Ghagra choli is also known as lehnga choli and has been a part of the Indian attire in the regions of Gujarat, Rajasthan, and Madhya Pradesh amongst many. It basically comprises of a long skirt called the lehnga which comes in various cuts and a mid riff baring choli or a blouse along with a decorated dupatta. Because of the amount of work that is put in a ghagra choli, it is not just a piece of clothing but is a great example of Indian handicraft and no festivities are complete without a gorgeous girl all decked up in a traditional ghagra choli. So here are some gorgeous ghagra choli designs for Dandiya nights to relive this traditional Indian wear:

Gorgeous Ghagra Choli Designs for Dandiya Nights

1. Peach Off Shoulder Ghagra Choli Design


This beige and peach shade designer ghagra choli has an off shoulder choli which accentuates your shoulders and collar bones. The ghagra is in a fish ct which wraps around your figure to give a splendid appearance. The thin dupatta comes as an accompaniment to the whole design. There is heavy gold work done on the pleats in the ghagra which adds volume to the ghagra choli and similar gold work is replicated on the choli which adds balance to whole design. This bridal ghagra choli designs is a great piece to own and pair this up with a half tied up do and gold jewellery for a great effect.

2. Pink and Blue Low Waist Ghagra Choli Design:

 Pink and Blue Low Waist Ghagra Choli Design:

This ghagra choli has a low waist a cut lehnga which accentuates your slim waist pelvic bones. The blue colour cut sleeves choli with a deep sweetheart neckline is long and adds length to your figure along with a blue net dupatta. The pink of the ghagra adds to the great colour combination of this designer ghagra choli. The ghagra choli patterns have a lot of work on it to make it look appealing and the choli has a traditional peacock motif golden print on it to add to the traditional look. Pair this dress up with long flowing hair and peacock earrings for a great look.

3. Long Floral Ghagra Choli Design with a Net Jacket:

Long Floral Ghagra Choli Design with a Net Jacket

This pink and beige ghagra choli is a great designer dress for a wedding. It features a sleek pink Lycra types material that shines and stands out and beige and pink coloured ghagra. The ghagra has a pink waist belt that mirrors the material of the choli. The USP of this dress is a full net jacket that features heavy floral patterned lace work. This jacket covers the sleeves and provides a good design to the front of the ghagra choli as it is fastened up. The simple plain pink dupatta adds to the colour of this designer ghagra choli dress.

4. Blue Fish Cut Bridal Ghagra Choli Deisgn:

Blue Fish Cut Bridal Ghagra Choli Deisgn:

This blue combination ghagra choli with turquoise and royal blue colour combination is a great asset to your wedding finery collection. It features a form fitting off shoulder choli and a fish cut ghagra. The fabric is dotted with golden pattern and work and the border of the ghagra has a thick golden border that adds to the effect of this ghagra choli. The semi transparent net dupatta with a golden border does not take away from the heavy ghagra choli and adds an essence of its own. Pair this ghagra choli with hoop  earrings and a loose hairstyle for a great effect.

5. Simple Sea Green Flowing Ghagra Choli Design:

Simple Sea Green Flowing Ghagra Choli Design:

This sea green ghagra choli is very simplistic when it comes to design and yet with the fabric it contains comes off as a real beauty. The choli is a simple round neck one and the ghagra has a traditional flowing cut that adds a lot of volume to the outfit. The choli has a long net piece over it that flows down to the bottom and covers up the midriff along with the arms. Both the net piece of the choli and the ghagra has a thick silver border that gives volume and solidity to the simple material. The dupatta is also similar with a net fabric and a thick silver border. Pair this ghagra choli outfit with silver earrings and strappy heels for a great effect.

6. Rajasthan inspired Ghagra Choli:

Rajasthan inspired Ghagra Choli

This fashionable piece of ghagra choli has been inspired by the traditional Rajasthani tribal ghagra choli. The low waist ghagra and a short choli give a lot style for showing off your waist. The choli has a simple cut with half sleeves and a V neck and features beads and prints inspired by flaming colours of Rajasthani ghagra choli. The ghagra is also heavily designed with a take on the traditional Rajasthani design and features a slim waist belt of golden colour to add to the effect.  The dupatta is made up of net and has a beaded border to add volume and to create a balance with this designer ghagra choli. Pair this up with some traditional Rajasthani tribal accessories for a great look.

7. Blue A line Ghagra Choli with Heavy Dupatta:

Blue A line Ghagra Choli with Heavy Dupatta

This ghagra choli is sky blue in colour and features a simple choli designs with a square V neck. The ghagra is A cut and both the ghagra and choli have golden pattern and work on them to create symmetry and balance in the design. The dupatta is also made up of similar material and has a border on it to add to the whole effect of the ghagra choli outfit. Since, this is a fabric heavy outfit, pair this up with simple makeup and a simple neck piece for a great look.

