Fimo nail art involves attaching tiny clay characters or designs to your nails. You can paint your nails plain and attach the fimo nail art stickers to them or create a whole design around the fimo you intend to use. For instance, with fimo flowers you could do garden nails or with fimo stars you could create galaxy styled nails. There are endless fimo clay designs available at stores and online for you to choose from, with tons of possibilities for different nail art designs.


In the photograph above, there is a selection of just a few fimo clay canes which you can purchase. Here we can see just a sampling of flowers, characters, shapes, butterflies, fruit and so much more that are available. These canes can be sliced thinly to create the pieces to go on your nails.

How to make Fimo Nail Stickers

To cut your own fimo canes you will need:

  • Fimo Cane(s)
  • Sharp Blade such as an Exacto Knife
  • Cutting Board (thick cardboard)
  • Tweezers
  • Container to store them

When you plan to slice your fimo canes, be sure there are no small children around, who may try to eat the pieces or may cut themselves on the sharp knife. Use caution yourself when using a sharp blade to do this.

Step by Step Guide to make Fimo nail art stickers:

  • Get your supplies together and place them on the cutting board or thick cardboard you are going to use, to protect the surface area you will be working on.
  • Hold the cane firmly and slice with a sawing motion or press the knife firmly down through the clay. You will have to experiment with your fimo cane to find out which cutting style works best for that particular cane.
  • Continue slicing as many stickers that you will need or slice the entire can if you desire.
  • When you near the end of your cane and it is difficult to hold any longer, then use your tweezers. Grab hold of the cane from end to end and continue to hold this in place while you slice the rest until it is complete.
  • Place any fimo nail art you are not using immediately into a container for storage.
  • Don’t throw away any slices that may not have turned out perfectly, because you can still use them. For instance, a half a slice of fruit can still be used on your nails.
  • Any other style of slices that didn’t cut correctly can be easily covered over with another fimo slice or perhaps a gem, so that only you will know you ever made an error. No one else will have a clue that you made a mistake anywhere.

How to Cut Fimo Canes

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If you wish for a further guide on how to cut your fimo cane right to the end, please watch this video guide:

How to Cut Fimo Cane to the End


However, you can always buy fimo nail art already cut to spare you the hassle of having to cut them yourself. The picture above shows an example of previously cut assorted fimo flowers. You can purchase either the canes or the previously cut fimo nail art online or at your favourite nail art supply store.

Fimo Nail Art, How to Apply

You may be wondering how those little slices are stuck onto the nails. It is very simple to do.

What You Need:

  • Fimo Slice(s)
  • Tweezers (or other instrument to hold slices)
  • Clear Nail Polish
  • Top Coat

Step By Step Fimo Nail Art:

  • Make sure your polish is completely dry. Apply a small dot of clear nail polish to the exact place you wish to put your fimo slice.
  • Use a pair of tweezers to grab hold of your fimo slice and carefully place it on top of the clear polish dot. Do your best not to move the slice around too much once it is on the nail or it may ruin the polish under it. Gently press the slice down to hold it place.
  • If you are going to apply more than one piece of fimo to your nails then repeat this process. If you are going to overlap any fimo slices, then apply the clear polish to the area of the fimo that is already on your nail and the section of your nail that you wish to put on the new slice.
  • Let this dry at least partially, then apply a generous coat of topcoat or more than one layer of topcoat if you need to.

For fimo nail art, how to apply them in different ways is explained in this video:

Fimo Flowers


Fimo nails are adorable with pretty and cute little flowers on them. These thinly sliced flowers can be overlapped to add depth to your nail art designs. Overlapping your fimo slices is a great way to hide any flaws. Fimo nail art is a great way to hide any mistakes in your nail polish or nail art, too, by covering over the error with a slice of fimo then no one but you will ever know there was any mistake made. You can paint your nails any way you like and then add the fimo slices to add the perfect finishing touch to your design.

Your nail art can be designed to match your fimo flowers if you want them to be the highlight of your nails. Note in the photo above that half a fimo slice has been used on the edge of the nail. This is a great way to use any slices that didn’t cut perfectly and it fits the fimo nail art and looks as though it was done this way on purpose.


Fimo Fruit


Fimo fruit slices are some of the most popular styles in use. The picture above is a french manicure done with three stripes of colour for the french tip. These colours have been changed in order on the different nails for a more playful and fun look. To add more brightness some fimo fruit slices have been added on some of the nail tips. There are orange, lime, lemon and banana slices mixed. Some of the slices have been halved when being paired with other fruit slices. This is a very colourful and amusing nail art fimo, that is perfect for a tropical holiday or for the hot seasons.


