The saree is back! When did it ever go out of fashion? No matter how ancient or dated it may be, it is the attire that never goes out of fashion! The celebrated and the not so celebrated Indian woman always relied on the saree to help her leave an indelible mark on the fickle world of fashion.

Fashion pundits know that the saree is versatile and can be created out of just about any material and it is one of the easiest attires to reinvent, remodel and innovate with. This time, trendsetters of the  highbrow  Indian fashion scene  have once again brought  the saree, the net saree to be precise, back into focus and as a bonus  have also gifted the Indian woman the designer blouse for sarees.

Blouse designs
The exquisiteness of this splendid garment, the saree becomes even more apparent when it has a dexterously designed blouse piece to go with it. All fashion designers have now realized that equal importance should be accorded to both the saree and the saree blouse designs.

Blouse designs for sarees keep changing but that doesn’t stop the fashion conscious from keeping up with the latest trends and with the advent of space age technology  fashion trends are only a few clicks away. For the net saree in particular the design of the blouse has to be just perfect, otherwise it will look awkward under the sari that is almost transparent and very light.

Although there are thousands of E – boutiques and a multitude of designer stores, etc to choose from, some basic saree blouse designs remain the same. Some of the  must-have neck designs  that enhance your style & accentuate your beauty are :

The round neck and square neck blouse


These saree blouse designs   have stood the test of time and are the most  frequently worn designs by saree wearing women all over the world. These neck designs looks good on both tall as well as short women and  can be combined with all varieties of sarees.

The rectangular-neck-blouse


This shape looks great on women who are slightly shorter, It enhances the shape of their shoulders and enhances their carriage and persona.

Neckline and back designs


How far the neckline should plunge is an issue that is completely the lady’s prerogative and it is for her to decide how deep or high she would like it to be. The  back on the other hand is a somewhat different issue and people in the know = how suggest that the lighter the saree the less covering your back should have ! The logic  being that if your saree is  a transparent  net saree , you should  show off an exquisitely crafted  saree blouse with a heavily embellished front through the net and if you choose to flaunt your sex appeal go backless. As for a heavier saree  once again the plunging neckline makes very little sense since your front would be covered with the pallu anyway !

Trends in blouse designs for  sarees set by Bollywood stars


Women these days are spoilt for choice since a plethora of ready-made blouses are available to them in various sizes, neck designs, embroidery  and embellishments. An upcoming trend is the “mix & match “trend in which a simple saree with very little detailing is paired with a heavily embroidered blouse. The saree blouse designs alter the look of the saree. The complete ensemble then looks well designed and adds to the glamour quotient of the lady.

Trends have come & trends have gone but the tradition of saree blouse designs being set off and named after Bollywood actresses has remained till date. They have always used and emphasized the use of blouse designs for sarees in order to maintain their onscreen glamour and popularity. Surprising, how a perfectly tailored saree blouse can alter the overall look of a star and can even make or break her. Similarly if your blouse is an ill fitting one or is badly stitched, you simply cannot do anything to cover up and it ruins your entire look no matter how beautiful your saree maybe. The Sadhna blouse, The Asha Parekh blouse, The Kareena Kapoor blouse & the Deepika blouse are some famous examples of styles that have been popularized by their namesakes. One such famous example is the:

The Chinese Collar ( Rekha blouse )


Popularized by the yesteryear Bollywood superstar Rekha  it became ubiquitous in all her films and turned into a rage with women of all ages who chose to follow the trend in the ‘80s.

Blouse designs for Net Sarees
Special attention should be paid to the beauty of blouse designs to go with net sarees which are transparent and so utmost care should be taken while designing the perfect blouses for net sarees:

1. Embroidered dull green Net saree


The saree
The saree is immaculate piece of  zardozi work has embroidered saree has carefully hand embroidered beads and stone work in booti motifs. The beauty of the dull green of this sheer net saree is enhanced by a matching border that too has exquisite zardozi work done on it.

The blouse
The blouse design for this net saree is a slightly westernized longish corset. The corset  which  has a thick lining and is designed  simply & elegantly. The  style complements  the beauty of the saree as and enhances the figure of the wearer.

Washing instructions
Do not hand wash the saree

2. Bhairavi Jaikishan’s Vintage Flower Collection


The saree

Bhairavi Jaikishan ‘s collections are the epitome of femininity , they are soft, flowery and very , very sweet. They are easy on the eye and have a fresh summery look.  This particular ensemble  is part of her spring summer colletion. It consists of a beautifully crafted saree with  multi coloured vintage British  flower motifs on the border.

