Hollywood celebrities never fail to make everyone gasp at their fashion choices. They may have the choicest of roles, but when you see them downtown, there might be some who are dressed just like a girl next door. On the other hand, there are some who like to jazz it up every time they step out- whether it’s on-duty or off-duty. Although for any special occasion, like an awards night- you’re bound to notice some eccentric attire, because hollywood never shies away from bold choices. The most popular ones have turned up in extremely unique outfits- like an outfit made of pearls or with extremely dangerous cutouts & yet, every time they work it like a total diva.

Short dresses are definitely quite common in Hollywood- irrespective of it being worn at the sets, or off it. Tight bandage dresses, sequins covered outfits as a party dress or channelling retro in a cute summer dress- Hollywood celebrities have done it all with utmost ease. However, over the years, they have all developed their own sense of style & manner of dressing. Here, we have rounded up 20 popular Hollywood celebrities attempting to decode their style, with respect to short dresses, specifically for summer clothes.  Keep scrolling to know more dresses for women, taking hints from our favourite celebrities.

Angelina Jolie

With six kids, time-consuming movies and all the work that she has up her sleeve with being the Brand Ambassador of UNHCR, Angelina Jolie sure knows how to raise the temperature whenever she steps out. With a bone structure & body like that, she knows that she doesn’t need to add drama to look like a million bucks. Angelina Jolie’s summer dressing is basic with a little twist to present her signature style in every ensemble. Like here, she has chosen a nude, chiffon short dress with a fold over waistline. The single off-shoulder design gives this simple attire a very sexy spin and those long, extended straps at the waistline just add to the drama of this summer dress.

Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson! Oh, with a face & body like that, she hardly needs much to turn all the heads wherever she walks in. She is an immaculate beauty, who doesn’t crowd her style with many accessories, or offbeat attire. Her short, summer dresses flatter her body & enhance those curves, and she’s oozing sexiness in every outfit. Notice how she prefers frills or flared silhouettes, which cover her bottom part well. If you have a fuller figure- it would be wiser to choose short dresses with similar silhouette.

Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon has always had a charming, girl next-door personality and her sense of style is pretty much in the same alley as well. Her channelling of effortless styling gives us a number of pointers to take notes about.  Here she has chosen a basic purple coloured short dress, with subtle detailing that makes it stand out of the crowd. The short dress looks basic in the first glance but closer observation reveals structured flares towards the hemline, and on the sleeves. Plus the buttons on the sleeves and hemline increase the drama a notch up as well.

Cameron Diaz

Oooh, it would almost be a shame if Cameron Diaz doesn’t show off her pins in short dresses like this one! This is actually a Victoria Beckham’s creation, and she has some great designs for summer dresses. Cameron Diaz generally chooses mini skirts or mini dresses because she likes to flaunt her legs. If you are blessed with similar legs, any short dress will look amazing on you.

Sarah Jessica Parker

This list wouldn’t be complete without Sarah Jessica Parker who is known for her fashion choices, especially after her role as ‘Carrie Bradshaw’ in ‘Sex & the City’. Nobody can pull off offbeat, runway fashion with so much panache, as she does. Even whilst choosing a short dress, she’s prefers quirky, sexy styles, like the one here. All that black sheer fabric, all-over cutouts with such a short hemline cannot look sexy on anybody else other than Sarah Jessica Parker.

Jennifer Aniston

Ever since her days as ‘Rachel Green’ from ‘Friends’, Jennifer Aniston has been revered for her fashion sense. She knows how to be fuss-free and completely on trend at the same time, better than anybody else. Jennifer mostly prefers cargos or denim shorts for a casual look, and whilst choosing short dresses- she has proved her preference for strapless body-con dresses time and again. Even here, Jennifer has chosen a nude coloured short dress that hugs her body beautifully. Accessorising is not what she generally prefers, so pair similar short dresses with simple hoops and strappy heels, and you’d be good to go like her.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is an extremely talented celebrity, having made her mark in singing as well as acting. Her to-die-for body, flawless complexion & sharp features help as well. As far as summer dresses are concerned, Jennifer Lopez loves her mini dresses, especially those with sequins all-over. If you have pins like that to show off, turn up wearing a similar short dress at the next summer party, and all eyes would definitely be on you.

Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman is one of those who don’t like to follow the crowd and sets her own rules everywhere. Whether it’s the kind of movies she chooses to do, or the kind of dresses she prefers to wear- everything has her signature style all over it. Although, for her offbeat styling doesn’t translate into her wearing eccentric creations. Natalie Portman likes to keep things interesting, like she has done here with this unusual short dress. The uneven ruffles and flares lend an element of mystery to this summer dress, and she definitely wears this look very well. The surprising cutouts & origami like designs also make this dress very different, and something, which only she would have chosen.

Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis had been voted the sexiest women in the world, in 2013, and why shouldn’t she? Have you seen those eyes! Frankly, she hardly needs much to stand out once she’s done with her lovely, smoky eyes & she certainly never goes over the top with her styling. Summer dressing for her means a basic black top, paired with a sequins mini skirt, paired with her gorgeous smoked out eyes & smoothened hair, of course.

