving company to the boho style dresses. Today, Boho Chic sticks to its comfort factor. The same may not be said of the concern for the environment. With commercialisation of the style, the silhouettes and prints were easily adopted but not always the natural fabrics that agree to the original Bohemian clothing style.

Today, Boho chic outfits are available in mass-produced varieties as well as unique finds that have a story to tell. The choice is yours — put in some effort to forage the thrift shops and street markets for bohemian style dresses that spells unique styles or take it easy and pick from the Boho-inspired designs at the malls or designer stores. Accessories play a great role in getting your boho chic style right. Handcrafted pieces of jewellery, quirky beaded knick knacks, feathered or fringed statement neck-pieces and earrings, leather boots or strappy sandals. There are quite many choices to pick from. But the fun lies in finding a bohemian style accessory that reflects your personality. And, these don’t come easy. However, here are a few tips to put together your Boho ensemble for any occasion.

Go Big

Misfit styles like oversized tunics and tops or flowy maxis can give you the free-flowing Bohemian vibe. You can also layer clothing to get the comfort factor right. Just remember to concentrate all your layering to the top. A bottom-heavy look flatters no body shape.


Boho-chic was inspired by the gypsies who moved from place to place with everything they owned and layering was the way to go. The style provided additional protection from cold, which could be taken off as it got warm. In the modern context, you can pair up a boyfriend jacket with a lacy bra or a bomber over a flowy tunic or boho maxi dress.


A true bohemian is less likely to splurge on fresh arrivals at branded stores. So, get your hippie vibe on and hunt down thrift shop and flea markets to find colours and prints that appeal to you. A bit of sewing skills can take care of the rest.

Wavy Hair

Hair and makeup is as important as clothes when it comes to boho chic. Dry your hair naturally and tame in the waves with just a bit of serum or mousse. If you don’t have naturally wavy hair, a bit of styling and products can do the deed.

Braid Hair

Braids are a boho chic girls go to hairstyle. The key is to keep it messy and natural. You can go for a simple straight braid or a crown braids with tiny accessories. Go for flowers, yarn and other natural elements to dress up your hair.
Au Natural — Keep your makeup to a bare minimum or none. No bold eyeliner or deep lipcolour. Use a foundation or BB cream with SPF and maybe a just a dab of bronzer. A tinted lipbalm  would be great for the lips, or go for natural shades that suit your skintone.

Belts & Beads

Stone, wood, woven thread, leather and fabric are great materials for Bohemian jewellery and accessorizing. Use scarves or bandanas along with handmade artisanal accessories.

Now check out these Bohemian Beauties rocking the Boho Style dresses. Lot’s of inspiration for your boho ensembles right here –

Boho Style dresses

Pick out a flowy floral maxi skirt at your nearest flea market and pair it up with a snuggly fit crop top or tee. A quirky quote for add that dash of cool girl style to your ensemble. Leave your naturally dried hair loose and wavy, accessorised only by a woven hair band or bandana. Strap on flat gladiators and you are ready to turn heads.

flowy floral maxi skirt

Check out this super fun long boho dress with statement prints straight from nature. See how the skirt flows and the sleeves remain comfy but classy. The high collar neck line gives it the much needed trendy look. The african prints are a cut above the rest when it comes to summer’s favourite florals and botanical patterns. Needless to say, you need not worry about accessorising this one.


Here how you rock the hippie style for today’s trends. Simply pair up a bell-sleeved printed tunic or shirt with shorty short shorts. Add glamorous sun glasses and a banadana to keep your waves off the face. Layer up a few beeded chains and slather on some tinted lip balm. Did any one say Boho chic for summer? You are ready!


If crazy colours and loud prints are not your thing, check out this boho summer dress in blue. Short, sweet and simple, this off-shoulder number can steal quite a few hearts — if you dress it up right. Try braided hair in multicolour thread to add a bit of drama. A fringed sling bag in leather would amp up the boho vibe. A velvet choker or a thread weave necklace completes the look.

In love with this embroidered black boho style dress! Imagine yourself going to that beach party or sundowner in this gorgeous bell sleeved dress. Put on a pair of leather boots in tan brown and match it up with a satcher or sling bag. Let your tresses loose and leave your face dewy fresh. Gold goes well with black; so break a Boho rule and go ahead with the classic combo of LBB + gold jewellery.

It’s not all about flowers and feathers; lace can go a long way in getting your boho vibe on. Go for maxi boho dresses in crochet or thick lace and toughen it up with a pair of leather boots or sun hat. Add on fringed or feathered earrings and beaded bracelets for the colour pop.

So, what’s your boho clothing style going to be. The swinging maxi skirts or flower power short dresses; fringes or feathers; bell sleeves or off shoulder; leather or lace. Get your boho on and tell us how did it go!

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