Giorgio Armani is an international fashion house. Although popular for Clothing Suits, leather goods like shoes and accessories they also design fashionable womens watches. ‘Armani’ brand has high cred in the fashion industry.

Armani watches for women, have class of their own. They are simply one of a kind. Armani has an outstanding classic yet stylish collection for women. The elegant collection of Armani watches for women include Armani Rose Gold Plated Stainless Steel, Armani Watches with Crocodile Leather, Armani White Ceramic Chronograph, Classics, Retro Styled, Sportivo and Super Slim collection.

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Armani’s authentic style, high quality and the brand value is sure to satisfy a woman. Women who are brand conscious and particular about their look will definitely opt for an Armani complimenting their attitude. Celebrities like Kristen Bell and Kareena Kapoor are brand ambassadors who are very particular about their appearance and would never loose a chance to show off their trendy avatar.

Armani Watches for Women

Armani Watches for Women

Checkout Few Popular Armani Watches For Women

This gorgeous diamond studded womens watch has a unique shaped dial and is definitely a classy wear suitable for all occasions. It is undoubtedly a head turner.

diamond studded womens watch

Ladies Armani Watch with thick White Chronograph belt and a flat dial looks elegant while the one with denim strap and stainless steel casing and white dial gives a trendy look and can be worn with peppy attire.

The grey leather and Lizard leather starp watch with a grey sunray steel dail is a delicate smart wear for women. It has a classy look which becomes an asset on your wrist.

Armani Watches for Women

A classic Stainless Steel womens watch with a black base dial and a  beautiful watch with a slim silicone starp belt with a pink sunray dial can never go wrong on a fashionista.

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Stainless Steel Watch for Ladies. It has stones studded on the top layer of he watch. Undoubtedly a party wear.

A Black Crocodie leather and a brown leather strap stainless steel dial watch with a white mother-of-pearl dial is a smart formal wear.

The price range of Armani watches vary a lot depending on style and material but ranges between $200-$500 which is Rs 12,000 to Rs 35,000 and sometimes even more. Quality and Trendiness are key hallmarks of Armani womens watches to help you make a style statement.

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