Sportswear for Women – Collection 1 of 3 (Bargain)

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Us, women have too many priorities to attend to  – college, work, social engagements, family and more. Often, these come at the expense of our personal health which takes a

Sportswear for Women – Collection 2 of 3 (Branded)

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As in our first post in this series Sportswear for women Collection 1 of 3 (Bargain), this time I bring to you a branded collection of sportswear for women. Its an

Sportswear for women – Collection 3 of 3 (Writers Pick)

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Continuing our series Sportswear for women and the following collections handpicked for you Collection 1 of 3 and Collection 2 of 3, this final Collection 3 of 3 (Editor’s Pick) is my

Casual wear for women – Collection 1

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Look 1: This casual wear for women collection includes a slim fit Calvin Klein stretchable pair of jeans with a gorgeous creamish white coloured sleeveless top with a tribal print around

Bollywood inspired Designer Sarees

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Love Bollywood movies and are inspired to get some bollywood clothes. How about adding few Bollywood sarees to your wardrobe? Here’s an awesome collection that’s bound to make your friends

Chiffon Sarees – Rediscover your Style

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Sarees are an eternal piece of clothing for Indian women. Different social ocassions such as weddings, festivals and parties call for different types of fabric. Chiffon sarees is one of

Ram Leela Collection – Lehanga, Sarees and Dresses of Deepika Padukone

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The Ram Leela movie released on 15th November 2013 with much hype and fanfare and controversy as expected of Sanjay Leela Bhansali movies. Eventually it was forced to change its

Glam Diva Sonam Kapoor is the face of Signature International Fashion Weekend

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Bollywood actress and style icon Sonam Kapoor is the brand ambassador for the Signature International Fashion Weekend, (SIFW) from November 15th to November 17th 2013 in the most happening city Mumbai. Related:

DIY Bracelets – Create your own Designs!

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Hey! Let’s make some trendy easy DIY Bracelets today!Follow the simple steps mentioned below and make trendy bracelets / anklets that can match your dress. Step 1: To start making your own DIY

Do It Yourself – Vegetable painting on Shirts!!

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Love the fit of your old shirt but find it too plain to wear it now? We have a simple recycling suggestion for you.. Aren’t we all taught painting using