For centuries, Banarasi silk has been one of India’s finest weaves and represents opulence with  royal elegance. With its rich fabric and delicate embroidery, a Banarasi Saree is considered more than just a festive costume. Handed down through several generations, exquisite vintage Banarasi sarees are one of the most popular family heirlooms in our country. An Indian Bride’s trousseau would be incomplete without Banarasi silk. Beyond wedding’s, Royal Banarasi Sarees are great to wear during traditional festivals and also as party wear. However, over time these fine silk sarees have begun to face competition from contemporary designs and weaves. Their considerable heaviness is also a deterrent for the modern women’s needs for ease and comfort. It is only expected for these rich vintage sarees to be tucked away in your wardrobe. Ever wondered how you could use them to your advantage and bring back its royal elegance in a modern frame?

The vintage Banarasi silk sarees may be overwhelming for the current fashion senses. With their rich gold/silver brocade work and compact weave, Banarasi sarees are heavier than modern textiles. However, with a little creativity and eye-for-detail, you can transform your vintage Banarasi silk into contemporary pieces of art. You could either use only the brocade borders or the silk body of the sari to decorate your home and other costumes. You could also turn an elegant sari into a cocktail dress or Salwar-suit.

Let’s take a look at the variety of Banarasi Saree based designs 

Banarasi Silk borders

Banarasi Silk borders


Banarasi Silk borders are available for sale on several online shopping sites as well as fabric stores. However, you could also use the intricately embroidered or brocade borders from a rich vintage Banarasi Silk saree. Patchwork and quilting are two popular designs. These can be used on simple cotton/chiffon sarees or salwar-suits and anarkalis.

Take a look at these plain sarees transformed into elegant party wear with Banarasi Silk brocade borders and buttis.

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For salwar and anarkali suits, you can either use the rich Banarasi silk body of the sari to be stitched into a Kurti or use the butti’s and brocade borders for decoration

 Banarasi Sarees for the awe inspiring look

Dresses in Banarasi Silk


Take a look at these stylish short dresses made from exquisite Banarasi silk fabrics. From traditional elegance to high fashion chic. –

Cushion covers in Banarasi Silk

Apart from clothes, you can also make several DIY Home décor products from old Banarasi silks, like coushin covers, table runners, bed covers, wall hangings etc.

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