Hey ladies, summer is around the corner. While you choose an appropriate dress and hairstyle that suits your body and face, it is extremely important to know what find of a frame would suit your face. You definitely want to look chic in your sunglasses, right? Most brands offer a huge range in the shapes and colours with 100% protection from the strong UV rays. These will not only shield your eyes but give you a stylish look too, and who wouldn’t want that?

If you are not sure about the sun shields that you want to buy, use this as the go-to guide on how to find the best frame shape and style that suit your face shape. It’s needless to say that a curved lens and linear aviator flatter most of the faces. So keep one in handy if you are not sure about your face shape.

Sunglasses For Women – That Go Best with Your Face

How do I know my face shape?

  • Stand in front of the mirror and hold a felt pen in your hand.
  • Make sure your hair is tightly secured with a hair band or a pony so that you can see the outline of your face clearly.
  • While you face the mirror, draw the outline of your face using the felt pen.
  • You might not get a perfect face – shape, but you are sure to get an idea of what face shape you fall under.
  • Appropriates Sunglasses for every face shape.

Heart-Shaped Face


If you have a wide and broad forehead, high cheekbones and a narrow jaw-line, choose the cat-eye shapes pair of sunglasses for women to accentuate the face. Many brands such as CK, Bvlgari, Dolce & Gabbana, etc have a wide range of collection in cat-eye shaped sunglasses.

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Oval-Shaped Face


A narrow forehead and jaw line characterizes this face type. Here, the chin is narrower than the forehead. People with oval face have high cheekbones. An oval face can support tall lenses and thick frames. Aviator sunglasses or Jackies are best suited for such faces. Smooth and not so pointed cat-eyed sunglasses for women also suit this face type.

Round-Shaped Face


Here, the length and width of the face is equal and have soft curves with few angles. To accentuate your natural features it’s wise to go with angular or geometric frames. For instance a pair of square sunnies will do wonders. Geometric frames are also the ideal foil for a round face. You should also try experimenting with cat-eyed frames but absolutely avoid small sized frames.

Square-Shaped Face


A broad forehead, defined jaw-line, square chin are the features of a square-shaped face. To highlight the best features of such a face, one should opt for a pair of round or cat-eyed sunnies.


Salwars, trendy kurtis or tunics have also seen smart sunglasses on the faces of young and old women. Today, women know the importance of shieding their eyes against the harsh rays of the sun. Deepika Padukone is spotted in a trendy pair of sunglasses while visiting the Siddhi-Vinakay Temple, Mumbai is a beige colour designer salwar kameez.


Many Indian women are found sporting a trendy pair of sunglasses while in a sari. Many models have also waled the ramps in designer sarees and sunglasses. Whether its during day-time shopping or for a lunch get-together, women enjoy flaunting these trendy sunnies.

Vidya Balan – The saree goddess, wore a designer saree by Sabyasachi Mukhrjee at the Cannes Film Festival with a trendy pair of sunglasses.


The western inspiration still continues. be it cotton dresses, polka dot tops, chions and pants – a pair of trendy sunglasses for women are a must have in the handbag. During holidays and vacations, specially at beach destinations, stylish scarves and sunglasses must be handy not only to complete the look but to also make you look chic!

Many Bollywood celebs, including Kareena Kapoor loves carrying a stylish pair of sunglasses wherever she goes.


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