Backless blouses have always been a very daring quotient in the style world for women. As sexy as it looks the best way to portray the appeal of going backless is through backless blouses with sarees. Backless blouse designs are very fashionable. The perfect cut of a woman’s figure is well showcased with the help of such backless blouses. However, it is quite high amongst the celebrities, and it is very well reaching the common women to wear such backless blouse designs as well. Sure it is daring, but nothing can be more sensual than such designs.

It is well famous for many renowned Indian Fashion Designers to create these backless blouse designs

Well, many of you might think that it is not easy to get these backless blouse as they are only available at the designer’s stores. However, this is not entirely true. These designer blouses are easily available in the market or also over the internet. There are many upcoming and budding fashion designers who have their own online boutiques for these fabulous blouses.

You need to have the proper sense of fashion and know the fine line that lies between vulgarity and style. To overcome the vulgarity, choose a blouse design that will suit your body shape. A well-tailored blouse can bring out your femininity  in a subtle and sensual way making the backless blouse a perfect fit for your sari for the party tonight.

The Best Styles for a Backless Blouse Designs

The selection of the design is very important. Choose a style and design that suits your body type so that you are not only comfortable but also look good and classy. Halter necks ranks the highest when it comes to backless blouses, and they are very common among women too.

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Fabrics that are used for backless blouses

The fabric is an important part of the whole design. The beauty of the blouse depends not only on the cut and the design of the pattern, but also on the fabric that is used. Usually, all kinds of fabrics are used for making the backless blouses. Chiffon, net, lace, silk, satin are possibly the best and the most used ones for the backless blouses. The texture of the fabric should match with the design of the blouse. It will be comfortable to wear and will also blend with the texture of your sari. However, it is always better to choose a fabric that blends with your sari and which clings to your body like a second skin.

Backless Blouse Designs for Sarees

Backless blouse designs are not very easy to design. It should be tailored according to your body type and body size. It  should flaunt your perfect figure. The elegance should be there in anything that you wear and so should also be followed in the case of backless blouses. That is what makes the designs even more attractive. Sarees are indeed a wonderful sensual outfit. Pairing it up with the backless blouses can be quite a clever and daring look to match up with it. It only adds more beauty. Here, lets take at look at some of the daring backless blouses. They can be paired with not only sarees, but also with lehengas, half and half sarees and concept also the designer sarees.

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Shilpa Shetty in Manish Malhotra Pink and black backless saree blouse design. The ravishing Shilpa Shetty chose to wear this on the sets of a realty show.

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Have a look at this blouse. It bares your entire back. The back open blouse is held together by a pair of noodle strings that has a cluster of golden beads at the ends.


Celina Jaitely flaunting her smooth back with a noodle strap backless blouse of a nude tone. The strap and the two edges are stone studded. Wear this designer blouse with any floral print saree to steal the show!

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The sensous Zarine Khan in a deep maroon backless blouse. Her fair skin absolutely compliments the colour of the blouse and the simple designer saree that has rectangular gold crystals on the pleats and across the border.


Asin has paired this sensuous blouse with a designer lehenga choli. Having a designer blouse in this colour can also be worn with any other contrasting colour saree.


An awesome creation, indeed! This blouse is held in place with just a couple of pairs of spaghetti strings. The brocade full sleeved blouse is perfect for Kanjivaram sarees.

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Shreya Saran in this bronze backless saree blouse design. She has paired it with a designer lehenga. A perfect style that can be best carried at wedding receptions or a Sangeet party.

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