Getting married soon and scouring the internet for bridal hairstyles? Take a look at these creative hairstyles for brides from across the border. These Pakistani bridal hairstyles maybe the best inspiration you would come across for a fresh bridal look this season. And, almost all of them are so gorgeously simple and easy to do, you would find it difficult to wait for a hairstylist!

Stunning Hairstyles for the Bride

Simple Puff

Let’s get acquainted with Pakistani hairstyles starting with this simple but gorgeous hairstyle for brides. One of the most striking qualities of a Pakistani bride is her simplicity. Yet somehow, these brides end up looking beautiful beyond all measure.

Take a look at the above bridal hairstyle picture, and you will certainly agree with me. The bride here has worn her long brown well groomed hair on one side, while the other side is contrasted by an exquisitely embroidered bridal dupatta. This Pakistani bridal hairstyle is for those of you who crave to stay comfortably stylish on your big day or the pre-wedding ceremonies. This no fuss bridal hairstyle does not need an expert hairstylist to be done right. You can simply do it yourself or have a friend or sister lend a helping hand.

Now, if you think this Pakistani hairstyle is too simple for the big fat Hindu wedding or the Nikhah, reserve this for your pre-wedding celebrations. A gorgeous lehenga to go with it, a few dainty accessories and you are ready to keep the spotlight all to yourself. So, how to get this Pakistani bridal hairstyle done perfectly? Start with a center parting and take a section of hair on either side and back-comb it to develop that mild puff on either side. Pin up these sections at the back. Now, gather the rest of your hair and bring it over your shoulder to the front and tie it up just below your ear.

Complete the bridal hairstyle with a string of jasmine to hide your simple hair-tie. The dupatta and string of flowers are not optional for his Pakistani hairstyle – without these two elements this bridal hairstyle is simply another casual hairdo. Accessorise with a mang tikka – gold or silver. You can match up your hair ornament with your outfit by using a mang tikka with coloured jewels or stones that compliment the colour of your bridal lehenga or sari. So, even if you are not getting married soon enough, no harm trying this quick and easy Pakistani hairstyle now.

Side parted bun hairstyle

Side parted bun hairstyle

From the bare minimum to a stunning bridal updo hairstyle. The bride in the above picture makes it all the more attractive. Who wouldn’t want to look that gorgeous on their wedding day? But then, for the moment, let’s just focus on her bridal hairstyle, shall we? This bridal updo hairstyle is by no means ‘simple’ – this much I can guarantee. This one certainly needs some serious bridal hair styling skills. However, notice how plain simple and natural the bride looks, as is in the case of most Pakistani brides. The no-fuss makeup and her natural beauty only adds to the well-executed bridal updo hairstyle.

This Pakistani hairstyle is clever combination of side-parted fringes, a back puff and a low bun. The various elements do wonder to the bride’s face – the voluminous side fringes frames her face, while the high puff adds the illusion of length, as the low bun can make the face look heavier. The only accessories used to glamorize this Pakistani bridal are matching diamond mang tikka and ear drops. The bright jewellery compliment the bride’s outfit well, while the bridal updo hairstyle stays out of the way for the bridal lehenga’s embellishments as they enjoy the due admiration. Even the dupatta has been pinned low down on the bun to keep the shoulders free of excessive styling. This would be an ideal look for your engagement ceremony. Show off this Pakistani hairstyle with a lehenga or saree in pastel shades and bright red lips complemented by smoky black eyes.

Side parted loose hair with jhoomar:

Side parted loose hair with jhoomar:

You cannot simply talk about Pakistani bridal hairstyles without mentioning the jhoomar or passa. Just as there are traditional Indian Hindu bridal jewellery and accessories that have stayed in style over the years, the Jhoomar/passa is one hair ornament that has remained a favourite among the Muslim brides. Needless to say, the charm that this bridal hairstyle accessory brings, reminds you of Mughal princesses and courtly ladies.

