Could you imagine a utilitarian one-piece garment for parachuters and skydivers making waves in the global fashion powerhouses? Fortunately, that’s how fashion is – unpredictable and innovative! Over the history of fashion and style, when exaggeration gave way to minimalism, comfort was the major concern for the industry. And what better piece of clothing can put comfort and style in the same sentence – so we borrowed the jumpsuits from the skydivers, added a little colour and glamour to it and put it up on the runway and finally in our wardrobes!

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In modern fashion dictionary, jumpsuit is any one-piece garment with sleeves and legs. The sleeves are easily compromised, and we have off-shoulder and cut-sleeve jumpsuits. The leg can be long/short and flowy/fitted. If the original skydiver’s jumpsuits were designed to protect the body from extreme elements (you will still see these rough’n’tough jumpsuit on manual workers, US Prisoners, racecar drivers, skiers etc.), contemporary fashion’s take on jumpsuit is to serve comfort in style. In the UK, casual jumpsuits are called ‘Onesie’ and enjoy a fair amount of popularity. These are used as lounge wear or pyjamas. Jumpsuits seemed to be largely considered as a garment of convenience because it is easy to wear and launder, but with its entry to pop culture, a whole variety of styles were introduced. High fashion has had several visits from this humble garment, especially to please the ladies.

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From 1960’s -80’s, the jumpsuit made occasional cameo appearances in the fashion scene – usually featured in science fiction movies. The designs had a futuristic appeal then, with leather and metal used flamboyantly. Later, they came under the limelight as stage costumes for music bands. From Elvis and Mick Jagger to Britney and the Spice girls – the jumpsuit enjoyed the stage with some of the best names in pop music. Catsuits – skintight jumpsuits in shiny fabric were also common. But after this initial rise to fame, jumpsuits were pushed back to corners because they were considered too flamboyant or too boring. It was a tough climb back to the top, but the jumpsuit has finally made it to today’s style files. Thanks to the many celebrities who got the look right with the perfect styling and also the fashion designers, who added colour and innovative cuts to make them interesting.

From 2013’s Spring trend to 2014’s surprisingly fresh ‘Wedding Jumpsuit’ trend, we have got a lot more to see and hear from the onesie style. Take a look at 5 jumpsuit styling ideas and introduce this chic look to your wardrobe.

Latest Fashion Trend in “JumpSuits”

Kareena Kapoor in “JumpSuits”

Take a cue from Kareena’s part wear red jumpsuit styling and go gold and tangerine – a pop of colour with the bling.

Love Priyanka’s Black Beauty look. Team up a flowy black jumpsuit with golden accessories.

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Floral Fans – Here’s how to work the flower power on jumpsuits. Pick a colour from the print and accessories with it.

Deepika’s casually engraving look  in jumpsuit

Going out on a dinner date? Deepika’s casually engraving look would look great for the occasion.

Day-out with friends or shopping – here’s the jumpsuit style you need. Nothing can be more comfortable than denims.

So, what’s your jumpsuit style?

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