Bob Hairstyles To Try This Season

Monsoons are on, and your hair is going to need some extra care. What’s more, if you have curly hair, honey, you’re up for a task. But don’t let that deter you from going all out and increasing your fashionista quotient by getting the perfect hairstyle for the season. It’s not necessary that hair products are the only things which will help you get out of this tricky situation. Sometimes the perfect hairstyle and haircut can do the trick, and honestly, it’s a myth that bob cuts are just for the summers! So go light and style with layered bob Hairstyles for curly hair, and you’ll be making heads turn in no time!

Curly hair can be tougher to take care of as compared to other hair types, but if you can and are ready to put in the extra bit of care, trust me; you won’t ever want to see your flat iron again. For starters, learning a few simple tips to take care of curly hair will do the trick.

Tips to Manage Curly Hair

Wash your hair often. Of course, then doesn’t mean you start shampooing it everyday, for doing that will only take away the natural oils of your hair, causing it to become rough and dry. Typically, washing your hair every third day would be a good idea, and if you’re washing it every day, give the shampoo a skip once in a while, and just go in for the conditioner.

  • Buy a good shampoo and conditioner. Curly hair requires extra care, so invest in the shampoo and conditioner made especially for your hair type.
  • Get your hair trimmed every month, or whenever you feel like the spilt ends are just going overboard. Split ends are an absolute no- no in our books.
  • Hot oil massage! We all love this one, don’t we? Hit the salon and get yourself pampered with a good, long and hot coconut or olive oil massage. Not only will this completely relax you, it will also give a beautiful bounce and shine to your lovely locks, not to mention it will add volume and strengthen your hair from the roots.
  • Don’t use a brush. Brushes can be harsh on this type of hair, and can tend to break curls, causing it to look frizzy and wiry. Instead, go in for a wide toothed comb. This will ensure that your curls remain intact.
  • Go easy on the products! I know, we all love spraying on those bottles of hair sprays right before some major party, so that your curls look great for the night. But it’s important to remember, that the more chemicals you use, the more your hair will get damaged. So follow the natural way (and the steps above), and let your curls heal themselves. All you have to do is be a little patient, and keep following the hair tips like mentioned.
  • Go herbal! Luckily our Indian roots have given us something to be really proud of, and one of those things includes amla, shikakai, reetha etc. What I’m talking about here, in more of a layman’s language, is to go in for an ayurvedic treatment for your hair. You can make these shampoos at home, and if not, shampoos like amla or shikakai shampoos or a mix of both, are very readily available in the market. What’s more, it’s not just ayurvedic shampoos that are available, even ayurvedic conditioners, hair powders, hair masks etc, are there for sale. Give a company like Khadi or Biotique a shot. A more luxurious option that you can go in for is Body Shop. Although essentially not completely herbal, they offer 100% natural and organic products, which will do wonders for your hair.
  • Always give your hair a final rinse in the shower only with cold water. Using hot water can damage your hair, and cause it to have split ends. Once you have done that, try using a cotton t shirt to dry your hair. Wrap your hair in the shirt and let it soak dry. Using a towel increases frizz, which is something you really want to avoid during the monsoons.
  • The last tip, and the most important of them all, learn to love your curly hair. It’s beautiful, it’s unique and it looks great on you! Have fun with them, experiment, and remember that taking care of them is just as important.

Now that we have the basics in place, it’s time to move on the hair styling bit. There are three major elements to the kind of hairstyle I’m going to tell you about. Curly (this is if you have naturally curly hair, or even a perm), layered (because layered hair gives life to your hair, adding volume and a bounce) and bob cuts (because it’s important to stay stylish and wear your hair in a way that adds an oomph factor to your personality).

Pay a visit to your salon, and get your hair cut short, and layered. When it comes to layered bob haircut for curly hair, it’s very important to note what kind of layers you want for your hair. Sit down and have a talk with your stylist, talk about how much care would go into it, and what kind of products would be necessary to keep the layering and curls intact.

Although the curlier the hair, the longer the layers you would want. Short layers in curly hair tend to look more ‘bubble-like’, since the hair tends to curl more as there is lesser weight to pull it down, giving it a more ‘afro’ like look. Hence, go in for longer layers that distribute the weight of your curls evenly. Layered bob brings out your bone structure, add an elongated look to your face, and also add a bounce to the hair. An un layered bob cut in curly hair can tend to look flat and unstructured, and not to mention, boring.

Let’s have a Look at Celebrities with Curly Layered Bob Hairstyles


Charlize Theron went in for a slightly longer bob cut, extending from her ears to her nape. Her look is very glamorous and very natural. This kind of layered hairstyles are easier to take care of as your curls extend from the front, giving them a nice pull and bounce perfect for dinner dates or even Sunday brunches.


