As suggested by most physicians and health freaks, working out regularly is a must for every individual. And for regular workouts, wearing appropriate outfits that also offer comfort, are a must. Make sure you don’t miss out this particular and necessary outfit – a set of track pants.

With regular workout habits, track pants have become one of the wardrobe must-haves both by men and women. The daily workouts that include the morning jogs/walks, yoga, running etc. can be made extra comfortable and easy with the help of the right pair of track pants. Apart from exercising, it is also worn by at casual occasions as well. Because of their durability and comfort, they have become one of the most favorite and most worn outfits among the items of clothing. With the evolution of the fashion industry, track pants have now emerged into being more stylish with a variety of designs, each with a different appeal. Some of the varieties of fabrics available in track pants are cotton, silk, velour, linen, nylon etc. They are also classified according to gender. Track pants for women and young girls are also available in different styles and designs.


How to choose the right pair of track pants?

Although, the fabric of the track pants is more important than its appearance, ideally one must consider a suitable fabric according to the specific activity for which it is to be used as well as itsfit and size.

An improper or ill-fitting track pant will be uncomfortable and may not serve its sole purpose, which is to impart mobility and comfort.It is extremely important to choose the right set of track pants for the right function.

A cotton track pant can serve both – flexibility during running or jogging as well as for casual wear. A body-hugging track pant would be too tight to perform any sports activity; hence, it can be worn only as a style statement.

Some track pants may be unisex, while some women prefer wearing exclusive track pants for women.


Some of the popular brands that produce track pants are Nike, Puma, Reebok, Adidas, United Colors of Benetton, etc. Nike track pants are one of the most comfortable and reasonable among the branded ones. They are available both for men and women. Jockey track pants are also known for their comfort and style. These brands also provide other matching outfits that can be worn along with the track pants such as matching or contrast colored T-shirts for men and women, tube tops, tank tops, razorbacks etc. for women. Lastly, these brands provide sneakers or running shoes that are also equally important during running and/or workouts. It is equally important to match shoes according to the activities performed.

With the development in sports and fashion industry, track pants have evolved into a wide range of styles suited for the perfect occasion. These versatile track pants are now available in any branded store or can be shopped online.

You thought track pants were boring? We’ll take you through some images of how these track pants make a style statement.

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Go wild while you workout and inspire those around you.

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Who said Victoria’s Secret didn’t make track pants for women?


You can never go wrong with a basic pair of track pants and a spaghetti top.

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Make a style statement with a perfect animal print gym bag that matches not only your workout clothes but also your attitude.

Track pants are available online as well. Here are a few for you to select from.

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