Minis, Midis or Maxis – we have seen those hems rise and fall so many times that no one really cares about lengths anymore – the looks are all that matters. Take a look at the current skirt trends in international fashion and you would need more than your fingers to count the variety. So, what makes the skirts stick to our waists through the seasons? Ladies, we may love our jeans and shorts, but the skirt has always been the ultimate choice of feminine style.

Mini Printed Skirts

Prints are the easiest way to enhance any clothing. Skirts are no strangers to this idea either. Digital prints are the biggest trend in 2013 and skirts have benefited much from this. While floral ruled the spring/summer collections, animal print seems to be making a comeback for the year’s autumn/winter. Interesting mixes of prints like Animal + floral and floral + baroque are making an appearance at high end stores. Bright abstract kaleidoscope prints is yet another variety to look out for. Global prints taking inspiration from India and south-east Asia is also back on the fashion radar. Geometric prints are being restricted to checks and diamonds. Chiffon’s continue to rule the floral summer skirts and satin seemto be the in thing for the latter half of the year. With the revival of 90’s in international fashion, Pencil skirts have taken center stage. While Peplums are still in style, high-low hem skirts are attracting more attention.

Let’s take a look at the printed skirts in vogue right now.

Floral Skirts:

“Floral skirts?  For spring?  Ground breaking!” – Miranda Priestley’s famous comment from the popular movie ‘Devil wears Prada’ is being challenged by global fashion this year too. From top designer labels to our next door malls, floral prints rule the racks;

Large pastel prints in bright hues are the in thing, along with textured watercolor petal prints.

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Indian floral motifs are also a stylish option in bright colours and large bold prints.

Animal print:

Unconventional leopard and snakeskin prints have been doing the rounds at major fashion weeks. Monochrome or black and white combinations seem to be the preferred colour palette. Camo print is also rumored to make a comeback with the winter’s love for leather. The colours stick to darks and neutrals as per Fall/winter traditions.

Mango’s autumn collection features a bunch of draped leopard print long skirts in Satin finish and elastic fabrics.

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