What is the best part about attending high school or college? The answer is very obvious. It is of course the college get-togethers, prom night and college fests. Dressing up during college days is all about wearing colorful make-up and genuinely feeling like a Cinderella and waiting for your partner to pick you up for the special night. No wonder that everything including the dress, the shoes and the perfume have to be just right! And when it comes to the hair, nothing less than perfect is accepted. No wonder all the salons and stylists make a quick buck during several occasions. Prom hairstyles for short hair are the easiest and save lot of time and money as well.

But here’s a thought!

Why not save a few bucks and do the hairstyle on your own? This way it gives your hair the unique personal touch and you end up looking ravishing, trendy and not to mention beautiful. There are plenty of mind-blowing prom hairstyles available for girls with long and medium length hair but what about our short haired sisters?


Short hair is quite common during college days and styling them is not a big thing. But girls with short hair usually end up doing next to nothing with their hair. Because they think that with short hair there’s nothing that can be done. Wrong! Prom hairstyles for short hair are unique styles to experiment.

For our lovely readers only we’ve compiled our 15 top prom hairstyles for short hair which are trendy, stylish and are sure to catch all the attention on the most memorable night of your school/ college night.

So ladies, do go through our list of Do It Yourself (DIY) prom hairstyles for short hair. Find out which short prom hairstyle suits your face, hair type and more importantly your personality. These styles are easy to do and if done well, end up looking super trendy.

So without further ado, here’s presenting the top 15 chirpy and trendy prom hair up-dos for short hair to adorn.

15 Top Prom Hairstyles for Short Hair

1. The Vintage Advantage


Who doesn’t love vintage? This prom hair up-do is done in a retro style to make you look gorgeous and your hair super shiny. Inspired by 50’s and 60’s Hollywood beauties, the tight curls at the end are combined with an easy to do finger wave. Bring on the glamour! This short prom hairstyle is perfect for oval, heart and round faces. Thick hair with natural texture is the more obvious base. When done right, it is hard to go wrong with this one!

2. The Ultra Mod Up-do


One of the most unique hairstyles on our list, this stylish prom hair up-do is one of the most creative ways to amplify your personal flair. The curls are finely defined on both the top and the sides. The silky textured fullness at the back makes it a complete look. Perfect for the round, oval and square face shapes, this prom hairstyle for short hair comes alive with thick, naturally textured hair.

3. The Simple Stunner


Sometimes when we do not have enough time in our hands, we neglect our hairstyle and simply brush it over and step out. However, there are prom hair up-dos for short hair which are very simple to create and will only take a couple of minutes of your time. This particular short prom hairstyle is easy enough to recreate but formal enough to be paired with any dress. The hair is tugged back at the end with tapered curls while the front locks rest on the sides of your face in a wavy state. The best part is that any face shape is just right for this look. You would only have to place the front locks accordingly. Once again, thick to medium straight hair is the right fit for this look so it is highly advisable to maintain the quality of your hair by oiling and washing it on a regular basis.

4. The Badass Punk


If it’s prom night, then surely a little bit of edge is needed for the badass in you to stand out in the crowd. A smooth and full little spike at the back with straightened locks in the front to complement it; this is the perfect short prom hair up-do to turn all those heads. Bold colour stripes such as Pink and Blue make the look more dramatic and striking. This is a style that is mostly suited for oval and/or long shaped faces. Medium to thick density is perfect to pull off this prom hairstyle for short hair.

5. The Curly Extravaganza


We’re completely in love with this particular prom hairstyle for short hair for our curly haired sisters. Curly short hair in itself doesn’t require too much of a styling effort. However, make sure you’re liberal with your bobby pins and hairspray to hold the hair up. Accessorize your gorgeous hair with flowery designed beads and headbands. This prom hairstyle is suited for all kinds of face types and the thicker the hair the better.

6. The Braided Pony


If you previously thought that short haired girls cannot braid their hair, think again! It all depends on how creative you’re willing to be. This hairstyle is at once chic and innovative. Tie-up the frontal part with a side braid and at the back and then pull it up for a short pony. Medium thickness is enough to pull this off and long faces suit this prom hair for short hair just right.

7. The Dramatic Smooth Edge


Another fabulous way to look entirely unique on your special night is to sport this prom hair up-do. You need to sleek your hair by arranging them into colourful pieces on the top. Finish it off with a side swept bang to make it look even more edgy. Oval, heart shaped and square faces are perfect for this prom hairstyle for short hair as the side bangs help to frame the face. Medium to thick density is needed for the hairtype as it needs to hold the style well.

8. The Rock Star


The best thing about having short hair is that it is very easy to flaunt the rock star look. And this is the ultimate look when it comes to the prom hairstyles. This hairstyle complements the minimalist dresses to the T. Highlights make it even more interesting. Just remember to keep it smooth as it’ll give you the effortless chic appearance. Round and oval faces suit this style well. Hair with thick density and smooth texture will make this prom hair up-do even more perfect.

9. The Prom Pixie


If you’ve been following the latest trends on TV or online, then you would know that pixie haircuts are in vogue right now. What works best for this prom hair for the short hair is its sweet and simple charm. For your prom night, accessorize your pixie. A headband, glittery barrettes and flowers are the perfect complement to your hair. Usually round and heart shaped faces are ideal for a pixie haircut.-

10. The Romantic


When it comes to the braided look, we always grant a special favour to the waterfall cascade braid. This prom hairstyles for short hair is simple enough to recreate by just braiding your hair in a diagonal angle. The look is elegant and comes with an effortless grace which is very hard to achieve. Most suited for long and oval faces, this short prom hairstyle is perfect for thick hair density.

11. The Swept-Away


As long as you’ve a vertical forehead, this prom up-do for the short hair promises to make you stand out on that memorable night. A full bouffant is created that gives this look an edgy feel. It keeps the unwanted hair out of the face. Try some bright colours to make this look even bolder. Make it even more stylish by accessorizing it further. Any face shape and hair texture is right for this hairstyle which gives this prom hair up-do a plus from our side.

12.  The Dreamy Waves


We love the dreamy princess look. This short prom hairstyle is perfect for those who like a simple yet elegant look. Style your side bangs into loose curls and then pin them up with stylish accessories so that it gives it that classy Hollywood starlet look. Suited for all face types and hair types we highly recommend this style for anyone who prefers a little bit of simplicity in their life.

13. The Punk Queen


There’s no better way to rock your prom than to flaunt your short prom hairstyle with a razored haircut and bright hair colours. The layers are made to be short and jagged which then blend perfectly into long textured pieces with coloured hues. You can either complement or contrast the hair colour with the colour of your dress. Round and heart shaped faces suit this prom hairstyle for short hair the best as well straight hair.

14. The Pincurls


Another variant of the pixie family, this prom hairstyle for the short hair flaunts dozens of flipped back pincurls. This gives it a more vintage and classy look. Bright colours and long bangs set it apart from similar hairstyles. As usual round and heart shaped face shapes work the best for this hairstyle. Straight to wavy hair is the most natural base for this hair up-do.

15. The Ultra Cool


And last but definitely not the least, is our most dramatic hairstyle for the short hair. This style is chic and matches any dress that is trending right now. This phenomenal look can be pulled off by round or long faces. Any density with any type of texture is fine as long as it can hold curls.

From Karlie Kloss to Emma Watson to Rihanna, every single celebrity is flaunting their short hair without any effort. So why shouldn’t you do the same? Now enjoy your prom without having to worry about the perfect hairstyle. Rock your short hair at this year’s prom. And as always do post your feedback in the comments section.

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