In one look, the Pakistani bridal hairstyle picture above spells class and sober glamour. Nothing is over the top here – the deep neck of the salwar suit is perfectly complimented by the curls that fall over one shoulder. The dupatta pinned up back stays away from all the attention that heavy jhoomar needs. This bridal hairstyle rarely needs any more jewellery than the hair accessory. Just get your hair well-shampooed – straightened or slightly curled – and you are ready to be the glowing bride.

With flowers

Pakistani brides - embroidered yet classy salwar suit

Pakistani brides are undeniably gorgeous. They really do not need a lot of careful thought and styling invested into their wedding look. Wear that lavishly embroidered yet classy salwar suit or lehenga and tie up your hair in a low-bun or plait and they are ready to ooze Bollywood-worthy gorgeousness. Take a look at the above hairstyle for brides – looks absolutely effortless, yet their is some amount of sophistication involved. It’s almost impossible believe that a simple centre parting and a twist of curls let down the shoulder can create such a stunning bridal hairstyle. The only extra elements used are a few delicate flower shaped hair beads that lends the perfect simplicity to this Pakistani bridal hairstyle.


Pakistani bridal hairstyle. - wedding look

Not everyone can be a fan of simplicity and natural style. If you agree, then this Pakistani hairstyle could be considered for your wedding look. This can work great on medium hair too. No need of hair extensions. But make sure you have some good quality hair products to achieve that perfect structure on the front portion of the bridal hairstyle. Start with a heavy puff in front – could be a single voluminous one or you can make a side puff. Now gather the rest of the hair to one side, use a curling iron to get that perfect twist of curls and top it up with a gorgeous dupatta. If preferred, you can use hair pins or beads to add more glamour to this Pakistani bridal hairstyle.

Side parted fishtail braid

Pakistani bridal hairstyle

This Pakistani bridal hairstyle picture shows a gorgeous bride in all her traditional wedding fineries. The ethnic outfit, traditional jewellery, traditional accessories, and dewy makeup, perfect her look for the big celebration and a new beginning. Notice how well her hair accessories – pearl fringed gold passa and mang tikka – is well coordinated with her nose ring, heavy jhumkas and statement necklace. Now on to the bridal hairstyle – the only modern element in the whole bridal look. Sticking to the favourite Pakistani bridal hairstyle of draping curls or braids down one shoulder, this bridal hairstyle has however been given a modern twist with the elaborate fish tail braid decorated by tiny silver beads. Though the bridal hairstyle is modern, the overall bridal look somehow stays rooted to its traditional Pakistani aesthetics.

Uneven braids:

hairstyles for brides in Pakistan

Let’s take a break from the usual side-braid/side-curls style popular among hairstyles for brides in Pakistan. This bride has flaunted her soft brown curls with a soft messy low back tie decorated with delicate white flowers. It’s not as complicated as it may look – all that has been done over here is a side-parting in the front, two sections of hair from either side crossed over at the back loosely and pinned in place with pretty flowers. The rest of the bridal hairstyle has soft brown tresses loosely falling down the bride’s back. No other hair accessory except the fresh flowers have been used in this stylish Pakistani hairstyle for brides. You could swap the fresh flowers for a pretty hair ornament or faux flowers, if you think the time taken during the ceremony can dry out natural flowers. Also add a few tiny hair pins or beads to add that extra bit of style.

Curly puff hair:

Curly puff hair:

Hairstyles for brides in Pakistan are rarely complicated as you can see from the Pakistani bridal hairstyle pictures above and below. Take a look at this stunning bridal look and you can’t help but feel jealous of how a simple hairdo can create such a gorgeous wedding look. The makeup itself is subtle enough, except for the beautiful bronzed eyelids. Complementing this simplicity is a centre-parted curled bridal hairstyle, embellished only by a single statement gold mang tikka. The heavy gold earrings are well concealed by the curled tresses on either shoulder of the bride, so that they do not look overwhelming. The voluminous hair on the front and top perfectly frames the brides face, while the subtle back puff adds length too. The dupatta has been conveniently pinned to the back puff to keep the front curls highlighted.

