Engagement is an occasion and also a first step of officially sealing your love and affection with your life partner. In India, engagement is as important an occasion to celebrate as the wedding. Close friends and family are invited to attend this affair to witness the exchange of rings between the heartthrobs who have pledged to start their life together. The number of guests invited and the glamour, beauty and the weight of the engagement rings exchanged symbolizes not only love and family ties but also the status symbol of the families involved.

Buying an engagement ring for both the parties has become a trendy affair. People are no longer interested in just picking anything from the jewellery shelves. The partners want to choose something that is not only unique but an engagement ring that reflects the personality of his or her life partner.

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A survey conducted by David’s Bridal revealed that a prospective bride prefers an antique engagement ring to contemporary rings that are available today. The survey also disclosed that given a chance 58% of women would love to bring about some changes or the other in their engagement rings.  However, a ring that features a centre stone surrounded by tiny stones is still in vogue and very popular among the brides-to-be.

Let’s See the Collection of Engagement Rings

A 2-carat diamond ring that has tiny diamonds in the lower edge of the ring. Looks like two rings as a combo – Solitaire and a diamond studded band, which is actually fused as just one.

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It is a flower shaped ring with a huge diamond rock in the centre which is surrounded by blues stones and tiny white stones. A very vintage and unique engagement ring indeed!

Choosing an engagement ring for your fiance is a Herculean task. There is an array of designs to choose from. You have the option of buying either vintage inspired or antique finished rings for your girlfriend. However remember to choose something gorgeous and which has a touch of class for her.


Reasons Behind Wearing the Engagement Rings on the Ring Finger

Ring finger is also called Apollo. Apollo epitomizes the love of beauty and creativity. It is also the expression of self and signifies your relationship with others. When an engagement ring is slipped onto the ring finger, it expresses the love and harmony that a couple-to-be share.

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Elegant piece of jewellery designs  fit for a graceful and compassionate bride-to-be. 3 solid rocks surrounded by smaller diamonds is a very simple yet classy design.-

A beautiful rock, band of diamonds with the sides also studded with smaller sized diamonds is a perfect design to give a Royal look to the wearer. A great combination of white and gold makes the ring spectacular.

The creativity and solidarity of the couples is displayed when the times become tough. It symbolizes how they are going to find ways to stay closer and resolve the problems that life throws across to them. The ring finger or the Apollo is believed to have high levels of energy that provides support and strength to meet life headlong gracefully with lots of compassion.

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Both the bride-to-be and the groom-to-be wear the engagement finger on the left ring finger. The ancient Greeks believed that the artery from this finger goes directly to the heart. However, on the wedding day, the engagement ring is worn on the right ring finger, so the wedding band can be put on the left ring finger.

engagement ring

Many men find going to a jewellery store to be overwhelming. Getting a perfect engagement ring is what makes the occasion a memorable one. Here are a few tips to buy the right ring. Never guess your girls finger size. If you want to surprise her turn one of her close friends who can keep secrets well into an accomplice. She might be able to get you her finger size, the type and design of the ring she is expecting. Look beyond white diamonds. There are wonderful coloured precious stones such as yellow diamond, sapphires, rubies and emeralds.

A beautiful band of yellow gold and diamond studded ring! This is a beautiful piece of art encrusted with multiple white stones. A real beauty for sure!

Buying engagement rings for men are easier compared to women. Men usually do not fuss about their jewels as they love to keep their engagement ring a simple affair.

Here are a Few Pieces of Engagement Rings for Men

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Engagement is the exchange of vows and this occasion marks the bonding of two families. Choose a perfect engagement ring for your beloved one that suits your budget and his/her tastes. Remember, it’s a moment of happiness and joy and promise to stay together till eternity.

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