10 Easy Ways to Dress Like Ms. Cool During Holidays – DIY

Holidays and vacations are unplanned sometimes and we miss out on the shopping and the preparations. Every woman wants to wear something new and cool during holidays. So why not learn a few cool and funky tricks that you can try during your next vacation. With just the basic things that you carry for your holiday, let’s look at 10 way to dress cool and trendy on your next vacation.

Don’t you see pretty women in movies wearing scarves and hairdos in fancy styles and wonder – How to wear scarves that make you look cool?

We can carry scarves and stoles anywhere we go. Lets look at some innovative ways of using a scarf:

Idea 1:  Wrap it around your waist, over a simple dress – DIY

Wrap it around your waist, over a simple dress – DIY

Idea 2: Wear it as a belt by tying it around your denims or shorts

Wear it as a belt by tying it around your denims or shorts

Idea 3: Wrap around your head in a different style and look funky –

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Idea 4: Wind it around your flip-flops and wear it as tie-ups

Idea 5: Make a simple yet handbag out of it and flaunt it around

Idea 6: Use it as a head band


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Idea 8: Use it as a simple no – sew dress

If you are going on a vations with your dad, brother, husband or boyfriend, borrow a shirt or t-shirt and turn it into a simple no – sew dress.

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Idea 9: Knotty Hair

You do not have to depend on trendy hair bands or jaw clips for your hair always. Give it a complete trendy look by knotting your hair in innovative ways.

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Idea 10: Twisters


Make your holiday memorable with these quick and easy D0 It Yourself during vacations and holidays. Be rest assured that you will look different in all your pictures, although you must be using the same article everyday!

Share your ideas with us and let us know what is your favourite Do It Yourself during Vacations!

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