Bun hairstyle:

This Pakistani bridal hairstyle is for those of you who would like to have their wedding jewellery grab all the attention at your big celebration. Also, if the wedding happens to be on a hot day/night, this bridal hairstyle can make things a lot more comfortable. Keep your shoulders bare for those lovely neck pieces and a set of chandelier earrings. Start off this Pakistani hairstyle with a neat front puff. Use the rest of your hair and extensions, if needed, to make a large high bun at the top of your head. Drape your dupatta over the bun and accessorized with a heavy gold-kundan mang-tikka on your forehead. If you want to add more style to this hairstyle for brides, use a matha patti of pearl strings or silver.

High puff updo

Take a look at this bridal updo hairstyle. What looks like another one of those high puff updo hairstyle for brides, stands out because of the slight innovation in texture. Instead of the usual smooth puff, a couple of waves and curls break the monotony of the sleek and straight front puff. If you opt for this hairstyle, make sure you have the right accessories to compliment the look. A passa or jhoomar may not be the ideal hair accessory for this Pakistani bridal hairstyle. Stick to a single mang tikka or a delicate matha patti. Keep the bridal hairstyle free of hairpins, beads and other unnecessary bridal hair accessories. Instead, compliment the curly puff updo with luxurious ornaments on the earlobes and neck. A dupatta in net material can easily show off the whole effort put into this Pakistani hairstyle.

Bun hairstyle with bangs:

Bun hairstyle with bangs:

Moving on from the traditional Pakistani bridal hairstyles, here are some modern interpretations of hairstyles for brides in the subcontinent – India or Pakistan. The bridal updo hairstyle with central parting or a front puff is all too common. Add a new twist to the traditional bridal hairstyle and part your hair from the side instead. If you have fringes/bangs, the better. One side of your face will be perfectly flanked by those short curls, while the other side can shine with the help of a half matha-patti. Matha patti’s are always risky – one wrong move and the style can go overboard, making you look like a bride from some long-lost era where the number of ornaments were more important than the overall look. This risk is well minimized and modernized by the half matha-patti. Be it a string of pearls, gold or kundan worked, matha-patti hair ornament on one side of your bridal hairstyle is a must try look.

Side puffs with loose curls:

Here’s another take on the oh-so-common central parted long shoulder curl bridal hairstyle. This gorgeous bride does have a central parted Pakistani bridal hairstyle, but notice how the hair on either side of this Pakistani hairstyle is gathered up to form two small puffs on the front. The rest of the hair has been left loose to fall down the shoulders. The dupatta pinned on to the top of the head conceals the rest of the simplicity. This is a no-effort hairstyle for brides, that completely impresses with its easy grace.

Updo hair with matha patti:

Remember how we talked about getting the matha-patti look right? This is one way to perfect the style. The central mang-tikka for this bridal updo hairstyle is conveniently broad and elaborate, but the thin strands of pearl-on-gold attached to the earring, balance out the look beautifully. With this bridal hairstyle that incorporates a side puff, a back bun and side-swept fringes, this hair ornament is a perfect compliment. This Pakistani bridal hairstyle picture can truly be a great inspiration to the brides who are on the lookout for a unique but traditional look.

Side pony with hairbands:

This Pakistani bridal hairstyle is for those of you worried about the thickness of your hair and hate to add extensions to your bridal braid. Just style the front portion of your bridal hairstyle in the best way it suits your face. Now, gather up the rest of your hair into a side pony. Add more hair-ties o the length of your hair at regular intervals and puff it up to add volume. You could use a string of flowers or hairpins to cover up the simple hair-ties.This hairstyle for brides is commonly known as the Jasmine hairstyle, after the look flaunted by princess Jasmine from Disney’s Aladdin. So, go ahead, try the look and shine like a princess at your wedding and do not let thin hair hold you back.

Wavy hair braided updo:

I’ll leave you with this Pakistani hairstyle that you may have to invest some thought into. By the looks of it, it seems quite complicated and may need assistance from an expert hairstyles. From what I can see, it’s a perfectly smooth bridal updo hairstyle with a lot of entwined hair braiding technique in front. Now, go ahead and see if you can figure it out and let us know in the comments. Or simply show it to your trusted hairstylist!

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