Saree- The sexy way

We all know that moment when we look into our cupboards for that extraordinary outfit to wear on that special dinner night. It may be for an anniversary or for a promotion at work, or for birthdays perhaps. We want to be at our very best, and look for that outfit which would make all the heads turn, when we enter the room. “An open-back dress to show off my back, or maybe this other one to display my collarbone”- we think to ourselves while checking our wardrobe. Now in my opinion, dresses may have all the charm they would like; but for Indian women, nothing beats the combination of a gorgeous saree paired with a sexy blouse.

A saree hugs the feminine figure in a beautiful manner, and ensures that you’d look like a million bucks. Plus, today we have a great number of options to choose from and select our own individual style. Gone are the days of wearing stiff sarees with boring blouses- today’s women love experimenting and their imagination is their only limitation.

Halter Neck is in Trend

In the plethora of available blouse designs, Halter neck blouses designs have to take away the cherry. The inter-mix of classiness and panache brought out by a halter neck blouse is simply unparalleled. Keep scrolling to know more about the various styles available, inspirations from our favourite celebrities along with some exceptional designs.

All of us are aware of the classic halter neck blouse designs. Two straps move towards behind the neck, leaving most part of our back open. Now, in our opinion- the classic halter is your best friend if you want to embrace this trend in a minimalistic manner.

Satya Paul Sarees

The bust area’s shape can be modified as per your taste, and these are two lovely suggestions to choose from.

Like shown here, the classic halter neck blouse looks great when paired with lightweight, breezy sarees, but that’s not to make a categorising statement at all. Halter neck blouses can be paired with any kind of sarees, and can be altered to suit the conservative ones as well. Let’s take inspirations from our favourite celebrities to wear this style with comfort and ease.

Stylish Sequins Halter Neck Blouse

Halter neck blouses inherently scream sexiness. It’s the easiest and the most foolproof way to instantly glam up any saree, and if the halter neck blouse has sequins all over, then that is all you’re going to need to get him down on his knee.

Take cues from Deepika Padukone, who has paired her Golden halter neck blouse having sequins all over, with an Orange & Gold Saree. Pair this outfit with soft, glowing makeup, barely there jewellery and that’d be all.

Classic Strappy Halter Neck Blouse Every woman loves net sarees, for they are as suggestive as any Saree can ever get.

Classic Strappy Halter Neck Blouse

Classic Strappy Halter Neck Blouse

Every woman loves net sarees, for they are as suggestive as any Saree can ever get.

Taking Kareena Kapoor advice- your man would be completely bowled over when you pair your net saree with a Classic strappy halter neck blouse. This is one of the sexiest pairings with a halter neck blouse, for it will surely turn you into that diva which you’d always wanted to be.

Sexy Stringy Halter Neck Blouse

If there’s any Saree even sexier than a net saree, it has to be a lace saree. These sarees have this effortless combination of sensuousness and etherealness, which is exactly what you’d want on that special dinner night. Pairing these with a halter neck blouse takes it to a whole another level, especially when it’s a Sexy stringy halter neck blouse.


Bipasha Basu carries this off with unparalleled elegance & if you want to spice up your dinner-date, yet stay graceful- then this is what you need in your wardrobe.

Surprise Open Back Halter Neck Blouse

This is an extremely unusual manner to try an open back with a fun element. Shilpa Shetty has kept the front covered till her neck and the back of the halter neck blouses is completely open- making it unexpectedly sexy. The best part is that- she has chosen the halter neck blouses in black, which is a great idea. You can pair this simple, yet edgy blouse with anything & instantly stylize a Saree. After all, that’s what halter neck blouses are for.

Ethereal Mandarin Collar Halter Neck Blouse

Ethereal Mandarin Collar Halter Neck Blouse How can any post on taking outfit inspirations from Indian Celebrities be complete without including Sonam Kappor? She always has the most unconventional styles up her sleeve, and this time is no different.

The mandarin collar halter neck blouses has exquisitely done intricate work, and the pearl white colour makes it stand out all the more. The shrug obviously has to be removed, but notice how her stylist ensured that even the momentary shrug looks fabulous with the entire ensemble. This is another brilliant idea to take away from this outfit- to pair a lightweight shrug, matching with the saree, before entering the restaurant. After all, dinner nights can stretch long into the late hours and halter neck blouses do tend to make you cold. You wouldn’t want to wear any boring jacket to take all the oomph away from you on your special night, would you?

Edgy Mandarin Collar Halter Neck Blouse


Genelia has also chosen a similar path by pairing her pretty red Saree, with a Mandarin collar halter neck blouse, but she didn’t forget to add her modifications. Adding a Belt is such a unique and offbeat idea to cinch in your waist. This results in an extremely feminine vibe, and if you want to show off your hourglass figure- you’d do good to incorporate this trend. Wearing a saree with a belt has always been suggested on runways but this is an extremely wearable version of it- paired with a halter neck blouse. This blouse design gives ample room for experimentation, and with the open back, a belt will give just the right amount of toughness to this otherwise soft outfit. Make sure that the Belt is in a similar colour, for if it were not, it would take away all the gorgeousness.