Rihanna’s look is more eccentric and quirky. Longer from the front, and shortest from the back, this kind of hair is comparatively easier to take care of, if your curls are the kinds which don’t spiral out of control every now and then. There are heavier layers from the top of the back of her hair, giving a puff like look to the top half. Go in for this if you’re up for something trendy and spontaneous.


Rachel McAdams decided to go all ‘bed hair’ with her look. This is perfect for someone, like Rachel, who has bigger curls which are not too tight and wounded up. Go in for a brown base and golden highlights with this kind of a look to add an extra shine to it. Add a side fringe for the extra factor.


Vanessa Hudgens goes all retro-chic with her 70’s look. Curly hair swept long at the side, and short from the back, can give you a similar look. This look might require a little bit of styling on your part, so go in for it only if you’re ready to go the extra mile.


Katie Holmes goes perfectly feminine with her look of a bob hairstyle with bangs. Perfectly ironed front bangs, and perfectly curled up sides, this look will require the maximum effort from you. It’s great for those looking for a middle path between curly and straight, and are still pretty much confused. Layered bob with bangs either in the front or side will also look good for a day out. If you like girly and/or feminine is your style; this might just be the perfect cut for you.

Now let’s scroll down and decipher the following looks, and let’s see if we can find you a match that suits you the best!

Messy Layered Bob Hairstyle:


This look is sexy and has a fox like quality to it. Perfect for those with tighter or more crimped up curls. Add a lot more layers and bright golden highlights at the tips, and see how those heads turn.

Classic Layered Bob With Bangs:


As mentioned before, Rihanna’s look is quirky and fun. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be converted into something a little more classy, right? Side sweep your front bangs and go longer in the front. This will not only take years off your face, it will even make your face look thinner! Make sure you iron your hair a little from the front to give it the elegance that the cut needs.

Layered Bob For The Bold


Caution: try this look only if you have the guts to. This cut is really not everybody’s cup of tea, and is only there for the daredevils you know for a fact that they can carry this cut off. And the reason for this is, tighter and shorter curls means more frizz, and more frizz means more care you have to take. And not only that, since this cut ends above the nape of the neck from the back, it means that hair can tend to look a little puffy, especially towards the end of the day. But for those who can carry this look and are ready for the care, this cut will really work magic for you!

Cute Curly Bob Hairstyle:


This cut is so sexy, it’s unbearable. Lesser layers, and more sexy, that’s what this is. Ending at the same part above the shoulders, it has a straight cut at the bottom, which does not require too much of difference in length, and the layering has to be done systematically. Suits those better with thicker hair. Get a golden root touch up done, if you have dark hair, to bring out the extra sheen.

Curly Layered Bob Haircut For The Lazy:


Take your hair from the middle and push it towards the back. Take your hair in the front and give it a middle partition. This will separate your front hair from your back hair and will give more attention to your curls which will form perfectly in the front. Perfect for those who don’t want to cut their hair too short but not reach below shoulder level either.

Curly Bob Hairstyles With Bangs:


Ahh, the side swept curls. Possibly the most difficult haircut in the curly hair dictionary, but also the one that pays of the most. Curly hair has a certain structure to it, and that structure does not include them being swept sideways and staying there without curling more. For this look, sweep your hair to the side, and get a straightening iron out. Wrap about two inches of hair (horizontally) around the iron, and pull the iron down, wrapping that section of hair around the iron. When your iron is about to reach the last 2 inches of your hair (vertically), pull towards the outside, instead of pulling down, like you would mostly do while straightening your hair. This will straighten your curls out but also keep them intact right at the end of the hair, giving you the perfect locks for this look.

Cutesy Layered Hair Style:


This is definitely one of my favorite layered bob hairstyles. Meant for very short layers and tight curls. Add highlights and you’ll be good to go. It’s even very easy to take care of. You might have to out on rollers(curlers) before you go out every now and then, but that’s okay, since rollers don’t have any sort of chemical reaction with your body.

Curly Layered Hairstyle:


A very young and a very fresh look, this one is definitely meant for this season. It will suit any age and any type of hair; however it will work best on people who have more open curls. Side sweep your hair and add layers, going shorter as you go towards the back. This layered bob will for sure add volume to thinner hair. However, don’t add highlights with this cut.

Bob Hairstyle With Bangs:


This is a more straightened out look than curls, but has more layers than any layered bob hair cut or layered style. It gives a very sharp and edgy look to your face.

So now that you’re set with all these tips on layered bob hairstyles, follow them, then get out there and dazzle everyone with your perfectly layered bob, and perfectly stylish look!

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