Bollywood Turns Bold With Blouses – A Fashion Fad To Watch Out For

Bollywood is the set standard for everything that is glamour and fashion related in India. Bollywood is a class by itself, and is followed by people from every country, class and race over the world.

The fashion world is very closely associated to Bollywood in India, and the fashion typically trickles down to the masses. It is a safe bet to be prepared with the current fashion choices displayed in Bollywood, because sooner rather than later, these styles will be seen in weddings and parties of every sort.

So what is the latest trend in Bollywood? It is the halter neck blouses.

Blouses make up for a major part of the outfit it is a part of, be it a saree or a lehenga. Experimentation with blouse neck designs have led to various styles in the past, ranging from open backs, boats necks, to half net and tube patterns. However, lately the designs have moved to racy designs that take the fashion industry to the path less taken. This path has led them to a design classically reserved for gowns and tops – the halter neck.

So what is a Halter Neck?

Typically, a halter neck consists of either a strap or a ribbon of the garment that forms a part of the outfit to run around the back of the neck, holding the garment together. This patterns then leads to the back and the shoulders of the wearer being exposed. Owing to the fact that the back and shoulders are especially attractive features of a woman, it is now possible to flaunt them in a saree now. Halter neck blouses provide the scope for the sensuous exposure of some best parts of a woman’s body – the well toned back and the sculpted shoulders.

These blouses are for the bold, and they are especially for those with a well-toned body that they wish to flaunt. Not simply that, but the entire getup depends upon the blouse neck designs. The blouse itself can either make or break the outfit, or it can solely be responsible for making a relatively simple outfit seem extremely festive.

Who have Rocked Halter Neck Blouse Patterns?

Malaika Arora is the absolute goddess when it comes to delicious traditional outfits that are bare and bold. Despite her age and the fact that she has kids, Malaika has maintained an incredibly able body. Her wonderfully toned body is known to carry many a crazy outfit, and she treats halter neck blouse patterns with equal ease, grace and beauty.

Malaika Arora in Halter Neck Saree Blouse Pattern


Various actresses have joined the bandwagon with this trend of exquisite blouses. Some of these divas are Aishwarya Rai-Bachchan, Kareena Kapoor-Khan, Sonam Kapoor, Mandira Bedi, Gul Panag and numerous others. Some of the designers boosting the trend of halter neck blouse designs are some of the biggest names in the fashion forte such as Vikram Phadnis and Manish Malhotra, naming but a few.

As a conclusion, it is safe to say that if you are a fashion buff, this is a trend to keep a watch on, and to procure blouses as per the halter neck trend whilst you are at it!

Halter Neck Blouse Design – One for all

If you have been following the fashion trends that have swept our dear Bollywood this season, then you are well aware of the rising fancy towards halter neck blouses. These blouses are suitable for lehengas and sarees and have been used quite creatively both on the ramp and off it. We know how soon anything the Bollywood stars sport reaches the fashion of the masses, and that is possibly the reason behind the growing number of hater neck blouse patterns that you will see around you. If you are currently swarmed by recommendations of a halter neck blouse designs, you have both the fashion industry and Bollywood to thank.

Halter neck is the simple pattern of using the cloth that forms the neckline to drape around the back of the neck to hold the outfit, leaving both the shoulders and the back bare. This is amongst the halter neck blouse designs, blouse neck designs that are capable of turning any plain lehenga or saree into a festive one.

Saree Suitable to Pair with Halter Neck Blouses

Now, considering that there are various fabrics that are used to make both lehengas and sarees, on cannot help but wonder of the applicability of the latest fashion trend that is doing rounds in the limelight to the sheer scale of selection of fabrics used today. Nothing is further from the truth, thankfully.

The most widely used sarees are made of either chiffon or crepe, considering that they are easy to drape and fit the figure to accentuate the curves in the best way possible.

From the likes of Priyanka Chopra to Kareena Kapoor Khan and Sonakshi Sinha, every actress has experimented with chiffon. Usually, the blouses are not made of chiffon, and other materials such as lace are used for the blouses. Either ways, halter neck blouses have been used by these celebrities over chiffon sarees and have done so very successfully.

Crepe sarees are a tad bit difficult to create and carry, but the same leading actresses have managed to carry off crepe sarees with much beauty and grace. Recently, Sonam Kapoor chose to wear a red and black crepe saree with a halter neck blouse, and she did look stunning as usual in the ensemble. The blouse was a very unique one as it was amongst the more classy and quirky halter neck blouses and was long enough to restrict the exposure of any of her waistline, which is another proof that the experimentation of blouses need not end at the halter neck saree blouse.

Similarly, both celebrities famously prefer crepe and chiffon lehengas and whilst the blouses sport various interesting necklines and designs, the skirt is relatively simple in design, while the dupatta is created with much finesse and artistry. Even within halter neck blouse designs, there is much variation with regards to length, neckline and the back. The neck can classically be a V, a square or a round, while the back itself has at least two ways in which it can be done. One such example is the beautiful lehenga with a halter neck patterned blouses sported in the Lakme Fashion Week.

