Saree blouses are no longer just something to accompany your stylish brocades and trendy designer sarees. Latest saree blouse sleeve designs are making a style statement among the fashion conscious these days.

stylish brocades and trendy designer sarees.

Saree Blouse Sleeve Design

Choose the perfect saree blouse sleeve design

Saree blouse sleeve designs have an important part to play when it comes to perfecting the stylish saree drape. There are many varieties to choose from – you can always keep it simple with an elbow length traditional blouse sleeve design or try on the cap sleeve or the full sleeve. However, blouse sleeve design patterns are not all about the cut either. Once you choose the length of your blouse sleeve design that suits your body type, focus on the embellishments.

Saree Blouse Sleeve Design
 trendy blouse sleeve design pattern

Kundan, stone and sequins are commonly used along with intricate needlework like maggam and zardozi. There are also many other interesting blouse sleeve designs like full sleeves in patterned tulle fabric, ruffles on the edges, puff sleeves with elaborately embroidered arm bands, cross-over double sleeves with bead work etc. Choose your trendy blouse sleeve design pattern according to the occasion as well as the saree it would be paired up with.

Bridal Silk Saree Blouse Sleeve Designs


Silk saree blouse sleeve designs need not be plain brocade anymore. Blouse sleeve designs for bridal Kanchipuram silks and brocades are nowadays adorned with heavy maggam work, beads and stones. Heavily embroidered cap sleeves and three-fourth blouse sleeve designs are also a favourite among the modern bride.

Party Wear Designer Saree Blouse Sleeve Designs

Party Wear Designer Saree Blouse Sleeve Designs

Armlet inspired cut sleeves and cap sleeves are a favourite when it comes to light-weight party wear saree blouse sleeve designs. Puff sleeves have also made a come back to blouse sleeve design patterns. These blouse sleeve design usually come in easy to manage flowy fabrics. Ruffles in net, chiffon and other sheer fabrics are also used in latest blouse sleeve designs for party wear.

Sheer Black Magic

glamorous black silk blouse

Sheer net sleeves have been trending in women’s fashion for quite some time now. You would see them on designer kurtas and of course latest blouse sleeve designs.  This glamorous black silk blouse with brocade embellishment stands out as a unique design with its long black net sleeves adorned by golden flowers. The blouse sleeve design gets a touch of sophisticated elegance with the natural gathering happening at the wrists. A seen in the picture, you may choose a yellow and black brocade saree to accompany this stylish full sleeve blouse design. Or you could pick a glimmering gold designer saree to style your way into the centre of attraction at a big party. This latest blouse sleeve design will help you keep accessorising to the minimum – no need to worry about bangles or bracelets. Just take care in choosing long chandelier earrings  to stand out against the wide back neck.

Mehendi Sleeves

priyanka chopra stylish saree blouse sleeve design

If you do not look closely, it is easy to mistake these stylish saree blouse sleeve design for elaborate dark mehendi on skin. However, what Priyanka Chopra is carrying off really well here is an intricately designed sheer blouse sleeve design. The embellishments on the blouse body is no less stylish, but the gold thread here creates perfect contrast for the black net blouse sleeve design pattern to stand out. Needless to say that is one expensive piece of designer saree blouse sleeve design – but worth it nonetheless. How to style it? You can take a cue from PC and keep it simple with a black designer saree with simple gold border and pallu. This will help your blouse sleeve design pattern to get all the attention it deserves. Make sure you reserve this latest blouse sleeve design for the most special occasion.

Blue Butterfly

blue design-designer blouse design

This one’s certainly for the fashionistas who love something different every time they step out in style. The sweet blue sequined designer blouse design  gets cute and glamorous with ruffled chiffon butterfly sleeves. Make sure you keep those pallu pleats tiny, so that they don’t cover this latest  blouse sleeve design. This blouse sleeve design pattern is essentially just a strap of sequined fabric, but the ruffles keep it well out of the sleeveless category. I would wear this with a snow white or a shocking pink flowy saree, with a brooch to keep the pallu tiny and tight on the shoulder to show off the blouse sleeve design. You could even try a yellow silk or a saree in the same blue hue. Keep the accessorizing to a minimum, the saree blouse sleeve design is all the frills and trims you need.