Modest High-Neck Lace Halter Neck Blouse


Lastly, turn to the eternal beauty Madhuri Dixit to give us all the practical pointers for incorporating this rather risqué element in our wardrobe.

A halter neck blouse isn’t easy for everyone to carry off, and if you’re worried about finding a modest style- then this could be it. The neckline has been kept high, but not as high as a mandarin collar so that it flatters your neck better. The sides of the blouse have been designed to cover more area almost like a sleeveless blouse design, so that you can move comfortably. Madhuri Dixit has paired this with an extremely simple Saree; and to ensure that the blouse doesn’t look drab with all the humble modifications, she added a lace yoke on the top. The lace keeps the outfit from looking too simple and adds a beautiful charm to the entire outfit. Isn’t this the easiest & most stylish way to try halter neck blouses?

Here are some more Offbeat style ideas

Now, after this detailed class on how, when and what ifs from our celebrities, let’s start our experimentation. Yes, we are going to discuss some unconventional halter neck designs that will make sure that you turn heads for all the right reasons. With snippets on which Saree to pair it with, and styling tips- you have to keep scrolling to know more about what we have in store for you.

Plunging Neckline Halter Neck Blouse

Style: “blue final”

If you can pull off a plunging neckline, then you’re so lucky. Your man is going to be completely bowled over when he sets his eyes on you in this halter neck blouse, with a deep, plunging neckline. This is a little tricky, so make sure that the Saree is not too sheer, for this can quickly turn into trashy. If you do choose a sheer one, then ensure that the drape covering the blouse has some embellishments for a chic vibe.

Full sleeves Halter Neck Blouse


This blouse design is intended to cater to the more conservative mindsets. Albeit full sleeves blouses are totally in these days, so you’d be right on trend with this halter neck blouse. You can keep the sleeves sheer or lacy, or even opaque as per your taste. Furthermore, the actual blouse design can be styled with a pattern of your choice, and even the Back has been given some coverage on the sides for better comfort. Pair this with a saree in contrasting colour & you’re definitely going to look like a million bucks.

Daring Slit Halter Neck Blouse


This blouse design is certainly not for the reserved women. If you know that you want to look completely edgy, and have the confidence to pull it off- then this halter neck blouse would literally leave your man in awe of your style. The Mandarin Collar paired with deep middle slit can be paired with any saree, for as long as you can work this blouse design, it would work beautifully with any fabric. The slit’s perimeters can definitely be reduced if you’d like- and either ways, this halter neck blouse will instantly turn your dinner night into an exceptionally special one.

Sheer Back Halter Neck Blouse

This blouse design is envisioned for those who’d like to stay comfortable and not show too much skin, but would still love a lot of attention as they enter the room. The sheer net covering the back provides ample coverage, whilst allowing a suggestive vibe. This halter neck blouse design is extremely versatile and would suit women of every body-type. Here, there is a slit in the sheer covering on the back of the blouse design, but if you’d like- you can cover the entire back with a sheer fabric. Once you get rid of the middle slit in the back, the halter neck blouse design would have better coverage, whilst still holding all the allure with it.

Embellished Front Yoke Halter Neck Blouse

If you’re looking for a halter neck blouse for a very fancy occasion, such as any wedding or a big party- then you might want to get on board with glittery embellishments. Well, there are unimaginable numbers of ways to dramatize your blouse design, but we shall be rooting for this. The heavy embellishments when paired with the sheer front yoke looks magnificent and helps ensure that there is not too much of bling on your blouse. If you’d like, you could even get a few beaded strings attached to the ends of blouse for an extra boost of charisma, like done here. This is definitely a very dressed up version of a halter neck blouse, but hey, it never harms to have a couple of these for those sudden Events that you have to attend.

Noodle Strap Halter Neck Blouse

Do you have a pastel colour saree with heavy borders or rather any simple saree with heavy borders, and you don’t want to get a traditional blouse done? Well, like we say, halter neck blouses are right there for you when you want something light, yet sexy as your blouse. A noodle strap halter neck blouse will instantly tone down the drama in any saree, and instead turn you into that gorgeous woman who grabs all the eyeballs as she walks in the room. And the best part about a noodle strap halter neck blouse is that you literally need no jewellery at all, except maybe a pair of dangling earrings, because your blouse design would have already added enough spice to your outfit.

Similar Fabric Halter Neck Blouse

Lastly if you’re still not sure how to rock halter neck blouses, then maybe this blouse design will sell the trend to you. There are no heavy embellishments, sheer fabric or thin straps on this halter neck blouse – so anybody can carry this off with utmost ease. This blouse design has been created with the same fabric as its Saree- paired with a high neck design, which is a totally fabulous way to not experiment much, yet take away the cake at a party.

Like we’ve said before, halter neck blouses are the easiest way to glam up any outfit. Just ensure that you pick the right blouse design with the right Saree, and have an amazing time at your special night.

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