Bollywood leading ladies wearing this style at different occasions and looking super sexy

Halter neck blouses are all the rage in the fashion world. They have shimmered on the runway, and they continue to dazzle on occasions where the Bollywood divas grace the party while sporting these styles. We bring to you a look book of everything that was worn recently.

1) Sonam Kapoor


We all know her for her experimentation with her outfits. Not only does she pioneer new fashions, her fashion statement is rare and wonderful and she carries off anything she wears to perfection. She recently sported a Tarun Tahilians Saree that had a rather unique twist to the halter neck blouse designs. This black-and-white saree had a black blouse, which had the top portion of sheer material, which sported a halter neck.

When she wore a Shehla Khan peach coloured saree, her bold backless blouse had a beaded halter neck and a barely-there back. This particular ensemble she pulls off looking like the true diva that she is.

Now, we are all aware that Sonam has always been one to experiment extensively with various patterns. This definitely applies to her blouses. It is hence that we have found two more halter neck blouses sported by Sonam that are fantastic style inspirations.

This is a unique twist to the traditional blouse that incorporates a halter neck design. The part of the garment that forms the neck and goes behind the neck is embellished and this, which falls on the back like jewellery. This blouse is every ornament that you need for your saree.

Another gorgeous in innovative blouse design worn perfectly by Sonam, this red and black saree sports a black halter net saree blouse, which contains ornate embellishments. The blouse is a long one that reaches the waistline and covers up the entire stomach. A V-neckline and an open back, the point of focus is the halter neck.

2) Kareena Kapoor-Khan

Kareena’s white net saree designed by Manish Malhotra

Kareena is a gorgeous woman, and thankfully, her classy tastes match both her looks and her position as a royalty.

Always one to sport the top designer collections, Kareena’s white net saree designed by Manish Malhotra, one of her most favorite designers, is so gorgeous despite being simple, that it adds so much more grace to the dreamy, beautiful things that sarees certainly are. The white halter neck blouse that went with it was simple, yet very effective in adding elaboration to the ensemble. Supporting that with minimum makeup and straight, relaxed loose hair made her personality the focus of her outfit.


The backside of this blouse is chiffon while the bust area is printed. The halter neck is circular that is connected to the front with an open chest. The design itself is strappy, ingenious and bold.

3) Shilpa Shetty

There is not a single person within or outside the country who does not swoon over the delightful curves of Shilpa Shetty’s waist. For a figure like hers, a lehenga or a saree are the most perfect choices. All of her figure and personality are as gorgeous as she is as a person.

Recently she was spotted in a pink and black Manish Malhotra saree with a halter neck blouse, and a peter-pan collar. Unique and chic, her outfit matched her personality to perfection.

4) Aishwarya Rai-Bachchan

She is undoubtedly the most beautiful woman to walk the earth, and anything she wears she adds to the beauty of. The very pink Satya Paul saree teamed with a matching pink halter neck blouse was the showstopper for various reasons. This basic and simple halter neck saree blouse was perfect for the saree, which was anything but a simple one. The saree and the blouse accentuated her new self that is so much thinner and prettier.


Even when the blouse is not the focus of the outfit, halter neck blouses are an excellent addition to the outfit. As worn by the ever-gorgeous Aishwarya Rai, this pink saree has a very classic halter neck pattern that complements the saree and yet does not steal the show from the saree itself.

5) Mandira Bedi

Having launched her own saree label, Mandira Bedi often sports racy designs when it comes to her sarees. She has been spotted wearing halter neck blouse designs for years, and it hasn’t failed her even once yet. Her new found love for exercise is also most supporting to her preference for halter neck blouse patterns. Her blouses are typical in design, but varying in the fabric and patterns used. Her blouses vary from complete bling to silk or even cotton, depending on the saree.

6) Malaika Arora Khan


This is a gorgeous blouse that is thoroughly embellished. It has a cleft running down the front that will show off a little cleavage. The neck itself is raised and is designed to look like a floral neckpiece. The halter runs thin towards the top to show off a lot of shoulders.

7) From the Runway

Amongst all the blouse neck designs, this is one of the most ingenious uses of a halter neck. Paired with a lehenga, this blouse has a bare lower back, which is raised to meet with the backside of the neck that forms the halter. The front is a high, embellished neck. The blouse itself is long on the front that reaches the waistline. Not only is this an excellent design for both a lehenga and a saree, but also it will serve just as well as a top over a shirt or a skirt.


The model is seen wearing a somewhat classic version of all halter neck blouse patters. The neckline is high and the halter crosses over in the front to then carry on towards the back of the neck. The peach fabric has a lot of work on it and is worn in addition to a plain saree highly enhancing the look to make it regal.


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