Are you a water baby or do you swear by the color blue? Well, this color has shown its color in myriad ways, even beyond human efforts. Its positivity and calmness has always been the main source of attraction. Even litmus tests swear by this gorgeous shade. Then why not grace this color with a very own Indian attire.

The saree is one of the most elegant wears. You’ll see any bollywood actress; always wear a Blue saree for an international festival or show. Not only that, nowadays even Hollywood has been adapting this gracious attire. Also, the color blue speaks volumes about your personality. It fits perfectly anywhere, whether its natures natural resource (water) or even giving it importance on national flags. Research also has shown blue to be the world’s most popular color.

Social median giants use blue as their branding color, artists use it to give a cooling effect, fashion designers use it for a sporty confident look and also corporate looks, doctors use it in color psychology and we? We are going to guide you how to incorporate it in your Indian attire. Blue is technically categorized as a cool color. It seeks peace, tranquility. It promotes physical and mental relaxation and calmness.

If we lie on our backs and look into a bright blue cloudless sky, we certainly feel a sense of calm.

Shades of blue and how it effects you

Light shades of blue: the lighter shades of blue include sky blue, powder blue and pale turquoise. On a heavy work/stressed day wear a powder blue saree with minimal jewellery and watch how it reduces stress and brings in peace and liveliness. Sky blue and pale turquoise sarees with light prints or small floral designs could be worn for daily wear or even a meeting. These two shades show truthfulness and give a more feminine appeal. Also the lighter shades give a spring time feeling, so if worn during the rains it eliminates gloominess.

Medium shades of blue: the medium shades of blue are cobalt blue, royal blue and pure blue. These three shades best show royalty, confidence and credibility. So if your profession demands credibility and confidence, wearing a saree of this shade is just the right thing. Also, who doesn’t love confident and self reliable women? These shades of colors are also used in sports and it the color of many uniforms. E.g. Indian cricket team, hospital staff uniforms etc.

Dark shades of blue: The darker shades of blue include navy blue, indigo and steel blue. These shades have a positive as well as negative outlook. The positive side depicts intelligence, stability and importance. That is why people from the defense field wear a lot of blue; it is from there that the name ‘navy’ blue originated. Whereas the negative side reflects conservatism. Darkest shades of blue are sometimes seen as stodgy or old fashioned. To the positive side of it, wearing a navy blue saree with silver embellishments works best for occasions or parties and electric blue is the color of the night.

Blue and the other colors: Combining blue with other colors has a lot of advantages. It adds its own qualities along with our own color. White and blue together brings neutrality, openness and a more peaceful feel. Blue along with green emotes happiness, fruitfulness and a ‘more with nature’ feeling. It’s a total different hue. Blue with pink gives a more peppy and younger look and blue clubbed with peach gives you a feminine, subtle and sophisticated look.

So ladies, if you’re feeling blue; wear BLUE!

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