We just said goodbye to 2013, and hugged 2014. Does that mean that we have to clear up our closet to make way for that fresh batch of must-buys? Actually, no! We would have invested quite a lot on the latest denims, tees, accessories and other paraphernalia. So everything you bought in 2013 or the year before that can be used in 2014 and later too. It’s true! All that you need to do is make minor changes in your jackets, denims, tees, and cardigans. A few styling tips and tricks can help you restyle and refashion your old clothes to make them latest fashion trends.

Convinced your investment will not be lost? You’re not going to throw out anything now, right? Good, we will put together a little cheat sheet to show you how to restyle the 2013 fashion trends, that you had shopped with so much of love and passion. Let’s start refurbishing 2014 wardrobe right way using a few DIY styling tips and tricks and make them latest fashion trends.

Boot Jeans – Many feel that this is no longer in vogue. But it’s an ideal attire to walk their dog or do gardening. Here are a few tips to convert your boot jeans into a piece of self-styled art.

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Take a Look on How to Refashion your old clothes to Latest Fashion Trends


Make a style statement with your old boot cut jeans. Add laces or frills to refashion.


Have you given a thought to turning your boot cut jeans into skinny jeans?


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Make it a DIY project. Use your skinny jeans as a tailoring guide. Keep it on top of the boot cut jeans and make marks to cut the extra bit. If you’re not good with it, take it to a professional seamstress.

skinny jeans

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Here is a tutorial to convert your boot cut jeans into a pair of trendy shorts for this summer.


Summer is also the time to flaunt your long legs. If you have an old pair of denims, how about converting that into a trendy short skirt to go with the sunshine halter-top. Have a look at this do-it-yourself picture to give you an idea.

Now your trendy denim skirt is ready for the beach side vacation this summer.


Give a thought to converting your old loose shirts that you no longer use into trendy and cute little romper for the hot summer days. This can be one of your own latest fashion trends for 2014!

Have you given a thought of converting the winter shirt to a short and fashionable summer shirt?


There is your finished product. Team it with a pair of shorts or mini skirt

If you have a long sleeved T-shirt that you are no longer using. Trim it down to make a sleeveless and cute tank with revealing sides looks like a latest fashion trends.


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The final product. Wear a gym bra to give the whole t-shirt a sexy look.

Convert your old brooch into a pendant. Use a converter, its nothing but a brooch pin, to convert the brooch into an awesome pendant.


slip into onto a velvet jewel cord to make a necklace

Do you a few pieces of earrings, which are not in vogue or one of them, is lost? Never throw them out. Instead make a latest fashion trends like  pendant out of it. Have a look.


Do not throw away the trendy and fashionable clothes, shoes or accessories that you had bought in the previous season. Use your creativity to make them not only look different but also the latest fashion trends for this year.

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