8. Maroon Bridal Ghagra Choli:

 Maroon Bridal Ghagra Choli

Maroon is the traditional colour choice for many brides and this ghagra choli is a perfect fit. There is a simple A cut of the ghagra that opens up at the end and the choli has simple half sleeves and a sweetheart neckline. There is heavy silver work at the tip of the ghagra that works its way upwards. Similar balance work is done on the choli as well. The dupatta is made up of red net and features similar design which adds balance and creates an overall effect of heavy work and sparkle. This is a great bridal ghagra choli and is sure to light up your special day.

9. Western Frock Inspired Layered Ghagra Choli:

Western Frock Inspired Layered Ghagra Choli:

The main feature of this ghagra choli is the layered ghagra that is present. The sea green waves added at the bottom add to a fluffy appearance like those western frocks and gives a new twist to the design. The choli is simple with round neck and has long net sleeves and the dupatta is made up of net and features silver design matching that of the choli. The peach and sea green add up to a great colour combination and you can team up this western frock inspired designer ghagra choli with a tiara and long earrings for a great look.

10. Heavy Banarasi Contrast Ghagra Choli:

Heavy Banarasi Contrast Ghagra Choli:

This ghagra choli features a traditional cut of a choli with a short blouse and half sleeves. The ghagra is A cut and low waist while the dupatta is red in colour. The colour combination of the green choli with purple ghagra adds a great contrast to the style of this ghagra choli. There is heavy silver and black silver work with a very ethnic silver embellishment attached at the crook of the choli. Similar design is created in the ghagra and the dupatta to create balance. This is a great outfit with kohl rimmed eyes and silver black silver jewellery to go.

11. Net ghagra choli with waist jacket:

Net ghagra choli with waist jacket

In this ghagra choli design, the colour combination of magenta with purple works very well to create harmony. The ghagra has a simple cut to it and flow freely while the choli is of an exquisite design. The purple velvet like material is offset with magenta border and net sleeves. There is gold work done at the end of the choli which gives it more of a sparkle. This ghagra choli features a net jacket attached at the waist of the outfit which covers up the midriff and the border of the jacket adds a touch of symmetrical to the ghagra choli.

12. Golden and maroon fish cut ghagra choli:

Golden and maroon fish cut ghagra choli

This ghagra choli features a golden fish cut ghagra that is figure hugging and adds length to your height and a maroon choli. The design of the choli simple with an elongated square neck and golden work on the maroon fabric. Similar work is done on the golden ghagra and the dupatta features both the colours adding to creating balance in the design of the outfit. Pair this up with a large elaborate hair bun and golden jewellery set for a great effect.

13. Green corset ghagra choli:

Green corset ghagra choli

This ghagra choli is inspired by the western corset and feature a colour combination of red and green. The pale colours add to the effect of the high fashion design. The choli is made in a corset style with a sea green corset cut and to add to an ethnic appeal has balloon sleeves near it shoulders. The ghagra has a simple cut and the red of the fabric has green design on it to add to the colour combination. There is a golden border at the end which is replicated in the net dupatta. With pale colours of this ghagra choli add a heavy jewellery set and an exquisite hair do to create a great look for you.

14. Rajasthani design georgette ghagra choli:

This ghagra choli features traditional Rajasthani colours of pink, yellow and blue and a typical Rajasthani design found in areas like Jaipur and Udaipur. The georgette material flows freely and the cut and the make of this ghagra choli is kept simple. The main focus here is on the fabric and the designs on it that are inspired from Rajasthan. Pair this up with silver Rajasthani jewellery for a great traditional outfit.

15. Black Rajasthani tribal ghagra choli:

 Black Rajasthani tribal ghagra choli

There are certain tribes in the areas of Rajasthan that wear black ghagra choli and this has become very popular in the fashion industry. This ghagra choli is inspired by such a tribal ghagra choli and has a traditional simple cut of the choli and the ghagra. Here, the main focus is on the colourful designs present on both the ghagra and the choli. These designs are usually handmade and crafted out of cotton threads with the patterns representing certain stories and folk tales. The red dupatta adds a touch of colour to this ghagra choli and is a great accompaniment. Team up this ghagra choli with kohl rimmed eyes and Rajasthani tribal jewellery for a great effect.

When it comes to traditional events and weddings, a ghagra choli will never go wrong. You can be of any size and wear a ghagra choli and look your best. With the fusion of Indian and western styles, ghagra choli has evolved from its humble roots and is now staple for many girls going for an ethnic look. The dupatta in a ghagra choli can be worn in many ways, draped around the shoulder, around the neck or wrapped stylishly around the arms. Many traditional bags and clutches are also available to pair up with your ghagra choli and you can find them in many flea markets and shops. Jewellery for a ghagra choli is never hard to find with so many options that are available in the market. When you buy a ghagra choli make sure that you have a perfect fit of the choli and the length of ghagra is not too much so that you are comfortable and yet look stylish and traditional. You can also create your own design of ghagra choli with these sets of inspirations and be a show stopper at any function you go to.

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