Bridal Mehendi designs are not just bright red natural dye on your skin. They are precisely planned, intricately crafted patterns that bring out the charm of traditional bridal make-up. In most Indian weddings, mehendi is not an option – it is a must. Mehendi designs for bride are elaborate and auspicious. It is the most intriguing ornament of an Indian bride.

For us Indians, a wedding is simply not just a celebration. It is a festival that demands the best of the best – from the venue to the food and entertainment. The bride is undoubtedly the centre of attention here. It is her special day and everything must perfectly adorn her. It is also important to make sure that the bridal make-up and dresses satisfy traditional elegance along with modern aesthetics. Bridal mehendi is one accessory that the Indian bride can’t do without for centuries now. Besides India and Pakistan, Middle Eastern countries and African countries like Egypt also consider mehendi as an important part of bridal make-up.

Bridal mehendi designs and their motifs have been passed down from generation to generation in the Indian society. Mehendi or henna has a deep cultural significance in Indian weddings. It is considered a good omen and has medicinal properties like keeping stress and infections away. Many traditions like hiding the grooms name among the intricate bridal mehendi designs are also associated with this. Bridal mehendi is considered to be representative of the bond between two people. The deeper the colour of bridal mehendi, the more auspicious it is – it signifies the deep love and affection between the newlyweds. It is also said that the mehendi is a symbol of fertility.

There are two main styles of bridal mehendi – Rajasthani and Arabic. The traditional Indian bridal mehendi design is intricate with complicated patterns and detailed motifs. Paisley and floral patterns are common in the Rajasthani bridal mehendi style. The Arabic is design is simpler and covers only a part of the hand or feet. Large petaled flowers with shading and vine detailing are the popular Arabic bridal mehendi design patterns. In the latest bridal mehendi designs, sparklers and ornaments are also being used to make it more appealing.

Let’s Look at the Latest Bridal Mehendi Designs for the Hands:


This is a typical Rajasthani style bridal mehendi design with intricate floral patterns and fine lines. The full hand mehendi design for weddings are usually extended up the arm beyond the elbow. But this design has been kept minimal to please the modern sense of style. The finger tips have been given a thick coating of mehendi to give it that deep brownish-red color which is considered auspicious for the marriage.

If you are looking for an intricate full hand mehendi design but don’t want to cover your whole arm, try this mehendi design for your wedding. Rajasthani mehendi designs for bride are time consuming and need to be carefully applied with exceptional skill for fine detailing. But once it dries, you will appreciate the time and effort spent on it.


This full hand bridal mehendi design is traditional yet very simple. Though typical Indian motifs have been used for this mehendi design, the patterns do not cover every inch of the skin. One large circular design is used at the centre of the palm with thick dark coatings of mehendi on the finger tips. The large dot at the centre and deeply dyed finger tips are very typical of the Indian bridal mehendi designs for hands. They have been used ever since mehendi has been used to decorate the bride’s hands and feet.

This mehendi design for brides is ideal for those of you who insist on strictly following tradition while keeping the bridal mehendi designs simple.


Animal motifs are used only in Rajasthani style mehendi designs for bride. Arabic mehendi traditions consider the depiction of living things in bridal mehendi patterns as bad luck. However, the Indian style uses these extensively in the form of peacocks and elephants. In this particular full hand bridal mehendi design, an elephant motif is used. An elephant with a raised trunk is considered as a symbol of good luck.

This a carefully crafted bridal mehendi design that is intricate and distinct at the same time – see how the central motif stands out from the detailed lines on the fingers and sides of the arm. Floral motifs with shading have been used along with usual stripes and dots. Also, instead of covering the finger tips completely, tiny flower motifs have been set into the middle.

If you are looking for a latest bridal mehendi design in the Rajasthani style with a variety of design elements, opt for this one.


This full hand bridal mehandi design is a good balance of Indian and Arabic mehendi styles. The finger tips are fully covered with typical Indian floral motifs and vines. The centre of the palm is decorated with the large floral motifs of Arabic bridal mehendi design style, with shading. Some Indian elements have also been added to this pattern. Further up the arm, the jali design has been used to form a triangular shape when the hands are held together. The jali design is also typical of traditional Indian bridal mehendi designs. The large designs with borders on the upper arm look like bangles. The design is completed with more intricate Indian style patterns, just below the elbow.

Try this mehendi designs for bride, if you are looking for the best of Indian and Arabic style bridal mehendi designs.


It is almost impossible to believe that this bridal mehendi design has been drawn using a mehendi cone. Looks like a pattern drawn with a fine tipped pen, doesn’t it? Well, believe it – this is how intricate and stunning latest bridal mehendi designs are. You will surely need an experienced and skilled mehendi designer to get this full hand mehendi design for your wedding. You will need a lot of patience too!

The intricacy of this design clearly tells you how time-consuming this mehendi designs for bride can be. But like they say, “No Pain No Gain”! If you are patient enough to sit through this, you will be lucky enough to flaunt a neat and perfect bridal mehendi design at your wedding. Also be assured that the intricate patterns would not be overwhelming as you can see the lavish use of free space in this full hand Indian style bridal mehendi design.


