Traditionally, round mehndi designs were created for their simplicity and beauty. These designs can be created as large or as small as you like. They can be applied anywhere you wish to have this temporary henna tattoo. There are many traditional and modern symbols that can be incorporated into the round circle mehndi designs such as suns, flowers and even hearts can be created to have a round appearance.

Traditional Round Mehndi Designs

  Round mehndi designs for hands can be created on the palm or the back of the hand, or both, depending on what you prefer. When the mehndi is painted on the palm this represents an offering, and when it is on the back of the hand it symbolizes protection. The photo above shows two different designs on the palms of the hands. The right hand is considered to be masculine and projective. The left hand is thought of as feminine and receptive. Mehndi designs may be created to show these aspects by making each hand slightly different. There is a lot of negative space, where no henna has been applied around the simple mehndi design to help emphasize the patterns.

Traditional Round Mehndi Designs

In the photograph above, the round mehndi designs are matching and placed on the back of the hand. This style of mehndi can reduce the time needed to create these patterns over the more intricate detailed designs that cover the entire hand and yet look just as elegant. The outside semi-circle pattern on the simple round mehndi designs have been re-created on the fingers to continue the look and bring in continuity. These simple round mehndi designs can be worn for any occasion you desire. Many brides choose round mehndi designs.


With this beautiful design, the outer dotted pattern has been continued on the wrist and fingers to tie all the aspects of this round shape mehndi design together. Round mehndi designs for hands like this can look absolutely stunning.

To see how round mehndi designs are created, watch this video:

Easy Round Mehndi

Sun Designs

Easy Round Mehndi - Sun design

Sun designs are a traditional symbol used for mehndi as it represents fertility, protection, and caring. The sun also helps to ward off hunger and problems associated with aging. The round shape mehndi design of the sun in this photo has been done a little differently and there are many half circles created for the pattern rather than one circle in the middle of the hand. This style adds some variety to the usual round mehndi designs.


This is another example of the sun designs which are very popular. These suns are shining outward as though to illuminate and send blessing to everyone around. The sun also signifies deep and lasting love for a bride and groom if worn for a wedding.

Flowers Round Mehndi Designs

Flowers are a great source for simple mehndi designs. They can be created many different ways. You could have just about any type of flower you wish for your round mehndi designs. Flowers and petals traditionally represent pure joy and happiness. The design in the picture above looks like a bracelet is attached to a lace flower on the back of the hand, which is attached to the rings on the finger below. This is a very popular composition, especially in the west.

Flowers Round Mehndi Designs

Here we have very detailed and elaborate flower patterns on the palms of the hands. A great deal of work went into the drawing of these petals. Round mehndi designs can be quite intricate if you desire. These flowers cover the entire palm rather than just a small design in the centre of the palm. When choosing a flower, certain flowers have traditional meanings that you may wish to have included in your mehndi design. The Lotus blossom symbolizes many things, purity, grace, beauty, creativity, and femininity. A flower bud indicates new life or new growth and fertility.

Round Mehndi Designs in Wheel Symbol or Wheel Pattern

Round Mehndi Designs in Wheel Symbol or Wheel Pattern

The wheel is a time held tradition for round mehndi designs. The wheel has meaning for many different cultures and can represent a variety of things. The wheel can also be called a Mandala, which can depict many things, but ultimately represents impermanence. In Buddhism, the wheel may refer to the Wheel of Life or to the Dharma Wheel. The Wheel of Life represents reincarnation and includes aspects, such as birth, aging, sickness and death. The Dharma Wheel is said to turn when Dharma is taught. Within Native American and First Nations people they have the Medicine Wheel, which represents all aspects of health and well-being needing balance, as well as all races in the world wanting to live in peace and harmony within the four cardinal directions. These are just a few examples of the symbolism of the wheel within different traditions that can be used to create round mehndi designs.

Round Mehndi Designs in Wheel Symbol or Wheel Pattern -  Backside

This photo shows an example of a wheel design on the back of the hand. This is a beautiful arrangement and perfectly executed. If you wish to learn to become a mehndi artist, it is always a good idea to practice different styles and techniques on a piece of paper to perfect your skill before you try it on your skin or anyone else’s.

Here is a video showing you how you can practice this art at home on paper:

Traditional Round Mehndi Design

Heart Shaped Round Mehndi Designs


Another version of the round mehndi designs is the heart shape. Although not perfectly round the heart symbol can be created in a similar manner to the circle mehndi designs. Of course the heart represents love when worn. This can be a very pretty form and a nice alternative to the round patterns. The heart is a perfect symbol to be used in a wedding mehndi conception.

There are different ways to wear your heart patterns with your mehndi designs. There is a saying of ‘wearing your heart on your sleeve’, which means to show your love openly and these heart patterns certainly fall into this category. What better way to show your love than to wear a heart mehndi on the palm of your hands, which says you offer your love.

Round Mehndi Designs on Feet

Round Mehndi Designs on Feet

Mehndi designs on the feet represent the connection of the human body to the earth and this often considered holy. Circle mehndi designs can be created on the feet as well as the hands and the same symbols can be used. The placement of these round symbols then takes on a divine aspect of their original meanings.

The round flower mehndi on the feet would symbolize divine joy and happiness. Placing mehndi on the feet and legs can be just as important as having it on the hands and arms for certain occasions, such as a wedding. The mehndi on the feet brings another holy aspect into the wedding ceremonies and other events and is hoped to bring blessings.

Round Mehndi Designs in Circle Patterns

Round Mehndi Designs in Circle Patterns

Round mehndi designs can be expressed with the use of partial circles as shown in the picture above. This creation is topped off with a peacock symbol which means beauty as well as good luck and fertility. The peacock is another traditional mehndi design that is very popular to this day.

Round Mehndi Designs in Circle Patterns

This creation has many smaller circular flower designs on the hands and running up the arm. You do not have to limit yourself to one circle when having this type of round mehndi designs made.


Here is another example in the photograph above, of a different way to incorporate circle mehndi designs into your chosen pattern. Many small round flowers have been used to border the intricate lace pattern which wraps around the hand and pointer finger.

Round Mehndi Designs on Back and Shoulders

Round Mehndi Designs on Back and Shoulders

The back gives a lot of room to create large, gorgeous round mehndi designs. This flower pattern is a simple mehndi design that can easily be created on the larger canvas surface of the back. Having mehndi designs placed on the back is becoming more popular and is very trendy with young adults. This is a great idea when you will be wearing clothes that can show this design off.

Round Mehndi Designs on Back and Shoulders

The shoulder is another place that round circle mehndi designs look great due to the nature of the shoulder already being round in shape. Again, this is growing in popularity among college/university students.  You can choose a variety of places to have round mehndi designs created on your skin and pick a number of different symbols to be used within the pattern, depending on the occasion and your preferences.

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