Baby girls, Barbie dolls, fairy tales and princesses – There, I just painted a very ‘pink’ picture. Time for a reality check! Ladies, before you write-off ‘the color of love’ as girly, know this – Pink is slowly moving on to be a classic, sports-chic and even a business dress code. So how do you work this color into your style? Let’s get down to earth and start off with some shoes – Pumps, to be specific!

Pump shoes are basically, heeled slip-on shoes with a low cut front. Unlike stroppy heels, Pumps give well-rounded support to your feet. This comfortable yet stylish footwear should be a wardrobe staple for its versatility. They come in more varieties than you can think off. Ankle-straps, T-Straps or Mary Jane; pointy toes, peep-toes or rounded toes; kitten heels, pencil heels or stilettos – there are just too many models to choose from. They can be styled as a statement piece or a complimentary accent. Wear them with skirts, jeans, dresses and even Saris – Pump shoes would never let you down.

Flaunting a pair of Pump shoes may sound all too easy. But here come the tricky part – Pink! If not handled carefully, your Pink Pump shoes could easily ruin your look. The challenge is to work the color into your style without going overboard. Make sure that the shoes don’t attract all the attention – unless you want them to. Know the occasion and blend in or highlight the color to complement your ensemble.

Toning it down for the Office:

Keep those heels low and the toes pointed or round for the workplace. Pastel tones would work well with the neutral shades of formal wear like greys and tans. For black skirts and trousers choose a pair of Pump shoes with a soft Suede or fabric top. Avoid shiny faux leather and embellishments like bows.

Try this look – Black chinos/trousers + Peach shirt/blouse + Muted Pink pencil heel Pump shoe with pointed toes. To balance out the look, you can go for a pink lip color.


Make a statement at the Cocktail Party:

Go bold and get noticed in the crowd. Bright shades of Fuchsia, Raspberry and neon will set you apart. If you really want all the attention, pair your Pink heels with a short dress in a contrasting hue like yellow. Stand tall in Stilettos or medium pencil heels. Satin and leather top Pump shoes would add to the glamour. Get your nails done and flaunt them with a peep toe.

Try this look – Blue short dress + Hot Pink patent leather Pump shoes. Carry a Pink clutch purse to complement your shoes.

Michelle-Williamss -  Blue short dress
Hot Pink patent leather Pump shoes

Glam it up for the Wedding:

A good pair of bright pink Pump shoe is all you need to add some color to a snow white wedding gown. But for an Indian bride, all that matters is the sparkle. Trash those slippery sandals and walk with ease in Pump shoes, giving all your attention to that heavy Sari or Lehenga. Add height with concealed platform heels and keep the toes open or pointed.

Try this look – Ivory/white lehenga with Rani Pink Dupatta + Peep toe Pump shoes with golden/silver embellishments. Add shades of Pink to your make-up.

Glam it up for the Wedding:

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