If simplicity is on your mind, choose the Arabic style mehendi design for your wedding. Arabic style is usually done on just one side of the arm with a lot of space left untouched. This is especially suitable for the back of your arms. Large floral motifs with shading and curvy vines are typical of Arabic style bridal mehendi design. Geometric shapes, stripes and dots are also used sometimes.

This full hand bridal mehendi design is done in the Arabic style by incorporating some Indian motifs too. This mehendi design for brides is intricate and simple at the same time. Even if you choose to adorn your palms with traditional Indian bridal mehendi design, use this style on your forearms and back of the hand for a balanced look.


The latest trend in bridal mehendi designs is to cleverly form beautiful shapes and patterns at the centre when the bride holds her hands together. The most popular of these shapes are hearts and temple motifs with jail design. This new style is usually done with Indian motifs as they are intricate and easy to manipulate according to your creativity.

In this mehendi design for brides, see how creatively the lines and dots are used to for a heart at the centre when hands are held together. Also more circles are formed with lines and leaf motifs up to the fingertips.  The usual fine lines and floral motifs are used for the fingers and upper arms. Jali patterns have also been used in this bridal mehendi design.
Choose this mehendi design for your wedding if you are looking forward to flaunt the latest trends on your special day.

In a traditional wedding, the bride’s hands are not the only ones to enjoy beautiful mehendi designs. The legs are also covered with bridal mehendi designs. Now that you know what are the best full hand mehendi designs for bride, let’s find out what we have for their legs and feet

Mehendi Designs for Bride for their legs and feet


Let’s start with something very simple. This bridal mehendi design for the feet is intricately crafted with Indian style mehendi motifs. Unlike the traditional style, the whole feet and leg has not been covered in the deep red dye. Typically, bridal mehendi designs can reach up to your knee. In the design, the space is used cleverly to avoid clutter. The tips of the toes are decorated only with delicate mango motifs. A v-shape has also been formed in the centre of the foot for a detail pattern..

Try this bridal mehendi design if you want to keep your feet simple but decorated appropriately for tradition.

Arabic bridal mehendi designs always look trendy and stylish. They are no-fuss clean designs that use large floral motifs and shading techniques with mehendi. Curvy vines, dots and stripes are also used to create flowing patterns down your legs to the feet. See how the toes are separately decorated with smaller patterns. The large petaled flowers are the most prominent motif in this bridal mehendi design.

Try this Arabic mehendi design for bride , if intricate Indian style bridal mehendi designs are not your style.


Check out this mehendi design for brides, if you want something simple yet very traditional. The motifs are typical Indian style bridal mehendi designs, yet they are strategically places to stand out without any clutter. One single circular pattern adorns the feet while the toes are decorated by intricate jail design.

If you are not a stickler for tradition, you can choose a mehendi design like this for your wedding, which only covers the feet. The legs will be covered by your lehenga or saree, anyways.


Here’s a typical traditional bridal mehendi design for the feet. See how the fine detailing and intricate patterns covers the whole feet and leg up to the knees. Bridal mehendi designs like these require a lot of time and skill to be perfected. However, such designs are still a favourite for today’s brides.

Pick a mehendi design like this for your wedding, if traditional elegance is your foremost consideration.

Latest bridal mehendi designs are all about creative use of motifs to form interesting patterns. See how the traditional jail and floral motifs are used in this bridal mehendi design for feet in an innovative way to create a design that is unique and fresh.

You can also mix and match existing motifs to form such new bridal mehendi designs


If you want to try something really different, check out this bold bridal mehendi design for the feet. Arabic style large petaled flowers are used with shading detail in this mehendi design for brides. This bridal mehendi design is distinct because it uses one single motif to cover the whole leg. The latest bridal mehendi design also uses decorative stones to up the glamour.

This mehendi design for brides is not at all tradition. It almost looks like a floral pattern on fabric. Try it if you want a innovative look for your bridal mehendi.


Here’s another breezy bridal mehendi design that is short and sweet. This design does not use any traditional motifs. The pattern is floral, but if you look closely you can see that the flowers and leaves are more elaborate than that in traditional bridal mehendi design. In traditional Indian bridal mehendi design mango leaves are prominently used. This mehendi designs for bride uses a different leaf motif. Even the lines and dots are used in a more modern style.

Try this if you want a floral bridal mehendi design with a modern twist.

Mehendi designs for weddings are elaborate patterns that play an important part in adorning the bride’s hands and complimenting her bridal look. The importance of mehendi in an Indian wedding is well exhibited by the pre-wedding mehendi ceremony. The family and friends also adorn their hands with mehendi. However, the mehendi design for brides should be special and unique. You have to invest a good amount of time and effort to get fine detailed and stunning bridal mehendi designs on your hands and feet. Make sure that you find an experienced and skilled mehendi artist to do the job.

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