Our hair is one of the most important ways we can brighten up our appearances. No wonder we always think twice before getting a new haircut. And then there is of course the procedure of consulting with stylists and finding the right salon. But fortunately for us, nowadays, there are so many varieties to choose from. Medium hairstyles for women are catching up this season with trendy cuts like Bobs, Mohawks, Layers and many more.

Bangs or fringes are the perfect way to dazzle up your existing, if not boring hairstyle. When done right, bangs can sometimes take five years off your face. The right kind of bangs will shape the face while making your eyes pop. They can also compliment your cheekbones and of course hide the slightly bigger forehead. Medium curly hairstyles, layered medium hairstyles are best suitable for thick as well as thin hairs and for round or broad faces.


There are plenty of styles to choose from. Side-swept bangs, the front fringes, brow-skimming heavy thick bangs and even short bangs etc. etc. It depends on you and your stylist to choose the right kind of bangs that will compliment your face and your personal style. Not everything suits everyone. It is very important to remember this.

Though bangs are stylish and are in vogue, like everything beautiful, they need to be taken care of properly. Ever heard of the term ‘Bubble Bangs’? Many women unwillingly suffer from this and therefore choose to stay away from the bang hairstyle. Bangs look perfect when they’re flattened or straightened unless they’re properly curled for a particular look.


Here’s a little secret. You can very easily avoid the Bubble Bangs look by blow drying your hair with a flat or a puddle brush instead of a round one. In fact blow drying is the secret behind maintaining the perfect haircut with bangs. It is easy but will require some effort from your side. But let us assure you that the end result is truly mind-blowing.

Here’s another interesting fact about keeping a hairstyle with bangs. Layers soften angular faces. Layers can also make thick hair light and bouncy without interfering with the volume.

It is not difficult to understand that hairstyles with bangs are the in thing right now. Even celebrities cannot get over it. Bangs totally rock the red carpet look.


For our readers who have medium length hair and are wondering how to spice up their looks, no need to worry anymore! Presenting our compilation of the 13 most mind-blowing hairstyles with bangs for medium length hair! These hairstyles will make sure that shape, volume and texture has been added to your hair, just the way you want it.

1. The Couture Style


For our curly haired beauties out there, this is a great medium curly hairstyle to consider. It consists of short to medium layers which help in keeping the length to appear light and more manageable. Make sure that you keep the hair parted at one side only. A tip for medium curly hairstyle is to use lots and lots of mousse and a diffuser. Also use hydrating shampoos and conditioners to lessen the frizz amount. This style works well with all kinds of faces except for the heart shaped one. Medium thickness is ideal for this haircut.

2. The Bold Style


Short bangs are in vogue. They’re daring enough to add volume to your overall look. This medium layered hairstyles have lots of texture, from the short to the medium range. It evens around the face for the framing part of it. To make it even more daring, you can add pops of colour to accentuate the layers. Dark brown with red highlights is the perfect shade for this hairstyle. The best part is that the side parts can flatter any shaped face. This medium hairstyle with bangs style is perfect for straight to wavy hair.

3. The I Love Red Style


This medium length hairstyle with bangs is perfect for coloured hair. It adds a gorgeous texture to your hair. Not to mention the shaggy layers throughout give you a youthful appearance. Side short bangs can also be added to increase the flair. Side bangs often help in softening all shapes of faces. This particular hairstyle works best with naturally straight or wavy hair. Do not opt this style if you’ve really thin hair.

4. The Red Raven Style


This layered medium hairstyle is the best way to showcase the colour and texture of your hair. We recommend this hairstyle for women with red coloured hair. The textured layers and hot n’ spicy bangs raise the bar. Ask your stylist to keep the ends razored to make sure that the style grows out beautifully. However, keep in mind that this style is not meant for square faces. Women with smaller foreheads should keep the bangs a bit longer. Again, thin hair is not ideal for this style

5. The Funky Flip Style


This gorgeous medium hairstyle with bangs for stylish women is known for its flirty layers. Ask your stylist to give you tons and tons of voluminous layering. This adds texture to your hair. The layers can either be flipped under or flipped out. To make it even sharper, razor some of the fringe ends. The best part about this type of hairstyle is that it works on faces of all shapes and all kinds of hair thickness.

6. The Layered Curls Style


Another brilliant medium hairstyle for our curly haired sisters! Well maintained curls are gorgeous to look at anyway. Moreover this hairstyle with bangs flaunts medium to long layers which create a beautiful shape when they’re curly. The hair falling at the shoulders gives your face a fantastic framing. Side bangs also do their magic by completing the chic look. Although curly hair will be a natural base for this style, wavy hair can also be molded into by using curling irons.

7. The Tapered Curls Style


Speaking of curly medium length hairstyles for women it is very difficult to ignore this hairstyle for too long. The tapered layers rest around the face and shoulders which gives out a soft and dreamy look. Curls generally compliment all kinds of face shapes. Wavy hair too can be a good base for this hairstyle if you know how to use your iron curls well.

8. The Layered Textured Style


This is a fun way to style your medium length hair with bangs. Its flippy style boasts of an array of disconnected fringes. It starts with short layers at the crown being flipped out. The medium to longer shaped layers gives out a youthful appearance mixed with fun. This style is a big no no for oval shaped faces. It suits hair of all thicknesses from the straight to the wavy side.

9. The Three Tiers Style


This cute medium length hairstyle is perfect for that uber chic look that all of us want. The disarranged bangs all fall at just the right places. The top layer is placed right over the eyes while the second tier falls at the chin. The third layer rests past the shoulders. The look is not overwhelmingly messy but is just right enough to add to the flair. This medium length hairstyle is the perfect choice for women with round and heart-shaped faces. This is also the right style for girls with thick and straight hair. You might also want to consider hair extensions to add a little bit of bling with the look.

10. The Bohemian Chic Style


We just love the bohemian look simply because they create all kinds of different styles. This medium length hairstyle totally rocks the thick, full bangs. To make it look even more stylish pull the bangs forward and at the side. This makes the hair look more voluminous and frames the face. Long oval faces are just perfect for this type of hairstyle. Wavy hair, from thin to thick, is the best for you to flaunt this hairstyle.

11. The Diva Style


Let us admit it! This hairstyle is just adorable. This medium length hairstyle is crafted with tapered side bangs, both long and medium. Here’s a fun fact for y’all. Medium layers are the go-to bangs for creating an hour-glass shape with one’s hair. They add volume and texture without going overboard with the flips and the texture. Thick hair complements this hairstyle perfectly. And it suits all face shapes as well.

12. The Retro Waves Style


Who doesn’t love the retro age? And this layered medium length hairstyle flaunts the old-time glamour of soft, messy tendrils. The sweeping bangs look especially beautiful which bounce back and forth into a pile of soft curls. This hairstyle again is suited best for naturally curly hair. And all kinds of face shapes can pull this look off. Note that to hide a big forehead or a vertical face, simply brush the bangs forward.

13. The Feather Style


The soft layers that these cute medium hairstyles offer are a great way to add shape and texture to your otherwise boring straight hair. Remember to round the edges towards the face to give it a professional touch. This style is perfect for oval shaped faces. Naturally straight to wavy hair suits this style just right. These medium hairstyles for thin hair are just right with bangs covering your forehead and also add enough volume to the hair naturally.

These are our top medium length hairstyles with bangs for gorgeous women like you. Let us know what you think of the trend and if you’ve any other style to share, feel free to drop in a comment.

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