Pattu Saree
Sarees’ are an important aspect of Indian traditional wear and a silk saree adds the desired charm. Silk is woven into different fabrics and is also known as pattu. India is the largest producer as well as consumer of silk in the world. Silk has a lot of value in India. Designer blouses for pattu sarees paired with traditional jewellery are worn on auspicious occasion like weddings and festivals since ages.

South India is quite famous in producing silk or pattu sarees and also women here in South India prefer wearing a saree with a wide range of designer blouses  for auspicious occasions unlike North where Salwars are quite popular. A bride in South India will love to flaunt her feminine side wearing a pattu saree with a designer blouse and the classic temple jewellery. Though pattu originated in the south but because of its utter elegance got popularised throughout the nation.


Popular Silk Sarees

Here are some of the most popular type of pattu sarees all across India. Women can choose their type of pattu saree and pair it with a designer blouse to look like a princess.

  • Banaras pattu
  • Kanchipuram silk
  • Mysore pattu
  • Patola Sarees
  • Pochampally pattu
  • Uppada pattu

Kanchipuram silk sarees


Kanchivaram saree has a charm of its own and is quite popular throughout India. These designer blouses for pattu sarees as seen in the above pictures are rich and luxurious and are mainly preferred during the wedding seasons or during festivals. These sarees are most popular among the brides. These are very colourful and the work on the pallu is usually beautiful and rich. The most commonly found designs are temple designs, cluster of flowers, checks, stripes, floral designs, fruits designs etc which can be recreated on the blouses as well.

Mysore silk sarees


Mysore silk sarees is another pride of the south. These plain sarees can be paired with intricate blouse designs either in the form of different cut styles or with embellishments. These sarees are mainly woven by combining two colours like red and grey, pink and black etc. The body of the saree is unicolour and plain. Their borders are heavily embroidered and have intricately designed pallus.

Paithani silk sarees

These are known for their slanted square, peacock pallus etc. Since these sarees are made by combining three types of silks known as charka, china silk and ciddle and also different colors choosing a contrast blouse will do wonder for you.

Designer blouses for pattu sarees

The pattu sarees are a pride for the south Indians. Who says that the blouses have to be plain?  The blouses for the pattu sarees are very much in demand. Most of them believe that the combination of a traditional pattu saree and a designer blouse is not very appealing. But in reality people are sacred to experiment the combination of the pattu saree and designer blouse. Since the world today is becoming fashion sensitive hence we have to concentrate on the saree industry as well. Thanks to the Bollywood stars most of the women these days prefer designer blouse. The blouses can be made according to the necessity. Heavy work blouse can be used for grand occasions like weddings and blouses with simple work can be used for casual occasions. These days it’s become a fashion to wear a simple saree with a heavy work blouse. This makes the person look simple but elegant and gracious. So next time do not hesitate to pick up designer blouses for your pattu sarees.

Here are few more designer blouses for pattu sarees to look for inspiration.

1. Golden Blouse:


Gold blouses look absolutely stunning. These blouses are embroided with zari, beads and stones. The different patterns along the blouses gives a rich and an enhancing look to the blouse. There are ready made blouses available as well. They come with added allowances of up to two to three inches incase of any alteration required in future. These blouses are designed by professionals and are made with great care and creativity. The zari is a thread made of gold or silver. They are mainly used on silk materials. Maggam or Aari is like a crocheting chain stitch in fabric.

2. Heavily Embellished blouse


This pattu blouse design is made with maggam embroidery as well as zari work. This is perfect to be worn during parties or weddings. It can be worn on plain silk sarees which would make you look simple and yet elegant.

3. Sexy blouse designs:


This is one design which is fit for the young at heart. There is only one word to describe this which is sexy! The straps are heavily embroided. If you like it you can add a net or a silk covering at the back. This improves the blouse neck as well.

4. Keyhole blouse design:


The first thing that comes to your mind when you see this is –colours of Rajasthan. This blouse can be worn over a plain pattu or a multi coloured one. This is a sleeveless blouse with a high collar. This gives a classic look as well as a traditional look. It can be worn with a plain saree which has broad borders.

5. Stone work blouse design:


This blouse reminds us of one thing-wedding! This beautiful piece is made of maggam and zardosi work. It has a very rich and festive touch. It’s a piece of art which is perfect to be worn on grand functions.  The back is beautifully made with stones and beads. Banaras sarees is a perfect match for this designer blouse.

6. Printed blouse:


This is a puffed sleeve silk blouse with a low back. It is a plain designer Banaras saree paired with a heavy worked Banaras silk blouse with puffed sleeves and a beautiful back neck design.

7. Maggam work blouses:


This is a bright blue designer silk blouse with short sleeves and heavy work. It is designed with glittering zircion and chain stones. The sleeves have been designed with lotus prints and the back has knot with beaded tassels and red large kundans which enhances the beauty of the blouse.

These are the famous silk designer blouses which have the peacock design. They are designed with maggam and chain work. The peacock is adorned at the back of the blouse along the side of the neck.


This is a grand designer silk blouse which has maggam work and a broad neck. The flowers are weaved with zardosi and mirrors are embellished around the neck as well as all over the house. The knots have tassels and this can be worn for grand and festive occasions.

8. Boat neck Blouse design:


This design is known as the boat neck design. This boat neck design looks good on all body type as well as complexion. This boat neck blouse design looks very chic as well as feminine.  These blouses can be worn with sarees as well as lehengas.

9. Cotton Silk blouse:

This is a cotton silk short sleeve designer blouse. It has a round neck and a dori at the back. It is a simple design and can be worn with a heavy designed saree.


When you wear a saree, the blouse matters a lot. Make your own personalized blouse design using a combination of various designs, and step out in the traditional attire in elegance. Interested in seeing even more blouse designs? Checkout the collection at ShopAlike … they have great deals too.

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