Tiny spangles or discs that give a sparkling effect to clothes are known as sequin.

It is believed that the origin of the sequins is from the Mediterranean countries. In ancient times, a type of coin called sikka were sewn onto the women’s dresses and scarves. The folklores tell that the number of these coins sewn on to the dresses, gowns, scarves and shawls show the wealth of the family. There is also historical evidence that gold sequins were used on clothes and other paraphernalia for decorative purposes by the people of the Indus Valley Civilization period, i.e. as early as 2500 BC. The gold sequins were found at the ancient site of Kot Diji. Ancient sikka is today’s sequin.

Sequins dresses are made of various materials ranging from metals, crystals to semi-precious gemstones to plastic. The most commonly used sequins are plastic, and these are available in various hues. Unlike in ancient times when sikka displayed the wealth of the wearer, sequin dresses are more of a fashion statement today. The glitter and shine of sequins when embellished on clothing and accessories mesmerise the young girls and adults alike. A sequin dress creates a feeling of festivity.

Sequins can be used as trim to align with the edge of the fabric or on the entire clothing. A gold sequin dress, for that matter any sequin dress of any hue is a perfect fashion statement for any season. Wearing a sexy sequin dresses adds that extra bit of sparkle to uplift your mood and makes you feel like a diva wanting to sparkle the night away.

Sequin Dresses for the Night Party


Sequin dresses and gowns bring a touch of sparkle and glamour to the outfit. These dresses are in vogue and can be worn to a prom or a birthday party, maybe even to an official gathering or weddings. Sparkle in your dress should match with the occasion your attending.

To stand out in the crowd choose your sequin dress carefully. A subtle shade of copper, white, oyster pink or even gold dress is more wearable at an evening party as compared with the brighter colours such as hot pink and red which may be best suited for night clubs.

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Consider investing in a sequin Little Black dress or a gold sequin one-shoulder dress; these hues are ever dependable, versatile and easy to accessorize. The price of the sequin dress would depend on the brand, the cut and length of the dress, the intricacies of the handwork and at times the colour.


Aidan Mattox, Calvin Klein, Sue Wong, David Meister are some of the popular international brands which are entering the Asian market. In the Indian market,  the price range for these outfits start from INR 12,000 onwards.


To create a visual effect you have to incorporate the right kind of accessories. Be aware that your gold or black sequin dress is already making a powerful statement. Going for a simple high pony tail if you have long hair or keeping the locks pushed to one side if you hair is short will create an elegant balance. Using subtle make up with a skin suiting foundation, black mascara, blush and eye shadow in a tone that matches your natural lip colour and an appealing lipstick will do wonders to your looks.


Sequin accessories are also available. Choosing your clutchpump shoes and belts in the same shade as your evening sequin dress is a simple approach. You can always go for a shade darker or lighter than your dress. However, if you cannot find the similar shade use black or contrasting accessories to give a cool and classic look.


You can wear your sequins for a casual gathering too. In that case wear simple pieces to give a laidback and chic look. Sequin mini dress in lighter shades such as hues of pink, blue or pale gold are the best. Match it with a leather jacket and a pair of ankle boots. Add a skinny belt that blends with the colour of your sequins to give a rocking look.


Now wouldn’t you like to rock at a party with a Sequin Dress?

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