This nail art gallery, not only shows a variety of fimo fruit slices, but a multitude of ways in which to do fimo nail art designs. Starting with the thumb, this nail has been painted yellow with some thin stripes of green added in a leaf pattern and then a slice of orange fimo was applied over the leaf. The pointer finger has been done in a dripping ice cream style using pink and white polish with a strawberry slice added. The middle finger looks like a chocolate covered banana with yellow french tip and brown nail. The addition of a banana slice of fimo helps to further the design idea. The ring finger is painted with a plain candy apple green polish and a slice of apple has been added. The pinky finger has been painted red with white and green diagonal stripes to mimic a watermelon which has a half slice of watermelon fimo on it. Let your imagination go when you design nail art fimo style.

Fimo Animals


Many fimo canes come with different animals and insects of every type you can think of and in just about every colour imaginable, too. The picture above shows a very simple fimo nail art using different brown polish on the nails and the cute bear fimo applied to them. You can make fimo nails as simple or elaborate as you wish or have time for. This particular style can be done very quickly.


Who doesn’t love panda bears? This set of nails has been painted to look like a bamboo forest with blue skies and white clouds. The artist has painted little panda bodies onto her nails and then applied fimo panda heads on top of the bodies. This is so adorable. These nails would take more time and effort than the previous set of bear nails we saw.

Holiday Fimo Nail Art


Need an excuse to wear fimo nail art? Try the next holiday on your calendar. This set of sugar skull nail art designs or Calavera is perfect for those fimo flowers. These would be a lot of fun to wear on Halloween, not just on the Day of the Dead or All Souls Day. Look for ideas online for fimo nail art you can try for your favourite holiday.


Christmas is another time of year that is perfect for wearing fimo nails. The photograph above shows snowflake, snowmen and Santa fimo. The glittery blue nail polish is a perfect backdrop for a snowy, wintery day represented by the different fimo slices glued on them. You can have fancy nails like this, with very little artistic effort needed, just give it a try, you may surprise yourself.


Another look for Christmas, this set of nails have been painted with a shimmery gold speckled red polish. The accent nails have stripes of ribbons in white and gold glitter to look like Christmas present wrapping. A simple fimo bow has then been placed on top of the ribbon for some added effectiveness and depth. This nail art would be perfect for a party and also stylish and suitable for the office.

Cute Designs

There are so many things you can do with fimo nail art, like this adorable set of nails with pale grey paint and tiny black dots. Cute red and white fimo flowers have been added which almost make these nails look like a wallpaper design. This again, shows great examples of how to use those not quite perfect fimo slices in your nail art designs. They are perfect for using on the edges of your nails.

This cute design of nail art has used pastel colours with white stripes for a vintage look and then applied similar colour fimo flowers and a butterfly to each of the different coloured nails. Fimo nail art can be done tastefully and simply. Easy background nail polish of solid colours or dots and stripes can give you great looking nails that are polished off with the addition of fimo slices.

Fimo Butterflies


This set of fimo nails look like a garden of pinks, reds and whites. They have used fimo butterflies, dragonflies, flowers and leaves to create this illusion. A gem has been placed in the centre of one of the flowers and some caviar beads have been added to complete the design. The nails have been painted to look like grass, branches and leaves. These nails would be great if you were going on a picnic or visiting a botanical garden.

Here we have another idea for using fimo butterflies. These nails have been painted a sky blue with some green grass sponged on the french tips. Yellow and red dots have been scattered over the grass to look like tiny flowers. The butterflies have been attached over the nail in the sky area. Once you have learned the basics of nail art, you can easily copy different designs and ideas you find online. All you have to do is try.

sky blue fimo butterflies nail art

Here we have another idea for using fimo butterflies. These nails have been painted a sky blue with some green grass sponged on the french tips. Yellow and red dots have been scattered over the grass to look like tiny flowers. The butterflies have been attached over the nail in the sky area. Once you have learned the basics of nail art, you can easily copy different designs and ideas you find online. All you have to do is try.

More Fimo Nail Art Ideas

Fimo Nail Art Ideas

This picture shows a beautiful example asian fimo nails. The satiny reds used on the nail are gorgeous, with tiny black branches painted over and the fimo flowers attached to the branches. These nails would be great to celebrate Chinese New Year or even just out to a dinner party. They would suit wearing a black dress or a matching red one. Some people design their nails to match what they will be wearing, while others match their clothes to go with their nail art.

Fimo Nail Art Ideas

This is another nail art gallery of different styles mixed together. Blacks and pinks in different shades have been put together to go with the fimo. The pointer finger has a round Chanel logo fimo in black. The middle finger has different fimo flowers on pink. The ring finger looks like licorice allsorts fimo in black, white and pink on top of a black nail. The pinky is done in hot pink with little hot pink fimo bears on top. This is quite a mixture of styles and items.

Fimo nail art can be done in a variety of ways. You can find every design you want of fimo canes or slices online or in stores. If you like this idea and want to try it, why not buy some fimo and apply it to your nails? Just follow the step by step instructions or videos for easy fimo application and fun, simple nail art ideas.

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