Zardosi on Tulle

Zardosi on Tulle

At first look, you may think it is an elaborately embellished half sleeve saree blouse. Look closer and you’ll see the delicate red tulle fabric underneath all that zardosi work with the full sleeve blouse design ending just above the wrists in similar zari embroidery. The intricate saree blouse sleeve design on the sheer fabric is certainly worthy of a bridal look. The velvet fabric used for the body of the blouse has also been used in this latest blouse sleeve design as a patch with floral zardosi needlework motif, right below the shoulder. You can keep it classic with red silk brocade or designer saree for that bridal glamour. Keep the hair in an updo – well away from the sleeves. Compliment the gold zardozi of the blouse sleeve design pattern with traditional gold and kundan jewellery.

Hola Flare

trendy blouse designs

This one’s for the trendsetters! Definitely not ‘just’ a full sleeve blouse design – this flared look is inspired by the senoritas. This latest saree blouse sleeve design that widens out towards the wrists is typical of Spanish inspired fashion. Try this blouse sleeve design and you’ll soon get comfortable being in the spotlight. A word of caution though – stylish as it maybe, this saree blouse sleeve design is not for everyone. If you are lean and tall, go for it! If not, try something slimmer. But when it comes to the choice of saree to accompany this trendy blouse designs, there are no reservation – try it on with a rich brocade saree for that unique look at the bridal shower or keep it classy and pair it up with a casual designer saree.

Barely there sleeves

Barely there sleeves

This trendy saree blouse sleeve design looks more like an ornamental armlet than a sleeve. Oh! Yes, it sure is a blouse sleeve design – look closer and you will see the delicately cut pattern of the short sleeve. However, what really makes this latest blouse sleeve design stand out is the heavy embellishment with pearls and stone work. The pale yellow pearls and sparkling crystals adds that extra bit of glamour to the green designer blouse. This blouse sleeve design pattern certainly deserves a saree drape that can show off the intricate work. Picture yourself wearing this as that big party – get ready to enjoy the spotlight!

Crowning jewels


Just a bit of studded sleeve – this stunning saree blouse sleeve design is sure to wow you. Where would you wear this? – Looks like the perfect match for white wedding saree. The glittering stone work embroidery sure looks heavy, but this blouse sleeve design pattern is worth it when crowned over your shoulders. You could also pair up this silvery white saree blouse sleeve design with designer sarees in bright contrasting colours – think fuschia, emerald green and royal blue. Make sure you accessorize the look with light diamond jewellery to compliment the sparkles on the blouse sleeve design.

Cute Ruches


This silk saree blouse sleeve design is those of you looking to pull off the brocade look with equal measure of cuteness and glamour mixed together. While your heavy brocade saree takes care of the classy traditional silk saree look, this brocade blouse sleeve design with its short ruched sleeves will keep things stylish and easy. No heavy trimmings, zari borders or embroidery – yet the simple puff sleeve is trendy enough to be flaunted at big celebrations. You can pair this latest blouse sleeve design with a rich kanchivaram silk saree or choose light-weight designer sarees in complimentary hues.

Puffed Silk

Puffed Silk

Puffs are back in trend for saree blouse sleeve designs and there is quite a variety to choose from. There’s a puff blouse sleeve design for everyone – tall, short, lean or curvy. Puff sleeves help in minimizing heavy upper arms too – go for  a wide arm band to create balance. Here Parvathy is wearing a silk saree blouse sleeve design with medium puff and zari embroidery on the arm band. You can style this saree blouse sleeve design with a silk saree in similar hues as seen in the pic. For a casual look, pair it up with a simple black or off-white saree. Bangles and bracelets will also go well with this saree blouse sleeve design.

The Bride’s Pride

 traditional bridal brocade sarees like Kanchivaram

I’ll leave you with a gorgeous bridal saree blouse sleeve design. This cap sleeve is adorned with kundan, stones as well as intricate maggam work embroidery. The rest of the saree blouse is kept plain to attract all attention to the silk saree blouse sleeve design. The armlet as seen in the pic compliments the attractive blouse sleeve design. This latest blouse sleeve design is best suited for traditional bridal brocade sarees like Kanchivaram or Banarasi silks. The kundan work on the blouse sleeve design pattern will go well with traditional bridal ornaments too.

These are just 10 new trendy blouse sleeve designs to be inspired from – there are a hundred other varieties to suit your needs and aesthetic sense. So, what will be your style – a full sleeve blouse design or a latest blouse sleeve design with heavy stone and needle work.

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