Emma Watson

Did you know that our beloved ‘Hermione Granger’ from ‘Harry Potter Series’ i.e. Emma Watson managed to study English Literature at Brown University & Oxford University, in spite of her busy schedule? Well, this brainy actress loves to extend her charming attitude to her off-duty style as well, and chooses very unconventional, sassy looks. Here she has chosen a short dress with so many unique features, like the high neck with single cropped sleeve, or the slanted, pleated structures attached to the waistline of her dress. Trust her to convert a regular summer dress into a work of art.

Emma Stone

Emma Stone has definitely nailed her own particular brand of super stylish attires, when it comes to her off-the-clock ensembles too. We loved her recent style at the Oscars as well, and even here, her choice of summer dress is definitely killing the competition. Here she has chosen a colour-accented short dress, complete with a black bow and fringe details on the hemline. If you like subtle experimentation, Emma Stone’s style is the right one for you.

Eva Longoria

Our favourite desperate Housewife- Gabriel Solis definitely had one loud mouth, and remember when she said- “Look at this bone structure. This face is a cash cow,” whilst referring to her own face? Well, even in real life- Eva Longoria definitely knows this statement to be quite true. With a facial structure like that, nobody really needs a lot. A fitted basic summer dress is all that she needs to look stunning, whilst running chores. The blow dry definitely adds bonus points for it gives amazing volume & movement to her hair, here. Notice how she has kept the hemline of the short dress well above her knees, so as to give an illusion of longer legs; which is a helpful tip, if you have a petite frame like her.

Taylor Swift

Everything about Taylor Swift’s sense of style is absolute awesomeness. Her retro waves, her signature red lips, and her winged eyeliner- everything is simply breathtakingly beautiful. When it comes to summer dresses, Taylor Swift merely goes back to her basics, which in her case are floral short dresses. With all her signature styling in place, all she needs is a nude bag & nude heels to complete this look.

Kaley Cuoco

Kaley Cuoco is everybody’s favourite from ‘The Big Bang Theory’, and why should it be any other way, for ‘Penny’ is adorable. Kaley is quite cute in real life as well, and doesn’t like to work too hard for looking stylish. She prefers simpler silhouettes with a little twist, so that she can add her personal touch. Here, she has chosen this relatively basic short dress in a neutral shade. However, the bell-like sleeves add a unique twist to the summer dress, and make it really stand out.

Blake Lively

Ever since her ‘Gossip Girl’ days, Blake Lively is known for choosing dresses which show off her figure. Whether it’s a tight, bandage dress or a deep neckline, Blake Lively doesn’t shy away from making bold choices. Here, she has chosen a body-con fit short dress with daring cutouts for a summer dress & she looks absolutely fabulous as always.

Leighton Meester

How could we leave ‘Gossip Girl’s famous ‘Queen B’ from this List? Leighton Meester’s style is classy, with a touch of her own style. Hair accessories are something, which she will definitely vouch for, because they can certainly make or break any outfit. Pairing a big floral clip, with her strappy, short dress with a bubble hemline, she looks exquisite. The unique peonies print is noteworthy as well.

The Olsen Twins

Everyone remembers them as the naughty baby-girl ‘Michelle’ from ‘Full House’, although they have grown up to be so much more. We loved them whilst they were growing up & now they have turned into Fashion Designers themselves. Ashley’s Olsen’s short dress style is more minimalistic, with a feminine touch; on the other hand, Mary-Kate Olsen always prefers darker shades. Even for her summer dress, she’s bound to choose something with edgier details, like the wide black lacy sleeves and golden details on her short dress.

Rachel Bilson

Whether it’s as ‘Zoe’ in ‘Hart of Dixie’, or as ‘Summer’ in ‘The O.C.’, Rachel Bilson always maintains her cutesy, girly sense of style. Mostly, she loves her shorts, but when summer dressing is the matter at hand, she turns towards her favourite floral dresses, like the one here. Count Rachel Bilson in for promoting bright pink shades for a short dress, complete with poufy sleeves!

Emma Roberts

You can see that she gets her adorable looks from her Oscar-winning Aunt, Julia Roberts. Emma Roberts channels her sweet vibe in all her outfits; although as young as she is- she knows that she doesn’t need to over do it. Her idea of short dresses is simple, yet on trend, like the denim bandage like dress here. We love how she’s kept everything- right from her clutch to shoes and even her nails white, for a fresh, summer vibe.

Kristen Stewart

We think Kristen Stewart has made it pretty clear that she doesn’t like following the herd. All of her fashion choices are bold, and she definitely likes trying new silhouettes and edgier styles. For a summer dress, we’re bound to see something new from Kristen like this short dress here. The huge bow on the one shoulder strap, the fitted body-con skirt, the thick waistband and the big flower motifs all over her short dress- everything spells quirkiness. Everything comes together flawlessly and she definitely grabs attention with this ensemble.

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