Believe it or not, Yoga as an exercise brings in some sense of fashion from the people who practice it on a regular basis.  There is a spiritual connect at a yoga class where students face huge mirror walls in most cases and become overtly aware of their bodies and appearance.  Health tips, asanas, diet charts, general life and fashion then become the most discussed topic at these classes.

Each one dresses according to their body type –over-sized cotton t-shirts with leggings or fitted vests on track pants, there is varied fashion that one gets to see at a yoga class. Yoga today is considered to be a lifestyle activity, for those who are ever ready to tone up and for those who are tired of their extra flabs and want to work towards a leaner/ slimmer look.

Having convinced you about yoga and convincing you to enroll into one, we shall now suggest what you could wear to your class to be perceived as stylish and trendy while they also provide you with breath ability and comfort.

Yoga pants can be worn for most physical activity classes like aerobics, zumba, power yoga, dance, Pilates, martial arts where one requires to stretch and bend and improve on ones flexibility. It provides great comfort to be able to perform your routines without any obstructive glitch. Yoga pants are made from cotton, spandex, nylon, polyester that help you stretch easily, absorb sweat and feel very light on the body. Usually, the most preferred color is black, so your body is well fitted yet hidden behind the dark color.

Different types of Yoga Pants:

Boot cut and flared yoga pants are the most popular choice among women for workouts, casual wears and maternity wears. Yoga pants adjustable waistbands make them very easy to slip into, for women of any sizes lending them comfort and the capacity to move around. When paired with flip flops, running shoes, t-shirts and tank tops or hoodies, yoga pants look absolutely stunning and sporty.

Full length and fitted yoga pants resemble leggings which one can wear to flaunt shapely legs and waist. It is most commonly used for lounging in the house, for a workout or short strolls.  One can pair the tight fitted yoga pants with tank tops, sweat shirts, cotton t-shirts with a wrist and a head band to complete the sporty look.

Cropped Fitted Style Yoga Pants provide for a really dressy and chic look. They resemble capri pants, falling just above the ankle and fitted tightly to legs.  You can pair them with long tops, crop tops, spaghetti tops and jackets.

Many women also use yoga pants as club wear for its comfy fabric and seductive fit. To show off the shapely curves,women love to wear them around.

The best buy is from the brand Victoria’s Secret, the ace lingerie retail chain that makes amazing yoga pants for comfortable functioning and style.

Another good buy is Old Navy’s stylish yoga pants available for INR 3,000/- onwards, for woman of all kinds – petite and tall. Prana is another leading brand that understands the concept of workouts and custom designs yoga pants for swift movement. Among Indian Brands, the top most seller is Urban Yoga, that designs chic pants for the gym-woman of today!

Lets look at some smart yoga pants for Women

Petal layering on crop fitted style yoga pants to blossom at your routine!

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Printed and crop fitted yoga pants that guarantee flexibility!

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Burn the dance floor! Flaunt your moves with printed crop yoga pants


Boot Cut and Flared Style Yoga Pants that make on look absolutely classy at a yoga class!

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Roll Over Waistbands on crop fitted yoga pants to flaunt just what’s needed!

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Get the right moves with Full Length Fitted yoga Pants

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Be the fashionista of your yoga class Crop Style Fitted Yoga Pants with printed waistbands.

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