The blouse
This net saree blouse design is delicate and elegant. It is heavily embroidered with multicoloured  flowers and has short, transparent puff sleeves. The  embroidery on the blouse is a continuation of the motifs  present on the border of the plain white saree.

Washing instructions :

  • Do not machine wash
  • For best results dry wash or hand wash with mild detergent.

3. Purple Net Saree with Blouse


The saree
This designer  net saree is  beautiful, sheer and  embellished with  tiny white zircons on the border and delicate zardozi flowers on the body  .

The blouse
This net saree blouse design  is classic and simple . It has a deep round neck that is slightly wide. The sleeves are  fashionably short, transparent and fluted at the border. The blouse has purple stone work on the round neck  that contrasts the border work  of the saree and lends the ensemble an elegant and stylish look.

Washing instructions
To be dry washed only

4. Orange and Pink Half Net Saree With Brocade And Goldem Brocade Blouse


The saree
This designer net saree is fiery and elegant and reminds one of  the bright hues of “rang rangilo Rajasthan“! Wear it for festive occasions  to add colour to your life , The orange and pink are set off by a bright green brocade border   that  provides  a certain amount of earthiness to this saree.

The blouse
The net saree blouse design is sophisticated and stylish and is a perfect match for the earthiness of the saree. It is made of golden brocade, has a smart Chinese collar and the border of the saree continues on to the blouse and gives it an amazingly interesting touch .

Washing Instructions

  • Do not machine wash or tumble
  • Dry clean only

5. Multi colour Party Wear Saree Sari


The saree
This multihued saree was popularized by the starlet Tamanna. It is a blend of parrot green, midnight blue and gold. The designer has cleverly blended three colours that are normally not seen together and yet the saree has a sophisticated look that makes it fit for party wear.

The blouse
The bright blue blouse is made of dupien velvet and is set off with the zari border of the saree. The blouse is simple with short sleeves and adds to the elegance of the saree.

Washing Instructions
Dry wash only

6. Black and Red Net Saree With Blouse


The saree
The perfect choice for a night out with a special someone. This designer net saree that is an aesthetic combination of black and red oozes sex appeal!

The blouse
The blouse is a black bustier with an interesting neck piece adding  just the right amount of sensuousness to the saree.

Washing Instructions

  • May be hand washed
  • Dry wash for best results

7. Nakashi Elegance Saree with Blue Dupien Blouse


The saree
This is a  short pallu net saree has orange  shading on  its georgette pallu. The border is wide and has heavy zari embroidery done on its border.

The blouse
The blue dupion blouse has heavy embroidery on the waist. This heavy  zari embroidery can be  cleverly shown off by wearing the saree with a seedha  pallu and  tying up your hair in an elegant top knot. It has net sleeves and the blouse back design for this net saree  gives it  an interesting and festive look.

Washing instructions
Do not tumble dry
Do not hand wash
Dry wash only

8. Cream Net Saree with Blouse


The saree
Another floral tribute to womanhood. A cream net saree with delicate  roses in shades of pink  on  its  border, they look so fresh that you can almost smell them !

The blouse
The net saree blouse design  for this cream net sareee, has a halter neck and the roses are present on the blouse too giving it an elegant and summery look.

Washing instructions
Dry wash only

9. Magenta Net Saree with Blouse


The saree
It is as if this beautiful saree were a dream come true. The colour of passion and power have gone into making this magenta net a must have for your wardrobe. It is heavily embellished with zircons on the border  and elegant paisleys are repeated all over the saree  making it seem as though the designer had a star spangled  night sky in mind while designing this saree.

The blouse
For this heavily embroidered saree you have a simple bustier front, that is elegant and lends a touch of aristocracy to the already magnificent garment. Wear it with aplomb and watch the world eating out of your hands!

Washing instructions

  • Do not wash with abrasive detergents
  • Hand wash or dry wash with mild detergent.

This saree is beautifully designed with stones, cutdana, sequins and diamond work.

10. Aqua Blue Net Saree with Blouse


The saree
This show stopper of a saree has a festive blue colour and is bound to bring you a lot of envious second glances. The saree itself is created out of soft and delicate net and is embellished with crystals, beads, cutdana stones & patch work. The material is comfortable to wear and is an all season wear. Don’t let anything stop you from stepping out in this Aqua Blue net saree. Look stunning and take the world by storm! For more such sarees, you could visit online fashion website shimply.

The blouse
This net saree blouse neck design is classic & elegant, the rectangular neck of the bright fuschia blouse is smart and no nonsense. Its transparent long sleeves add just the right amount of grace to the saree that is truly a Rhapsody in blue!

Washing Instructions

  • Dry clean only

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